Ilhan Omar in the Headlines Again

by Jack

What do you think about this silly woman?  She is sure grabbing headlines – do you think it’s time that Pelosi reel her in?  Or maybe she should be impeached for un-American activities? No? Too early yet, ok…but, give her some time she’ll get there:

“Anti-semitic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar was banned from entering Israel Thursday ahead of a planned trip to the country tomorrow. She’s an avid supported of the BDS-movement, which aims to destroy the country through boycotts, sanctions and divestment.  In typical fashion, Omar reacted to the news by accusing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Islamophobia and questioned the country’s status as a democracy.”

This person could have accompanied a bi-partisan group from Congress and nothing would have been said, but she had to be in the spotlight and she was being sponsored by a known  Muslim terrorist group…the BDS.  Further she was only going to meet with the Palestinians and blow off her host nation.   Israel does not need this another Muslim cheerleader for BDS stirring up trouble.   That brings up, why exactly do we need her in Congress?  She’s done nothing but cause trouble from her first day in office.

What should be done with this agent provocateur and quite possibly a dangerous security risk as a member of Congress?   When she was elected it seemed to me almost like electing a Nazi to congress in 1939.  She’s all about supporting radical Muslim’s  and could care less about managing her congressional district.


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18 Responses to Ilhan Omar in the Headlines Again

  1. J Soden says:

    Katie Pavlich had a good take on Omar and Tlaib on “Outnumbered.” They skipped the bipartisan trip of Clowngressmembers to Israel and instead planned to attend a conference on Palestine there by themselves. They had a win-win situation in that if they were allowed to attend the “conference” they could rant against Israel again on Israel’s turf. If they were denied entry, the could scream “discrimination” and grab headlines.

    Judicial Watch has filed an ethics complaint against Omar for her shady marriages and falsified tax returns. Gonna be interesting . . . . .

  2. Chris says:

    “known Muslim terrorist group…the BDS. “

    Retract this lie. BDS is not a Muslim group at all and includes people from many religions, including Jews. It is also not a terrorist group. You just disagree with them. Your Nazi comparisons are hysterical and ridiculous, and your claim that Omar supports “radical Muslim’s” is both inaccurate and inaccurately punctuated.

    Ilhan Omar has never said anything about Jews or Israel that Donald Trump has not also said. It was shameful to see our president once again siding against Americans in favor of a foreign government punishing them for exercising their freedom of speech. Your attempts to demonize Omar to make Trump look better are transparent and bigoted.

  3. Cherokee Jack says:

    We can play with who did what to whom, who’s ethical and who’s unethical, who said something racist (or was it the painful truth?), and a thousand other examples of human frailty in our leaders. None of it means a damn thing.
    Let’s deal with the important issues and forget all the sideshow crap.
    What’s important? How about results?
    Our society has become coarse and uncivil, numb with drugs and obsessed with perishable stuff, and with parading personal dysfunction for the world to admire. California voters are committing statewide suicide and our cities have turned into rat-infested, filthy camping grounds for drug addicts, criminals, neer-do-wells, the mentally ill, and even some productive citizens down on their luck.
    Our lawmakers don’t deal with important issues, they refuse to pay attention to the laws they’ve enacted, and they encourage others to ignore them.
    We can’t believe the news media. We regularly catch them twisting or deliberately lying about the critical issues. We can’t even depend on science to give us the straight scoop, since we know too many “scientists” will provide whatever results that gets them the nice fat grants, and the media will lie about or ignore any good science if it doesn’t fit the agenda.
    The problems are being perpetuated and increased, because our school system is broken, and far too many “students” graduate without the tools to understand the world they’re inheriting.
    We need to remember which party’s policies got us here. And let’s not forget which party thought compromise was a good idea.
    But don’t worry. Hope is on the way. Just listen to the new slate of democratic presidential candidates, all brim-full of the needed answers. Boy, am I optimistic.

    • Chris says:

      Our society has become coarse and uncivil,

      To write this and then end with the conclusion that we should not replace our coarse and uncivil president in the next election is really quite something.

      • Post Scripts says:

        Chris, you have your job and I have mine. I’m referring to our two party system of course and our personal political bias. However, if I could count on your side to be as critical as I am of the right, we wouldn’t have an issue. But, liberals don’t. In general terms they rarely will call out one of their own to any degree close to what they throw at Trump daily, be it deserving or not!

