Raw Courage from a New American: Masih Alinejad

By Pie Guevara

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Masih Alinejad is fighting for human rights in Iran. This is not just about a piece of cloth, the hijab. Visit My Stealthy Freedom

On Wikipedia

I was going to post this weeks ago but got sidetracked.

Masih Alinejad on Fox News Sunday

Iran Arrests Activist Masih Alinejad’s Brother Amid Crusade to Silence Citizens Based Abroad

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4 Responses to Raw Courage from a New American: Masih Alinejad

  1. Chris says:

    [Pie here: Please be so kind as to not post that you agree with me. It makes me look bad. Actually Chris has agreed with me on other issues. Mr. Souza simply forgets and I made the same request to not agree with me on those occassions.]

    For once we agree: she friggin’ rocks.

    • Chris says:

      No, it isn’t. Yavonavich said she referred the first e-mail to the State Department, which is exactly what the e-mail shows her doing.

      You do not want to bring Yavonavich into this–she’s the ambassador that Rudy’s felonious, election-meddling pals asked him to pressure Trump to fire because she was bad for their grift. The campaign to discredit her began with them. Do you feel good about being a part of that?

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