Nancy the Ding Bat and Other Do Nothings

She’s been in office for 32 years and now she’s 79 years old!  Yep, 79 and  she’s really showing her age.   Why won’t this old codger give us a break and just step aside?  Yeah, I know, fat chance.

ONLY in California  could losers like Di Fi, Maxine and Nancy, get re-elected all these years.  The way CA law is now, an incumbent is almost assured of being re-elected because he/she gets piles of cash (campaign finance money) from special interests that allows them to overwhelm almost all challengers with their slick ads running 24/7.  If you are an average voter, this works!  The average voter in CA (liberal and a democrat)  is too stupid to realize the truth on their own.  So they keep voting in losers who promise to give them something in return- what a system!

Being in Congress is a great paying job with great benefits, also with lots of opportunities to make side money (see above).  Heck, they only have to be in session 138 days a year.   Their actual work time is probably more like a few weeks.  The majority of their time is spent look for campaign donations or lying to the voters, but not really working in the traditional sense.

Without Trump pushing Congress to do something they would have scored a big zero on solving any of our key issues.  And please don’t say Obamacare was a key issue.  lol

Congress is just a good ol boys/girls club, that is ineffective and virtually worthless, but they sure rake in the cash for themselves.   It’s a great job if you can get it…sure beats working for a living.

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5 Responses to Nancy the Ding Bat and Other Do Nothings

  1. Pie Guevara says:

    She is as serious as a heart attack.

  2. J Soden says:

    Peloosi is the poster child for Term Limits. Unfortunately, Clowngress would NEVER limit their own perks – that THEY have awarded themselves!

  3. Libby says:

    Not gonna work, guys. It is that (apparently) dyed-in-the-wool globalist who’s suckin’ all the air out of the blogosphere:

    Don’t you all feel betrayed?

    It’s a hoot, really. Mueller concludes that he didn’t. He turns around and says: “but I will next time.”

    Donald is manifestation of the great conundrum of the age: where does stupid leave off, and evil begin?

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