CA Leads the Nation Again –

by Jack

The liberals controlling the CA government from top to bottom have prioritized our needs and determined it was necessary to pass new legislation to aid many of our residents….  Was it lower sales taxes?  No.  Was it a repeal of sanctuary laws?  No.  Was it other get tough on crime laws?  No.  Wait, wait… I know, I know…lower DMV fees, right?   No, Bunky but none of that is on their list of priorities.

Without further anticipation, here is the new legislation….it is now illegal for a barber shop to advertise prices for men’s or women’s haircuts.   It must be gender neutral pricing  and priced according to short, medium or long hair.  This is your tax dollars at work.   To double your glee, CA also passed a law to create a gender neutral birth certificate, now legal in in Oregon, Washington, California, and New Jersey.

And the good news just keeps on coming:  California could become one of the first states to outlaw racial discrimination because of hairstyles — such as braids and dreadlocks — in a move aimed at challenging long-held standards of professionalism in the workplace.  As a cop or a fireman I bet you’ve always wanted hair like Sideshow Bob, right?  Well, now you can and the Chief can’t fire you!  Green hair and dread locks are perfectly acceptable and soon to be protected by law.

The California Senate voted 37-0 on Monday to approve a bill that would update the state’s anti-discrimination law so that the term “race” includes “traits historically associated with race.”   In some occupations haircuts are about safety, but in CA that is no longer a consideration?


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30 Responses to CA Leads the Nation Again –

  1. Pie Guevara says:

    Jack I am shocked, SHOCKED to discover you are a hair bigot! Hair bigotry is tearing our country apart and the marginalization of people of hair is a despicable, institutionalized social injustice that is completely unacceptable in a just and free society.

    As a founding member of the Justice League for Hair I will have to re-examine my recent association with Post Scripts. Our goal is to free hair from the oppressive, repressive, suppressive and regressive old white male dominated patriarchy that rules this society with an iron fist, obstructs hair freedom and disenfranchises people of hair with costly, unfairly priced doos.

    Free Mumia Abu-Jamal!
    Down With Hair Challenged White Geezers!
    The Hair, Ignited, Will Never Be Benighted!
    Bed Hair Is Hair!
    No Hair Justice, No Hair Peace!
    Free The Armpit Hair 5!

    Hair Justice

    • Post Scripts says:

      Pie, I have just been contacted by Daryl Morey of the Huston Rockets and he has shown me the error of my ways. Daryl said he too recently made a terrible mistake, like mine, and he has convinced me it’s in my best interest to throw myself on the mercy of the Dept. of Unisex Hair (D.U.H.) because they know what’s best for us. So, please accept my most super-duper, profound, tearful and sincere apologies for being so foolish and for trampling on the feelings of hairy people everywhere. I take it all back! (Now can you please unfreeze my bank account and restore my credit rating?)

      PS And Joe, thanks for the warning, you are right on the money, no pun intended.

  2. cherokee jack says:

    In the meantime, our betters in Sacramento are finding more and more ways to make room in our prisons. They’re cutting sentences for felons, eliminating punishment for theft, and turning cops into powerless observers.
    I guess that’s to make room for the new class of criminals like those who use illegal haircut ads and employers who would like to hire productive employees.
    I expect this blog to become a felony soon. That’s probably why there’s a pair of liberal agents hanging around here. I smell entrapment.

  3. J. Soden says:

    Time for many to re-think their residency in Taxifornia. As long as the Demwits control the legislature and the governor’s chair, there’s no hope for any rational thinking.
    The once Golden State has turned into piles of feces and used syringes.

  4. Joe says:

    Now, now Jack…don’t split hairs here! 🙂

    And you’d better be careful about hair styles, advertising and especially gender….after all…you do know there are over 100 genders, don’t you? 🙂

    Just ask Chris, he will back me up on this. Apparently, figuring out which gender a person is is a very complicated matter…or so he tells me.

