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From Townhall comes this….

California’s decades-long affair with liberal politics has brought disease—literally. Rats are overrunning parts of the state. It’s only amplified by the rising homelessness crisis. For a region of the country that is smug, wealthy, and condescending to no end about how great they are—they do have a lot of bums in the street, fecal matter in the street, and hypodermic needles in the street. San Francisco is covered in crap. And the solution is quite simple: clean up the damn cities. But that would mean be mean to homeless people or something.

Well, they’re ground zero for the rat infestation, which has brought back diseases we haven’t seen on such a daily basis since medieval times. Typhus has broken out. Police stations in Los Angeles were forced to pay fines that soared into the thousands of dollars due to the unsanitary conditions.

City hall is running wild with rats. And now the state EPA office in Sacramento was forced to close its outdoor playground due to their rat problem; they were worried about kids getting sick. And what is the state proposing now? Oh, they want to ban rat poison (via WSJ):

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10 Responses to CA Wants to BAN RAT POISON?

  1. Joe says:

    Well, what the H did you expect? They are destroying the state.

    Why do you think they are called DemoRats?

    They are all for feces, needles and rats in the streets and everywhere else!

  2. cherokee jack says:

    Iā€™m still waiting to hear from Chris and Libby. How do you like what the liberals have done and are doing to California?

  3. More Common Sense says:

    The New York Times ran a story yesterday that indicated Trump has sent aids to California on a fact-finding mission to gather information that could lead to Federal action to resolve the homeless issue. I’m sure our Governor is having a fit today. Can you imagine Trump and his aids stepping in and providing solutions when all the Liberals in Sacramento couldn’t. What better way to demonstrate how the folly of liberalism.

  4. Chris says:

    And Trump wants to ban flavored e-cigarettes. Nanny statism: it’s not just for Democrats any more (and never has been)!

  5. Harold says:

    Places where liberal policies have worked awesomely:
    – Europe- Nope
    – Illinois ā€“ Nope
    – Michigan ā€“ Nope
    – California ā€“ Nope
    …………………………………..Oh never mind

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