Jack Lee Art – Aircraft – Albatross in Green

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3 Responses to Jack Lee Art – Aircraft – Albatross in Green

  1. Pie Guevara says:

    You really have got clouds down. The downward angle of the wings compared to the fuselage are not coherent and the front landing gear need some foreshortening.

  2. Jack says:

    Thanks Pie, I agree. I think I can fix that on my next Albatross, which will be in red.

    • Pie says:

      Some ideas: I would like to see you do a Grumman F3F and P-38. (Should that read another P-38? I forget. If yes, post the old one again, the P-38 is one of my favorite WWII aircraft.)

      I would also love to see you do a flying wing series.

      Like a Northrop YB-35 juxtaposed to a Northrop B-2 Spirit (not necessarily in the same painting.)

      Any Horton flying wings from WWII (prop and or glider).

      The amazing Horton jets from WWII

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