    Anyway, we have to be careful or we will be accused of thought crimes!

    And of course, then there are hate crime accusations, so I suggest caution is the order of the day.

    • Libby says:

      “And you’d better be careful about hair styles, advertising and especially gender….after all…you do know there are over 100 genders, don’t you?”

      I will own to being somewhat exasperated about this current turn of socio-political thought. It’s not that there are a 100 genders: you want to think about it as a spectrum, a long line, which commences at Betty Boop and terminates with The Terminator, and all through human history individual individuals have occupied one of many, many points on this spectrum.

      I propose that this outbreak of trans, sis, and non-binary activism does indeed reflect a long-standing lack of tolerance and out-right social discrimination, but more particularly a decided disinclination to put up with it any longer.

      The thing is, honey, we can’t ALL have our own pronoun !!!

      • Post Scripts says:

        Pie here: Bringing Betty Boop into this asinine, half-baked, progressive gender nonsense and idiocy discussion from the left-wing loons like you Lippy is really quite unnecessary if not despicable. Have you no respect for cartoon characters besides your own? Leave Betty alone, she is perfectly wonderful just as she is and not a tool to be used and abused by politically motivated cartoons like you.

        To any Betty Boop fans out there: I keep my complete and exhaustive collection of unrestored Betty Boop cartoons and my Betty Boop pocket watch in a 1950’s Betty Boop tin lunchbox used by kids like myself to carry lunch to grade school. Boop that Boopers.

        A Betty Boop Collection

        • Libby says:

          Whyever do you assume disdain? Betty is simply the most femininely female icon I could think of.

          And I can certainly see her appeal for a manly man, such as yerself.


      • Joe says:

        “It’s not that there are a 100 genders: you want to think about it as a spectrum, a long line, which commences at Betty Boop and terminates with The Terminator, and all through human history individual individuals have occupied one of many, many points on this spectrum.”

        I hope one day society comes to its senses and realizes this is beyond absurd.

        Right now we live in Bizarro World where this insanity is the rule of the day and God only knows who many tens of millions of our tax dollars are spent on this nonsense.

    • Pie Guevara says:

      I suspect the Souza family (genus Progressanus Jackassus) has no gender and procreates asexually via budding, Joe. A clone produced by a clone producing yet more clones.

  5. RHT447 says:

    And now we have this (well, I don’t)–

    I do NOT condone this in any way. But I understand the frustration and anger that feeds it. How long before PG&E refuses to respond to a power outage without police escort?

  6. RHT447 says:

    Interesting comment found on another blog–

    “WSJ editorial two days ago reported PG&E ( Calif electric utillity) in the past decades has spent billions on green power and electric car subsidies and skimped on routine maintenance. Also reported 90% of fires are not caused by electric lines. Eco-terrorists in this state prevent access roads which eliminated an early response once the Paradise fire was first spotted.

    The irony is all this eco-stuff is just window dressing to cover up the real agenda in this state – grow government jobs, salaries, benefits and pensions for public sector unions, who in turn make sure revolving door Democrats keep winning our term-limited elections. Term limits created a power vacuum and the public sector unions swooped in and made themselves bulletproof. In just 20 years – that is why this state has gone so far off the rails.

    Case in point, the California Teachers Association is the very most powerful and well funded government employee union of them all. They consume 50% of the entire state budget. Yet our K-12 schools rank #45 nationwide and are now over 65% “english learners” – substitute any ethnic identification you want for that term.

    Term limits led to a public employee union take over of this state – from top to bottom. They can’t admit their own greed, so they dress up other issues as their cause celebre – green agenda, social justice, criminal reform, open borders…etc.

    All of which, you notice, simply feed more government jobs and more demands on our tax dollars to hire the relatives and raid the treasury – the guaranteed recipe for a third world nation.

