CA Prop 57 Disaster

by Jack



In this land of unicorns and liberals, Proposition 47 passed with wide approval!  This legislation reduced many felony crimes to a simple misdemeanor.  While this was billed as a way to reduce prison overcrowding, it also helped keep repeat offenders out of jail – people who should be in jail.  Of course property crimes have soared in the years since Prop 47 became law.  Liberals never saw that one coming!

The report by the Public Policy Institute of California, released Monday, found that AB109, more commonly known as realignment, and Proposition 47, which reduced many property theft and drug crimes from felonies to misdemeanors, have combined to lower the overall arrest rate by nearly 20%!   But 20% here does not equal 20% less crime.  If wish it would, but no, it doesn’t work that way.   We got more crime – a lot more!  Consider that the average inmate in prison committed over 200 crimes, mostly felonies, before being sent to prison for the first time.  Now you do the math, what do you think 20% fewer arrests will do for us?  Yeah, a lot more crime is right.

Liberals think of Prop 47 as giving people a second chance to rethink their predatory ways, but in reality they’ve had many chances not to do crime and they flunked 200 times.   However, the worst part of Prop 47 is yet to be felt, this would be the migration effect.  The attraction of criminals to CA from other states.   Criminals are not stupid (like our legislature), they know their odds of being caught here are now much lower and their odds of going to jail lower still – so why not move to CA?

Hint:  If you are moving to CA, it’s best to move a sanctuary city.  You’ll soon get acclimated to all the rats and poop on the sidewalks.      



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