No Safe Spaces Release Date: October 24, 2019

By Pie Guevara

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If freedom of speech in our country is an issue for you then consider joining me to view this 1 hour and 35 minute documentary when it is generally available. Originally scheduled for release in the fall of 2018 it is being premiered at the Harkins Theaters location in Scottsdale Arizona on the 24th a 7:00 pm (local time).

No Safe Spaces

Harkins Theater Schedule

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14 Responses to No Safe Spaces Release Date: October 24, 2019

  1. J. Soden says:

    According to Adam Corolla and Dennis Prager last night on Tucker Carlson, the first showing is sold out. Am looking around Phoenix for another showing.
    After viewing the trailer, should be a Must See.

  2. Libby says:

    Didn’t Adam Carolla used to host some call-in sex show on KFOG? But I had to Google this Prager person … his “Rational Wiki” page is not kind.

    Granted, the youngsters are ideological, fervent, and irritating. But this is what they are supposed to be.

    What Prager wants to do, is elevate ideas that are generally considered “hate speech” to something like “rational discourse”. He’s going to find this difficult … I hope.

    • Post Scripts says:

      Pie Here: Now isn’t this interesting. Lippy is so afraid of this film that she feels the need to speciously attack Carolla and Prager. Clearly Lippy is on the side of progressive fascists who seek to shut down free speech on campus and elsewhere. Big f***ing surprise.

  3. Peggy says:

    Pop the popcorn, here’s one we can watch now and it’s free.

    ‘FBI Lovebirds’ Producer: Audiences Hunger For The Truth:

    “Now, anyone can see the show via YouTube, free of charge. The video generated more than 33,000 views in its first week alone with microscopic media coverage.

    “The response of the audience on the night [in question] was amazing, and it has continued online. They really, really appreciate the truth told in an entertaining and accessible way,” McAleer says.”

  4. Pie Guevara says:

    Interesting. Why are Lickspittle and Lippy so afraid of this film? Could it be that they themselves may be documented in the anti free speech campus violence recorded therein?

    Anyone else have any ideas why they are so obviously fearful that they feel compelled to try and discredit people who helped to document this despicable and prevalent fascistic behavior of progressives?

    Are Lickspittle and Lippy so arrogant and full of themselves that they fancy themselves the 21st century inheritors of Nazi style propaganda? Do they actually believe reasonable people cannot see through them and their self-destructive farce? They are more like Colonel Klink and Sargent Schultz in “Hogan’s Heroes” than New Age neo-Goebbels.

    Sometimes you just have to laugh. The sheer desperation of Lickspittle and Lippy is a wonderful entertainment to behold. Never have they been more honest (unintentionally).

    • Libby says:

      “Why are Lickspittle and Lippy so afraid of this film?”

      This is projection, childishly expressed. Now this … this is fear:

      “… this despicable and prevalent fascistic behavior of progressives? … Lickspittle and Lippy … so arrogant and full of themselves … inheritors of Nazi style propaganda? … their self-destructive farce?”

      And you can go see the film … nobody’s telling you that you can’t, so, what is your problem? Is it that we think the premise of the film is dishonest and baseless?

      Well, you will just have to put up with that. It’s a free country.

      • Chris says:

        Libby, snowflakes like Pie believe that criticism of their speech is the same as suppression.

      • Jana says:

        Yes Libby, for now this is a free country. But, if it were up to you and those like you, it wouldn’t be. That’s the point. Those who seek to prevent people from expressing their thoughts and opinions (if different from yours) are labeled as racist and accused of using hate speech. Can we please just agree that evil is a heart condition not a color issue. So, hate crimes? All crimes against people stem from hate. No matter the color or orientation of either the victim or the perpetrator.

  5. Chris says:

    The president wants a congressman and a whistleblower arrested for treason, a sentence that carries the death penalty, for saying words that made him mad.

    But college students are the big threat to free speech.

  6. Post Scripts says:

    Lickspittle and Lippy confirm that they are definitely afraid of this film.

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