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CA The Great Stupid State

by Jack In what could be the largest scam ever perpetrated on a single state, the grossly mismanaged and obviously incompetent State of California failed to notice tens of thousands of fraudulent unemployment claims made by prison inmates.  Some of … Continue reading

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Quarantine In CA Getting More Serious

by Jack Remember when quarantine meant that only sick people were kept at home?   Speaking of… have you heard that Illinois is up to 15,000 COVID cases a day?  That swamps the record for Florida, but I bet you haven’t … Continue reading

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$62,000,000 Wasted on Hotel Rooms for Transients

posted by Jack Editors note:  Sleep well tonight knowing your tax dollars are going to be paying for an extended stay in a classy hotel room for a transient.  The average cost is in excess of $250 per night when … Continue reading

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2020 Election Results for Chico, CA

by Jack The unofficial vote count says that. . . Rep. Doug LaMalfa-R, won re-election by a solid 10% margin, which is about the same point spread as his previous election.  This marks LaMalfa’s 5th term in Congress. Sean Morgan,  … Continue reading

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They’re Here in Chico

by Jack A modest, but enthusiastic crowd of anti-police protesters gather on the sidewalk next to the City Council Chambers in downtown Chico.  There were probably 60% girls between 15 and 25 with a slightly older mix of males and … Continue reading

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CA Leads the Nation Again –

by Jack The liberals controlling the CA government from top to bottom have prioritized our needs and determined it was necessary to pass new legislation to aid many of our residents….  Was it lower sales taxes?  No.  Was it a … Continue reading

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Rare Opportunity – B17 and B25 Rides

There will be flight tickets sold too.  I will update this post with how to purchase tickets for a ride.  Only a limited number will be sold, so you should book early.    The last time we were offering rides … Continue reading

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Healthcare in California

by Jack Can we just have an open, frank, bi-partisan conversation on healthcare?  Please…let’s look at the facts, absent the emotional outbursts and slogan-isms and think it through so we can vote smart.     We must accept the following … Continue reading

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Why I am Critical of California

by Jack It’s been said that I am critical of my home state of California….ha, like I am the only one.  Ok, here’s the way I see it and feel free to disagree or throw rocks at me, whatever. I … Continue reading

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Dr. Drew Tells Truth About LA Homeless

Posted by Jack Do yourself a favor and spend 8 minutes listening, really listening to what Dr. Drew has to say.   He is talking about a serious state health problem that could emerge into a full blown health crisis … Continue reading

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