Trump Predicted to Win by a Landslide

Guest Editorial by Wayne Root

Democrats are delusional. They try to destroy Trump. They try to ruin Trump. It never works. No matter how hard they try, they can’t beat Trump.

Let me give you a great example. Three Sundays ago, I was busy watching NFL football, when my phone rang. “Are you watching Fox News?” my buddy Jack asked. “Turn it on. It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in politics. Go there now!”

Sure enough, Jack was right. I’ve never seen anything like it in my entire life. I would not have believed it, if I didn’t see it with my own eyes.

There was President Trump in a football stadium in Houston, Texas, giving a speech to 50,000 American Indian immigrants (from India). Yes, I said fifty thousand. It was Reliant Stadium, home to the Houston Texans. And it was full- like there was an NFL game going on. Trump is as popular as the NFL on a Sunday morning…with Indian immigrants.

Keep in mind the Democrat presidential frontrunners rarely get more than a hundred to a few hundred fans to show up. Trump routinely gets 10,000 to 20,000. But the press explains it away by saying “it’s a sea of white faces.”

But these weren’t white faces. These were 50,000 dark skinned immigrants from India, now proud Americans. And they love Trump. They screamed his name, “Trump, Trump, Trump!” They gave him standing ovations. This was clearly a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon.

The Prime Minister of India stood on stage arm in arm with Trump, while the crowd cheered Trump’s name. Trump could have run for Prime Minister of India at that moment and won. Amazing.

And no one in the mainstream media reported this once-in-a-lifetime event. Not a word.

Doesn’t the media claim Trump is hated by people of color? Yet here were 50,000 American Indians cheering Trump like he’s the “King of Indian Immigrants.”

No politician in US political history has ever achieved something like this. It was like a Billy Graham revival.

More proof of how Trump is changing politics. Forget polls. I speak to Hispanics and blacks every day who love Trump.

Trump’s not losing in 2020. And I believe deep down, Democrats know that. That’s why they are rushing to frame him and impeach him.

But it won’t work. Let me explain why.

Only three things can happen with impeachment. In each case, Trump wins.

First, House Democrats try to impeach Trump, but can’t muster enough votes to impeach. They look like over-reaching fools and sore losers. Trump wins by an electoral landslide in 2020.

Second, the House impeaches Trump. But the Senate acquits him. Democrats look like over-reaching fools and sore losers. Trump wins by an electoral landslide in 2020.

Third, the House impeaches. Then a jealous, bitter, backstabbing, sore-loser Mitt Romney leads a RINO revolt against Trump in the Senate. They convict Trump. He’s removed from office.

Guess what happens next? Impeachment removes a president from office, but doesn’t disqualify him from holding future office.

Result? Trump runs for re-election as an independent and is re-elected President of the United States when all 63 million Trump voters leave the GOP to support Trump.

Trump gets revenge by destroying the GOP. Mitt Romney and the GOP won’t get 5 million votes. The party will be finished, kaput. The GOP goes the way of the Whigs.

And Trump campaigns against every GOP Senator who voted against him- ending all of their careers.

In each case, Trump wins.

My advice to the GOP Senate: Cross Trump at your own peril. A vote to convict Trump is a vote to destroy the GOP forever and end your Senate careers in disgrace.

And my advice to backstabber Mitt Romney. Find a new party. You are a disgrace and embarrassment to me and 63 million Trump voters.


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24 Responses to Trump Predicted to Win by a Landslide

  1. J. Soden says:

    APPLAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great choice for a guest editorial, Post Scripts. Right on the money! No further comment needed!

  2. Libby says:

    What is to be done with such astounding … disconnect from reality ???

    Furthermore, Narendra is the very embodiment of Hindu nationalism, which is hideously racist. EDUCATE YERSELVES, would you please !!!

  3. RHT447 says:

    Please, everyone, stop opposing the Dems. Just let them roll on and implode.

    I admit I did not watch the Dem debate. I’m just not man enough. Thank God for Rush Limbaugh. Per his description, this add ran in the middle of the debate–

    at the end which, they cut immediately back to the debate.

    Seriously, I ROTFLMAO.

    • cherokee jack says:

      “Please, everyone, stop opposing the Dems. Just let them roll on and implode.”

      You’re right. They don’t need any help to look petty and clueless.
      I think that applies even here in Post Scripts. Trying to solve anything through exchanges with the two liberal parasites is like a discussion with my ex. Pointless and futile.
      Chris might finally get it the day he retires and discovers his pension didn’t survive the financial sleight-of-hand of today’s liberals.
      Libby? Let’s just say my ex never mellowed. RIP.

