Eat The Babies


By Pie Guevara

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There was a time when the fine young cannibals of the left confined themselves to “Eat The Rich” t-shirts and bumper stickers. They have since moved on…

I am torn between laughing out loud and grimacing in anguish at the completely bent idiocy of it.

Of course that agonizing (or agonizingly funny) bit of theater could have been a put-on. But in light of the mountains of politicized, activist baloney permeating climate science, the relentless stream of über-hyperbolic hysteria and fear mongering from manipulative misanthropes, pandering progressive politicos and an obsequious activist press posing as professional journalists, I think not. This sad woman is very stupid, very scared and very, very disturbed (or a brilliant actor portraying the usual prog) which is exactly the sort of constituency Democrats seek to cultivate, as well as progressives worldwide. Case in point — the recent school walkouts over climate change. Children being used and abused in the name of political activism. Its not about climate, it is about power and manipulation.

Considering the ludicrous political positions recently championed by Democrats and the abject lunacy coming from a cadre of contemptible clowns currently vying for the party’s presidential nomination, I suspect this poor woman is absolutely and totally sincere.

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28 Responses to Eat The Babies

  1. RHT447 says:

    Hah! Operating under the umbrella of the Wesayso corporation, with legal representation provided by the Japanese law firm Sosume.

  2. cherokee jack says:

    Hey Pie! Glad you’re back.
    Either the young lady is an insane liberal (redundant, sorry) or she went to the Schiff School of Satire. If the latter, they both need a lot of work on their delivery.

  3. Libby says:

    Suckered again.

    I guess I just have to keep repeating it: The Republic is unlikely to survive such seemingly extraordinary quantities of stupidity.

    • Pie Guevara says:

      Huh Lippy? Didn’t you read my post? What part of “Of course that agonizing (or agonizingly funny) bit of theater could have been a put-on. and “I suspect this poor woman is absolutely and totally sincere.”

      Did you NOT watch the video where Tucker Carlson laughingly said “Is this for real? We don’t know. Was it a Swiftian parody? Was it clever trolling of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?”

      Lippy nothing ever changes, you are still the same stupid, humorless prog twit you have always been (perhaps I used the wrong vowel there).

      Tucker was right, it doesn’t matter whether is was a put on or not “What was revealing that Ocazio-Cortez said NOTHING!”

      That said, the fact is this put on only makes this bit of political theater even more funny and very uplifting. It is a good thing to see the right so aptly parody the lunatic left. She nailed you and your ilk with hilarious and biting satire. Damn, that was a great job. A totally believable performance. That woman is a brilliant actor! She completely filled the role and absolutely nailed the character of the whacko-left (redundant).

      Jonathan Swift would have been proud. I can imagine him rolling over in his grave… Laughing Out Loud!

      So, why did Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez say nothing? Because nothing, NOTHING is too ludicrous, absurd and lunatic for the progressive left including and the Democrat Party clowns vying for the presidential nomination.

      So you see Lippy, no one was suckered here. But you have been sucker punched for being a tedious and recalcitrant fool and so has Ocasio-Cortez.

      • Chris says:

        What exactly do you think this “reveals” about AOC? That she thinks eating the babies is a rational policy? The Trump-supporting cult member–who was engaging in dishonesty, not “satire”–appeared to be having a mental health crisis in front of her. “Nothing” was the appropriate response, as the outburst didn’t dignify any response at all.

        There are no good right-wing satirists, and you aren’t fit to even utter Jonathan Swift’s name. For you to mock Libby’s intelligence while praising the satirical skills of an honest-to-God Larouche cult member is certainly revealing of your character, Pie, but it doesn’t reveal anything we didn’t already know. I had hoped your hiatus was a break you were giving yourself to work on your anger and hatred, but unfortunately you’re back on your usual BS.

  4. Joe says:


    Did you see this? How are we supposed to refer to these people? As trans-trans?

    Also, you said that no one can know how may genders there are. Do you still believe that?

  5. RHT447 says:


    For those too young to remember, seemingly benevolent aliens arrive on earth, guided by a book titled “To Serve Man”. It is written the alien language, and they are rather coy about it’s translation. At the last minute, there is a breakthrough. Here is the ending–

  6. Pie Guevara says:

    Re Chris “What exactly do you think this “reveals” about AOC?”

    Sad. Chris is still the same dim bulb he has always been. For the rest (except Lippy) it should be pretty obvious that I answered that question in the comment. It must take a particularly astute English major to have zero reading comprehension.

