by Jack

For a number of years hoards of rats have been showing up wherever our so-called homeless leave behind their trash. No longer limited to places like Los Angeles or San Francisco, the rat problem has found it’s way to Sacramento and not a moment too soon!

The city of Sacramento has started exterminating rats that have infested a vacant lot in Sacramento’s River District where the city plans to build a new fire station.  However, the lot is occupied by many homeless encampments and they don’t want to move.  This presents a problem.  The lot is located on Ahern Street between North A and North B streets, causing city officials to worry the rats could also cause a health crisis, but only if you consider bubonic plague a health crisis.

City Councilman Jeff Harris, who represents the River District, alerted city officials to the problem in late August, after hearing about it from a man who lives at Quinn Cottages across the street, he said.

“I was pretty shocked when I went out there,” Harris said. “It’s well known that rats can bear a lot of diseases, so they are a potential health hazard. The fact that there are people living on the street means there are food items on the street and those are definitely attractive to rats.”

Now if they could only exterminate the rats that occupy our state capitol…. hehehe
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4 Responses to RATS, RATS and MORE RATS

  1. More Common Sense says:

    Maybe someone should point out how all these rats are poisoning the environment with CO2 and, therefore a major contributor to Climate Change (not a believer).

    The left seems to be so concerned about farting (forgive me) cows contributing to global warming. One cow weighs about 1600 pounds. One rat weighs about 2 pounds. Therefore, if there are 800 times the number of rats in the US than cows, then rats are a bigger problem than cows.

    Sources on Google estimate there are 94.4 million cows in the US. Sources on Google also estimates there are 33.6 million rats……… in New York City alone. In fact it is estimate in city environments that there are 4 to 5 rats for every human resident. I couldn’t find information about rural areas but anyone that has ever lived on a farm or near a farm know that rats are a significant problem. I couldn’t say that the information indicates the rat population is 800 times the cow population and I also can’t say that a rat puts out 1/800 the amount of CO2 that a rat does but the numbers do indicate the CO2 produced by rats would be significant just by the shear number of rats.

    So why aren’t the liberal environmentalists tackling the rat problem. Why isn’t there a specific policy in the New Green Deal to deal with those pesky climate busting rats. Why are the liberals leaving the rats alone?

    Well……… It’s obvious……….. professional courtesy!

    • Peggy says:

      The real reason democrats don’t solve the rat infested homeless problem, according to Rush, is so they can blame it on capitalism as proof it doesn’t work. They’re counting on people being dumb enough to keep voting them in office so they can some day fix it. Definition of insanity.

  2. J Soden says:

    Taxifornia can thank the DemoRATS in the Lunkhead Legislature!

    • Post Scripts says:

      I have to chuckle a little when I think about the nasty infestation of rats running over many square miles of LA or right in downtown San Francisco and in parts of Sacramento. This is karma at its finest.

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