    • J. Soden says:

      Didn’t watch, either. Was working – but even if I’d had the chance, I’d have skipped it since I didn’t have enough anti-nausea medicine on hand.
      Besides – the Demwits continue to shoot themselves in the mouth without any help from me.

  4. Libby says:

    “Trump runs for re-election as an independent and is re-elected President of the United States when all 63 million Trump voters leave the GOP to support Trump.”

    And there’s a rich, full fantasy life for you! As I said, I don’t want The Trump removed from office before time. A Warren-Pence contest would be a nail-biter. And this could be an incentive to Senators to actually hold the trial. Remember, McConnell would do ANYTHING to hold the White House.

    Here’s a fantastic scenario: the House votes it’s articles, the Senators to go Trump and say, a la Nixon, “you’re done dude.” And he refuses to go. And the have to put him on trial … in October 2020! Ohhhh, it’s going to be such fun!

    But if Trump is removed, would he take his $300 million and run anyway? I believe this would be proof-positive of his very poor mental health. Only some kind of sociopath would want to spend the end of his life that way.

    I wonder, can a convicted President run for President? If the Senate convicts you of, say, obstruction of justice, is that a felony like it would be in a regular court? You know who’s rolling? The Founders, in their graves.

  5. Libby says:


    Does Mr. Pompeo realize he just dissed his boss? I mean, aren’t you supposed to do the facts first … and then make the decision?

    Mr. Trump really is YOUR President, isn’t he?

  6. Libby says:

    Eh … I think your smart business man will not be doing a second term.

    Probably, he will be going to jail for fraud.

  7. Libby says:

    What can I say … slow day at the office …

  8. Chris says:

    This reads like North Korean propaganda. It is seriously embarrassing.

    The facts show that a majority of Americans support impeachment and removal. Trump did not win the popular vote in 2016 and has never had the support of more than 50% of Americans. Is it possible he will win again in 2020? Of course. But talk of a “landslide” win is delusional.

  9. Peggy says:

    Score another one for Trump! Cease fire agreement made with Turkey after only ONE week and getting our 28 soldiers out of harm’s way.

    Obama started this ‘war’ saying our troops would only be there for one month. Ten years later, Trump ended it.

    • Chris says:

      This level of gullibility has not yet been measured by science. The ceasefire means nothing. Turkey got everything. Once again Trump is more interested in looking like he made a deal so he can make a great deal than in actually making any kind of deal. He did this with Iran, he did this with North Korea, and now he’s doing it with Turkey. Only a fool who deliberately shuts themselves off from accurate sources of information would buy it. And your claim about Obama is just a lie.

      • Post Scripts says:

        Pie Here: Funny Lickspittle, who said Obama did not know that Obama Care would not let you keep your doctor and plan, speaking of LEVEL OF GULLIBILITY! (Oh, maybe I got it wrong, LEVEL OF STUPIDITY!)

        • Chris says:

          “who said Obama did not know that Obama Care would not let you keep your doctor and plan,” I don’t know, David. Certainly not me. I’ve condemned that statement as a lie on this website many times. So who are you talking about?

  10. Peggy says:

    What’s with Pelosi going to Jordan to meet with foreign leaders about Syria? She walked out of a meeting with Trump where she was disrespectful of the president and refused to even look at the letter he’d written to Erdoğan, yet she’ll fly halfway across the planet to undermine him and make sure his plans fail.

    Pelosi arrives in Jordan with bipartisan congressional delegation:

    • Chris says:

      Are you talking about the meeting where the president called Pelosi a “third-rate” (or maybe he said “third grade”–he does tend to slur his words) politician? How exactly was she the disrespectful one here?

      A reminder that this president has called Condaleeza Rice a b*tch, Carly Fiorina and Hiedi Cruz ugly, and Megyn Kelly “bleeding from her wherever.” But how dare a woman be so disrespectful to him by not reading his stupid letter that would be considered juvenile writing by my eighth graders.

      As for what Pelosi et al are doing in Jordan, the article you linked told you:

      “With the deepening crisis in Syria after Turkey’s incursion, our delegation has engaged in vital discussions about the impact to regional stability, increased flow of refugees, and the dangerous opening that has been provided to ISIS, Iran and Russia.”

      During their meetings at the U.S. embassy, Pelosi and other lawmakers also thanked U.S. service members serving as part of a Marine detachment, according to the release.

      It’s a good thing someone in our government is considering these issues and talking them out, since our derelict president refused to do any of that before his hasty, unplanned withdrawal. It’s good to know some people are still looking out for what’s best for America and our interests around the world instead of what benefits their pocketbook.

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