    Walked downtown today in one of their “affluent and attractive coastal cities” and it was a GD freak show – on a Saturday in a town that depends on tourism and retail sales. A GD freak show – hustlers, con-artists, grifters, on the sidewalks, blaring music, camped in entry ways of now vacant businesses.

    SF and LA pushing their vagrants out means they get a bus ticket to come here. Yet the Democrats keep winning and managing the political dialogue – freezing any complaints as “cruel, heartless and privileged. So people leave rather than fight. With 50% of the state budget paid by the top 1%,

    it will take only a few of the woke Silicon Valley billionaires to stop this Ponzi scheme of a state in its tracks. But they rest secure behind their walled estates and private jets. Private industry and private property ownerships who still can protect those rights are the only thing holding together the veneer of the California dream. But daily they get kicked in the teeth.

    Demographics in this state have reached a tipping point. Let this be a lesson for the rest of the country. Lesson one – term limits are not the answer – lazy voters are the problem.

    In comments here–

    • Libby says:

      What interesting? It’s just more of the baseless blather routinely posted here.

      1) Resentment of government employees.
      2) Resentment of unions.
      3) Resentment of poor people.
      4) Resentment of rich people.

      And the common denominator is … ? Somebody is just pissed, but I’m not sure he really knows what he’s pissed about.

  7. RHT447 says:

    First cut the power. Then cut the (non government controlled) communications.


    “Last month, repeater operators were sent emails telling them the State would no longer allow them to operate repeaters on public land without paying substantial rental fees. In the letter sent by CAL FIRE, the state claims Ham operators no longer provide a benefit to the state or public safety. They claimed that “constantly changing technological advances” has made Ham radio obsolete during an emergency.”

    • Chris says:

      “This bill would, commencing September 1, 2020, similarly authorize an employer, a coworker who has substantial and regular interactions with the person and approval of their employer, or an employee or teacher of a secondary or postsecondary school, with approval of a school administrator or a school administration staff member with a supervisorial role, that the person has attended in the last 6 months to file a petition for an ex parte, one-year, or renewed gun violence restraining order.”

      Can you explain why this is bad?

    • Libby says:

      I love how paranoia informs all your opinions.

      Why should the state subsidize what has always been, pretty much, a hobby?
      And that the state would be clamping down on fire hazards on public land is hardly surprising, is it? If it’s choice between tolerating a cell tower or a repeater on parched land, guess which one gets the axe?

      None of this is in the least bit sinister.

      Now … from the Trump Call Transcript …

      “Well, she’s going to go through some things.”

      … that is some sinister.

    • RHT447 says:

      Here is an update–

      “Check out the California ARES pages (sorry, don’t have a link) but the
      issue is not at all what has been described in most of the articles.

      Basically, the state changed the organization responsible for doing
      property management at state park/fire service sites. They are doing an
      inventory of all the systems at those sites and finding a number of ham
      repeaters that don’t have any (reported) affiliation with ARES or other
      public service activities. They are telling those owners that unless
      they show a public service affiliation, they will have to pay commercial

      To avoid that, the repeater owners just have to get hooked up with
      emergency services and provide proof of that, and they can stay at no
      charge. Which makes sense if they are making free use of a state resource.

      So it’s not really that unreasonable a situation, but was blown way out
      of proportion by who knows who. “

      • Libby says:

        My God … sense.

      • Libby says:

        I was flabbergasted … I couldn’t finish. Because I think this may be the first time that any poster, other than Jack, has been willing to admit that their buttons may have been pushed … by some purveyor of right-wing horsepucky.

        Hope is not lost.

        • Post Scripts says:

          Pie Here: What a bizarre fantasy world you live in Lippy. Have you considered consulting a mental health professional?

          • Chris says:

            Tip for Pie: From now on, in all your replies to Libby and I, just type the words “I hate you” and press submit. That is literally all you have to say to us these days. You aren’t even trying to be creative in your expressions of hate. Save yourself the time.

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