Colonel Douglas Macgregor on Syria Withdrawal

By Pie Guevara

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Much thanks to Peggy for pointing this out to me. I found it so important and thought provoking that I decided it deserved front page status.

The first vid is from Tucker Carlson Tonight, Dec 23, 2018. It begins with Mr. Carlson’s own views and observations. Colonel Douglas Macgregor appears at approximately the 9 minute mark. This piece of opinion journalism and the interview with Colonel Macgregor merits watching in its entirety.

The next vid is an interview of Colonel Douglas Macgregor by Tucker Carlson last night (Oct. 8 2019).

Again, thank you Peggy!

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One Response to Colonel Douglas Macgregor on Syria Withdrawal

  1. Peggy says:

    Thanks Pie, I was impressed with MacGregor’s knowledge of the area and his rationel for the benefits in withdrawing our troops. I’ve watched it a couple of times and shared it online. Glad you gave it front page status.

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