    I feel Chris’ pain. It has to be difficult for a person to see himself and his peers so aptly and brilliantly satirized in this hilarious bit of political theater. Whatever one may think of the weird and bizarre conspiracy theorist La Rouche and his crowd, this outstanding parody has to be applauded on its own merits. Evidently this fraud (credit cards and mail) and cult leader has found a new calling, showing — perhaps — that even an anti-semitic bigot and convicted criminal can turn over a new leaf and become a humorist.

  7. Pie Guevara says:

    Re Chris “I believe that a conversation about the complexities of gender with you would be about as productive and illuminating as a conversation on the same topic with a mollusk.”

    Joe, Chris would bore even a mollusk to death with his pathological pop-culture psycho-babble contortions on human sexuality and gender identification.

  8. Chris says:

    “How do you stop these people? You can’t, there’s —” Trump said, cutting himself off as a rally attendee yelled back, “Shoot them.”

    Trump paused and smirked, before responding, “That’s only in the Panhandle can you get away with that statement.” The crowd cheered for nearly 10 seconds before Trump continued.


    Where was Pie Guevara when this happened? Where were any of you? Doesn’t this “reveal” a lot more about the president and his base’s values than AOC’s silence in the face of a crazy person reveal about her and her base’s values?

    Hypocrites, all of you.

  9. Pie Guevara says:

    Poor Chris is having a bad day. (Does he ever have a good one?) Evidently I have touched a nerve. His spittle flecked outrage is my pleasure. His own abject hypocrisy and his grotesque fallacies and fantasies my delight. Since when have I ever defended Trump’s gaffes? And I have rebuked him on occasion in these pages for his behavior.

    Perhaps what was most revealing about Trump (using the Texas Panhandle incident as an example) is that can take an ugly moment and defuse it with a joke.

    As for rebuking Trump for every instance Chris finds offensive, I leave that to the passions of others who have his tendency for overblown, hyperbolic, knee-jerk reactions. (My nickname for Chris truly fits him.) Knock yourselves out, kids. Post Scripts gives even a total jerk like Chris a voice.

    For myself, I am starting to actually like Trump. He sincerely loves this country, his stewardship over the economy and employment has so far proven an encouraging success, he drives left-wing lunatics like Chris completely and utterly bonkers and his rallies are energetic, positive, funny and exciting. Moreover he is certainly no cringe inducing cretin declaring that “America was never that great” (a secret and not so secret canon of the left and Democrats in general, including Chris).

    Trump does make me wince with all of his unpresidential behavior, but he does not make me grimace in disgust anywhere near so much as what every single idiotic and insane progressive clown in the Democrat Party does. I have to admit I admire Trump’s ability to sling the feces that rats and rat media toss at him right back in their faces. I also admire his ability to play the rats like a violin. And I share his contempt for the Washington establishment, including the certain Republicans.

    • Chris says:


      Pie Guevara, confronted with a supporter at one of Trump’s hate rallies screaming about killing border-crossers, declares such rallies “positive.”

      That’s revealing.

      Pie Guevara, having just slammed AOC for responding with stunned silence to a right-wing hoaxer at one of her events, compliments Trump responding with approval to a man shouting “Kill them!” and shrugs the president’s response off as a “joke” that “defused” the situation, when it was actually permission for more violent rhetoric, in the wake of a mass shooter targeting immigrants in El Paso, inspired by that kind of rhetoric.

      That’s revealing.

      Pie Guevara delusionally claims that Trump “sincerely loves this country,” while Trump baselessly accuses his political opponents of treason, makes foreign and domestic policy based on what will benefit him personally, abandons our allies, bashes POWs and Gold Star families, says he knows more than the generals, says the Constitution gives him license to do “whatever he wants,” and routinely violates our norms and principles.

      That’s revealing.

      Pie Guevara, unable to find a Democrat running for the presidency who has said “America was never that great,” attributes this to “Democrats in general.”

      That’s revealing.

      Pie Guevara all but admits he likes Trump primarily because he makes liberals mad, because Pie Guevara, like Trump, hates Democrats more than he loves this country.

      What all this reveals is a person terrified that his political opponents might be morally superior to him and his own, and thus feels the need to drag them down to his own level. He is convinced that AOC’s entirely appropriate reaction to a right-wing hoaxer reveals something deep and dark about who Democrats are as people, while praising the hoaxer as a “satirist” and spinning far worse reactions by members of his own tribe as “jokes.” These terms mean whatever Pie needs them to in the moment so that he can feel psychologically comfortable.

  10. Pie Guevara says:

    OK, one last comment and then I’ll heave Chris to stew in his own bile.

    “Pie Guevara, unable to find a Democrat running for the presidency who has said “America was never that great,” attributes this to “Democrats in general.”

    Too funny! Chris is psychic! He now knows what I think! His powers are AMAZING! Is there no limit to his prowess?

