Gender Bending In The 21st Century

By Pie Guevara

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First of all my apologies to Cherokee Jack (and RHT447 by extension). At last count there are actually only 37.3128 recorded genders. The point here is, unlike energy and electron clouds, gender does not fall into quantum increments, it is a continuous spectrum. Lippy taught me that.

In the comment thread under my post “Transgender Male Rights Crushed In Canada” RHT447 succinctly pointed out a perfectly valid layman’s concern about the enumeration of human gender:

So, why then, when you sign up for a sex change operation, are there only two choices? Color me confused.

True enough, the current crude surgical procedures and hormone regimens regarding gender assignment are binary. As such it is up to the transperson to psychologically and socially refine their position in the gender spectrum regardless of the current limitations of medicine. To aid transpersons along the path to a healthy and natural true gender identity there is an abundance of psychiatrists, psychologists and a pharmacopoeia of psycho-pharmaceuticals including psychoactive and psychotropic drugs.

The gender future looks bright! Given the steady advancements in surgery and gene splicing it is easy to imagine medical research scientists not only surgically creating hermaphrodites but manifold arrangements of the genes that comprise the X and Y chromosomes.

It is a brave new world. The possibilities for genetic gender bending are boundless. We certainly live in exciting times. Count on it my friends, GMO gender is right around the corner. I shudder to think of the economic boon this will mean to the porn industry.

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15 Responses to Gender Bending In The 21st Century

  1. More Common Sense says:

    This is totally ridiculous! There are two genders; male and female.

    The left is conflating gender and behavior and that behavior is based on how people perceive themselves and the things that stimulate them sexually. Are we going to create a new gender for everything that might cause someone sexual stimulation? Is wearing vinyl a gender? Is dressing up like a stuffed animal a gender? How about S&M, is that a gender? What about people that are into feet, or urine, or children? Are those genders? The left is dividing people into sexual groups, tricking them into seeing themselves as victimized by all the other groups, and then convincing them that they (the left) are their saviors.

  2. More Common Sense says:

    Definition of gender:


    either of the two sexes (male and female), especially when considered with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones. The term is also used more broadly to denote a range of identities that do not correspond to established ideas of male and female:
    “a condition that affects people of both genders”
    (in languages such as Latin, Greek, Russian, and German) each of the classes (typically masculine, feminine, common, neuter) of nouns and pronouns distinguished by the different inflections that they have and require in words syntactically associated with them. Grammatical gender is only very loosely associated with natural distinctions of sex.

  3. More Common Sense says:

    Note, in the definition of gender self perception is included, however what stimulates someone sexually is not. Based on the definition being gay or lesbian is not a gender, it is a behavior. According to the definition, which has been modified over recent years (by whom) someone that is one sex but perceives themselves as another IS a gender, but again, the choices are male or female. The dirty little secret is most psychologists and psychiatrists accept transsexuals as an abnormality.

    As I said, what one finds sexually stimulating is not a gender, it is a behavior.

    I apologize for multiple posts. It is the only way I can get my posts into the blog.

  4. Pie Guevara says:

    I’m sorry More Common Sense but what you say makes perfect sense and so we will be forced to ban you from commenting in this blog.

    Tina and Jack do not know it yet but I intend to rule this blog with an iron fist. As such, only the most absurd, preposterous, ludicrous and ridiculous progressive views on gender will be accepted.

  5. Peggy says:

    Off Topic.

    Breaking now!

    Durham’s probe into possible FBI misconduct is now criminal probe, sources say:

    • Post Scripts says:

      The hammer is beginning to drop?

    • RHT447 says:

      Boom. This is why there never was going to be a House vote on impeachment. The Dems wanted to control the narrative and at all costs did not want the other side to have subpoena power.

      Now, grand juries can be empaneled. Witnesses will be subpoenaed. They are not entitled to have legal counsel present when testifying. Somewhere a little fish is going to flip on a bigger fish. Tick-tock.

      • Pie Guevara says:

        RHT447, would you agree with my view that the way the Democrat controlled impeachment probe is proceeding is the perfect way for them to handle it? I believe that when it comes to a resolution in the next election cycle a majority of citizens will be as disgusted with this political maneuver as they were with the Kavanaugh debacle. They are kowtowing to and being driven by the extreme left faction of their party. I see this as a good thing.

        Of course, I am no prognosticator and have no crystal ball, but it seems to me things could go very badly for them.

  6. RHT447 says:

    Perfect? Yeah, that works. I would also add inevitable. Their whole approach has been a house of cards ever since they gained control of the House. Well, longer actually, but that’s another discussion. The only reason it stood is because they could make up the rules as they went and there was no one to call there bluff. There was no other way they could play it. I think some of them also began to believe their own BS. I don’t think any of them really understood just what kind of man they were/are up against. Except for Hillary. I think she is cunning and shrewd enough that she knew. That’s why she flipped out on election night.

    “When Durham goes to the CIA, the DIA and the NSA asking questions and demanding documents they must cooperate or face criminal charges. That is the game changer. President Trump granted Bill Barr full authority to declassify any classified information. That includes anything collected by the CIA or the NSA. Neither intelligence agency can hide behind the claim that something is classified. If they try, they will face being charged with obstruction of justice.”

    Yeah. No more making up your own rules.

    I also agree with letting them roll. The smartest thing the RNC could do would be to schedule five more Democratic debates. Moar. Harder.

    My guess is that Poke-a-haunt-us (aka Chief Walking Eagle–too full of crap to fly) will be the nominee. Good.

    I think many in the Black and Hispanic communities are abandoning the Dems.

    The Dem bastion of Kalifornia continues to burn as we speak.

    I think I mentioned here before about the white-haired old gentleman at our Texas polling place in 2016. He said just loud enough for others to hear “The last time I voted was in 1964!”. A Goldwater man came out to vote for Trump. That’s what is known as “a clue”. Yeah, people are sick of this S–t.

    • Pie Guevara says:

      HAH! “The smartest thing the RNC could do would be to schedule five more Democratic debates.” We’re on the same page. Let us hope we are right.

    • Peggy says:

      Seen the videos of Clapper and Brennan on CNN sweating and stammering? They know who and what’s coming their way. Justice! Brennan has also gone silent on Twitter and scrubbed his account. A little too late, I’ll bet.

      People voted for Trump because he was not a member of the established political elites and because he promised to drain the swamp. He didn’t realize how wide and deep the swamp was and how hard the dwellers would fight back to get rid of him to continue with maintaining their corrupt and profitable self-preservation.

  7. RHT447 says:

    The railroad job against General Flynn is falling apart as well–

    “And “on January 23, the day before the interview, the upper echelon of the FBI met to orchestrate it all. Deputy Director McCabe, General Counsel James Baker, Lisa Page, Strzok, David Bowdich, Trish Anderson, and Jen Boone strategized to talk with Mr. Flynn in such a way as to keep from alerting him from understanding that he was being interviewed in a criminal investigation of which he was the target.””

    • Peggy says:

      Comey ran a freight train at Flynn and laughed about it during a videoed
      interview. Now, that’s dumb. He deserves to spend decades in prison for he did to a 33 year service veteran.

      The scums even changed the 302s.

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