        It’s clear to us, they just hate the man and want to destroy him by any means necessary. So, because of this unprecedented conduct, I see no reason why I should dog pile on Trump and help them? At least not until the left shows more accountability for their own transgressions and they sure aren’t. They have yet to field a good candidate for president, in fact they have the worst bunch I can ever recall running. If they were smart they would line up a class candidate, right? But, this bunch is deeply flawed and they are sure to get Trump re-elected. That’s not our fault, that is a problem on the left. They really need to do some soul searching and see why middle America isn’t backing their platform and candidates.

        I’ve been plenty critical of Trump already and I am pleased to acknowledge that from time to time you have responsible and criticized a few gross offenders from the left too. That’s a good start Chris and I encourage you to keep it up! It helps me be willing to criticize Trump when he needs it.

        • Chris says:

          My reply was to Cherokee Jack. I call out my side plenty, and Trump is worse than all of them, and this is obvious. Anyway, I repeat my call for you to retract your lie about BDS being a Muslim terrorist group when it is neither of those things.

          • Post Scripts says:

            BDS was said to be a terrorist group by the news I was listening too.

            For years, we have heard various claims from Israeli officials positing that the global movement to boycott Israel, known as the BDS Movement, is tainted and controlled by extreme anti-Israel individuals who are unconcerned with the human rights of Palestinians which they claim to champion.

            However, until this week, no incriminating evidence had ever been provided.

            All that changed when a report by Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs provided conclusive evidence that the energy of terrorists and their organizations has infiltrated, and is even driving, the BDS activities.

            The report reveals direct ties between numerous boycott groups and US, Canada, and EU-designated terror organizations such as Hamas and the Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

            “Hamas and PFLP operatives have infiltrated and adopted seemingly benign NGOs in the Palestinian Authority, Europe, North America and South Africa, for the purpose of advancing their ideological goal: the elimination of the State of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people,” reads the report. “Convicted terrorist operatives who have served prison sentences currently hold senior positions in NGOs which delegitimize and promote the BDS campaign against Israel. In these positions, they recruit fellow terrorist operatives to their NGOs. Israeli courts have determined that some of the terrorist operatives listed in this report pose a concrete security threat.”

          • Peggy says:

            Even Bill Maher gets it.

            VIDEO: “Real Time” Host Bill Maher Puts Rep. Rashida Tlaib in Her Place on Israel Controversy:


            And Canada too!

            Trudeau blasts BDS movement as anti-Semitic:


          • Chris says:

            Why must you make me copy and paste your quotes and put them into Google? Why not just provide the link?

            Anyway, that article says that BDS has “links” to terrorist groups, not that they are one themselves.

            Your claim that it is a “Muslim” group remains unsupported and false.

            For the record, I am no fan of BDS and I think they are way too extreme and often anti-Semitic. But calling them a Muslim terror group is also extreme and not true.

  4. Libby says:

    “What should be done with this agent provocateur and quite possibly a dangerous security risk as a member of Congress?”

    Dude, you have officially lost your mind. And if you and yours dare to “do” anything about her, you will be locked up until you die. So just get a grip.

  5. Peggy says:

    It appears they had ulterior motives. And her hatred for Israel was greater than her love for her grandmother.

    Here’s a little more information. If they wanted to go on a fact finding visit why didn’t they go with the Democrat congress reps who went last week per their invitation?

    Brooke Goldstein: Israel smart about Omar, Tlaib – They are enemies of the Jewish state:

    Brooke Goldstein: “Banning Tlaib & Omar from Israel is what I call a NO BRAINER:

    • Post Scripts says:

      Thanks for that additional information Peggy, it underscores what a horrible representatives these race-baiters are and why they should be removed from office ASAP, before their influence and spready more hate and division.

      • Libby says:

        “… and why they should be removed from office ASAP, …”

        And how, exactly, will you be doing this … in our little republic?

        I had to stick Bachmann, you have to stick Omar. You and yours had better quit making these not-so-veiled threats against the woman, before you start setting off buzzers at the NSA.

        • Post Scripts says:

          “Removed from officer ASAP” is not a veiled threat libs. Why would you say that? We have a number of methods prescribed by law to deal with awful elected representatives.

  6. Chris says:

    The president just said that most American Jews are “disloyal,” suggesting that they bear dual loyalty to Israel in clearer terms than Ilhan Omar ever has–just like when he kept referring to Netanyahu as “your president” to a group of American Jews. He also thinks he should be worshipped as a god or king by the people of Israel. The president is an anti-Semite. I don’t want to hear another word from any of you about Ilhan Omar until you acknowledge this fact. I have condemned Omar’s anti-Semitic dogwhistles here on this site; will any of the conservatives here show as much fair-mindedness by condemning Trump’s even worse statements, or will you remain chained to partisan tribalism?

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