    What this poor dumb slob does not realize is that it has long been — as I stated — a secret and not so secret canon of the left and Democrats in general that has been held for decades. I know this from personal interaction with Democrats and leftist turds like Chris. This was a canon long before he was born and when Andrew Cuomo uttered it, it wasn’t a gaffe, it was the first time in his life he had ever shown a shred of honesty and sincerity. It was a truly an astonishing moment. Think of the hubris.

    If Chris were not such a habitual liar and intellectually, morally and spiritually dishonest, he would admit to sharing this canon himself. After all, he is so obvious a product of prog brainwashing I have no doubt that deep in his soul (if he actually has one) he knows what I say is true.

    How’s that for psychic powers, kids?!

    Pie Guevara is a registered professional political psychic who can read the left like a book. Chris reads like a 1930’s children’s primer. Class dismissed.

    • Chris says:

      Once again you equate a simple and rather obvious observation about the deficiencies in your own logic to psychic powers. Yes, I suppose that’s what they would look like. To you. Any intelligence beyond your understanding must be indistinguishable from magic.

      • Post Scripts says:

        Pie Guevara here. Simple is a simple does, and boy is Chris simple. I invite Chris The Psychic to tell me more about myself and what I am thinking. His mastery of logic is as prodigious as a true Scotsman’s.

        • Chris says:

          I didn’t say anything about what you are thinking. I said you were unable to find a Democrat running for president who said what you claim they said. That was a fact. It does not take psychic powers to show that your arguments are illogical. You are so, so bad at this.

  11. RHT447 says:

    ” So there!” Indeed. See my comment up top.

    +1 on your description of Chris. I would add that his thundering silence on any topic that is heroic, patriotic, or up lifting is also –how did he put it?– “revealing”.

    As to fragging, no need. In a combat environment, Darwin will solve the problem. As in the brash but empty headed young Brit lieutenant who ignored all advice from his subordinates and charged straight ahead. Into a mine field.
    When the company commander inquired as to the whereabouts of the good lieutenant, the Sergeant Major replied “Sah! He’s over there. And he’s over there. And he’s….

    • Chris says:

      Not a single actual rebuttal between the two of you. Typical.

      • Post Scripts says:

        Pie here. I suppose Chris doesn’t grasp the concept that bothering to rebut anything he says makes about as much sense as trying to teach a dog not to eat feces. Chris may like to wallow in his own excrement but others may find it a bit useless to join him.

  12. Pie Guevara says:

    Holy moly! Poor Chris’ absurd denial is even more stupid than his original asinine insult. Why should I or anyone bother with this hapless idiot? A couple days trying to sort through this lunatic’s comments is enough to try anyone’s patience.

    His unspoken language is quite clear in the context of his statement which is quite easy to parse — [BECAUSE, supposedly, I am] unable to find a Democrat running for the presidency who has said “America was never that great,” [I attribute] this to “Democrats in general.”

    Of course, what Chris wrote goes directly to ostensibly divining “my thinking.” Sorry Chris, you are flat out wrong. I attribute that trait to Democrats because it is true and I know it is true from long personal experience. My observation has nothing to do with the bid for president by a clown car of ridiculous lunatics running for nomination by the Democrap Party.

    As as psychic Chris fails. As an absurd, demented and contortionist ass who thinks he can read my mind and then thinks he can try to spin his way out of the abject stupidity of his own statements with another stupid statement, he excels. This is what passes for “debate” in Chris’ feverish mind. It is really kind of sad. Being an angry, silly troll must be completely debilitating. Look what it has done to Chris.

  13. Pie Guevara says:

    By the way, Chris’ use of psychoANALysis as a debate technique is quite revealing though not as entertaining as it could be. It could be quite funny but always degenerates into angry turd tossing. A facility he exercises endlessly.

    The bottom line — and Chris’ ultimate failing — is this: The poor kid cannot argue any issue without resorting to his fall back position of specious, juvenile and idiotic personal attacks. If his is not lying about being an educator, can you imagine how he treats his students?

    Were he not to repeat such moronic performances in these pages ad nauseam he might be more entertaining, but tediousness, if anything, is Chris’ forte. Nevertheless I can’t help but to laugh out loud.

    • Chris says:

      The bottom line — and Chris’ ultimate failing — is this: The poor kid cannot argue any issue without resorting to his fall back position of specious, juvenile and idiotic personal attacks.

      You really do just project everything you dislike about yourself onto me.

      You need another break.

      • Post Scripts says:

        Nice try. How many times have you used this sort of pathetic psychobabble as a fall back position? You need to come up with some new material Chris if you expect to be the least bit entertaining.

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