Open Carry?

by Jack

As a gun owner I do believe in the 2nd ammendment and I realize with freedom of any sort, there will be risks associated.  There are a lot crazy people in this world that might get their hands on a gun…then watch out.  But, the freedom to drive a car results in 40,000 deaths a year and most of the drivers were far from crazy people.  Boating accidents accounted for 658 deaths and 2,629 injuries.  Even bicycling is not without risks, 777 dead and 400,000 injured in 2017.  But, one horrific incident with a gun and the liberals scream for gun control.

That said, when idiot gunowners go out of their way to abuse their 2nd amendment freedom in ways that make other people concerned and apprehensive, they do terrible harm to the 2nd amendment and bad things usually follow.

In the picture below you can see what I mean.   Only a fool would take a weapon like this into a coffee shop.  However, it could be that the person in the long coat wasn’t a supporter of gun rights at all.  It could be this was just a put up job by the anti-gun crowd; I wouldn’t doubt it.   But, in either case, if the abuse keeps up you, will see legislation passed to curtail open carry laws.  And that’s unfortunate response since most gun owners are far more responsible and safer than your average licensed driver.

The guy shown at the top is perfectly acceptable with his legal open carry weapon – the guy below him is not, although in most open carry states they are both 100% legal.

There is this kind of open carry…..



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14 Responses to Open Carry?

  1. Libby says:

    They both look like reckless doofusses to me.

  2. Harold says:

    I will refrain from comment on why the AK is being carried in the picture, I don’t know the purpose. Was it a political statement?

    Pro-gun control Liberals have suggested that Europe’s strict gun control policies could be the answer to the United States’ gun issue about private gun ownership.
    Basically, UK has one of the strictest gun control policies in the world, which makes it VERY difficult for individuals to own guns and EASY for the authorities to revoke gun rights from those who already own them.
    The United Kingdom regulations require a lengthy application process in which the applicant needs a substantial reason for acquiring a gun, along with a character evaluation from family members or friends, in order to obtain a firearm. The criminals owning firearms seem to been able to skirt around these laws, go figure huh!

    As a result in 2011 when England saw some of its worst riots in their history, which soon turned violent. Storefronts in the Tottenham area of London were lit on fire after being looted, and Tottenham’s Bruce Grove Post Office was burned down. These riots soon spread to other neighborhoods throughout London and the police force failed to get them under control.

    (Can’t happen in the USA you say, riots with this type of destruction took place in Los Angeles in 1992. The LAPD pulled out of many areas to protect others and basically told folks in the worst-hit areas that they were on their own. However a small section of Los Angeles known as Koreatown, located just north of South Central, it didn’t burn. Why? Because the Korean business owners banded together, exercised their Second Amendment rights and protected their property, their businesses, and their livelihoods. Police were so spread out during those 6 days of riots, certain areas of LA where left to defend themselves. Thankfully those armed citizens who had training in handling weapons were able to defend their property)

    The riots in the UK lasted several days and caused massive amounts of damage. Many property owners were unable to defend themselves from violent protesters and looters and instead had to watch their livelihood be taken from them during the riots. Perhaps if the United Kingdom’s gun laws permitted more citizens to carry guns, the looters could have been stopped and less damage done.

    Should America really use UK’s model for gun reform? I don’t think so.

  3. More Common Sense says:

    Wow, BOTH pictures show how NOT to carry a gun.

    A gun jammed into your belt is more about trying to looking macho than safely carrying a gun. It’s also a good way to accidentally change yourself from a bull to a steer. And carrying a rifle on your back where you can’t protect the safety and trigger from snags and other people is totally irresponsible.

    • Chris says:

      For once we agree, More Common Sense. That’s exactly what I thought when I saw the first picture.

      • More common sense says:

        Sorry, I don’t agree with you. I support open carry. However, I was taught gun handling by a very strict, big time hunter that was s huge supporter of the NRA. This kind of handling is legal but, I believe, irresponsible. I support open carry in both situations, or any situation. But this is poor gun handling.

    • Libby says:

      Did I not say: reckless doofuses? And we now have way too many of them in this country. Consequently, I do not think the fervent opposition to any sort of open carrying will ever abate.

  4. Pie Guevara says:

    Both kinds of open carry work for me. I fear neither although I think the second fellow is rather silly trying to be scary.

  5. RHT447 says:

    I have no problem with open carry. That said, it is not my choice. Concealed, certainly. Best to keep the bad guys guessing.

    Yes, the individual in the long coat is exercising his 2nd amendment RIGHT. Were I in the picture, I would exercise my first amendment RIGHT by politely asking if I might speak with him for a moment, and then ask if he has considered–He has a clear magazine full of ammo locked in place. The first individual to step up behind him with a hub cap–fire extinguisher–baseball bat–whatever will know that they get a free, loaded AK. In a crowed restaurant. Then what? Barring that, said individual could just grab the pistol grip and trigger with their left hand, rack the charging handle with their right, and start firing at random before he could react.

    Then I would ask how many registered voters he has walked by.

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