Questions Linger About Drone Strike

by Jack

Unless you were a cog in the wheel of our middle east machine, you probably never heard of Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani (Shown on left), Iran’s most powerful commander or Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis (Shown below right), a lifelong ally of Iran and the current Iraqi deputy commander overseeing militias. The latter has long been at odds with the United States and was a sellout to Iran.  The fact they remained unknown and untouched is a colossal failing of past president’s Bush and Obama.

From the start of Gulf War II, the global intelligence community knew these guys were trouble. Insiders knew Suleimani was orchestrating bomb attacks and other terrorist type attacks in Iraq. So why were our former leaders not building a case against them before the world and the American public? Why did it fall on Donald Trump to finally do what should have been done years earlier?  Consider, the history of these bad guys goes back decades – why didn’t somebody say something?!!!

Now fast forward to President Trump. Trump’s had his own problems to deal with since day one of his presidency, but despite those horrendous distractions, he still got the job done.  He cleaned up the mess that Bush and Obama left behind.

It doesn’t take a lot of deductive reasoning to figure out why Bush and Obama took a pass on removing Suleimani. They were afraid.  They knew the political fall out would be rough.  This is the same reasoning President Clinton followed when he passed on killing Osama bin Laden prior to 9-11 and look what that cost us!  So, finally it took the bombastic Donald Trump to do what should have been done years earlier.  

Of course now in the aftermath of their deaths the fallout is much worse than it needed to be.  And selling the attack to the public now is also much harder, especially with democrats united in destroying Trump.  

Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Oakland, was one of the swiftest and fiercest lawmakers to condemn Trump’s actions. She said the strike that killed Gen. Qassem Soleimani is a “dangerous escalation of tensions with Iran that brings us close to the brink of war.”

“The Trump Administration has acted without any consultation with Congress or an authorization to use military force,” Lee said in a statement.   (This is why I’m torn between Barbara Lee or Maxine Waters for the Idiot of the Year award.)

The dems are looking for political advantage here and consequently they are playing games with national security.  They are putting their own self interests ahead of the American public and that is loathsome beyond measure.

The drone strikes were legally and morally justifiable.   It was a unanimous decision by Trump’s cabinet members, but now he alone takes the heat.  The dems and our left-wing media have gone to great lengths to minimize this part and instead focus on beating up Trump for their own purposes.  Outrageous.   If they had the slightest bit of integrity we should be hearing over and over how these two characters were actively engaged in the plans to kill American soldiers and coalition forces and how Trump did the right thing, knowing it would cost him.

To make matters worse and let me say this again… until these two were killed nobody in the American public knew they even existed.  That was a tactical blunder of the highest order by both Bush and Obama and they deserve to be smacked down now.  That blunder now makes it easier for Iran to come at us in retaliation.   The only thing that is going to give them pause is Trump.  They know he doesn’t run from a fight.   

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10 Responses to Questions Linger About Drone Strike

  1. Chris says:

    “They know he doesn’t run from a fight.”

    The Kurds say hi.

    What’s missing from this analysis is any consideration of the possible consequences. This guy obviously was evil and it’s a good thing he’s gone, but…what happens now? Nothing about Trump’s incoherent foreign policy would lead anyone to believe he’s got any sort of plan here…and then there’s the way this was decided:

    “Officials presented the president with options. The Pentagon tacked on the choice of targeting Suleimani mainly to make other options seem reasonable. They didn’t think he would take it. When Mr. Trump chose the option, military officials, flabbergasted, were alarmed.”

    We’ve wondered for a long time how an unstable, unqualified president with no ability to tell fantasy from reality would react to a real international crisis. We’re about to find out.

    • Post Scripts says:

      Chris, we have had a long history of worrying way too much about the potential consequences – when we should have concerned ourselves about the right and wrong of it, what’s happening right now and does it threaten our national security? What is happening right now is pretty simple. People are dying because of this man. It is right to stop him and once we’ve reached that decisive moment, consequences be damned. You and I both know there’s always going to be the threat of consequences to whatever we do. The threat of consequences allows bullies to escape justice too often.

      Right now America is at a very dangerous juncture in world history. It requires us to be bold, make ethical decisions and have the courage to live up to our ideals. We just can’t allow ourselves to be tied into knots and unable to do anything because of potential consequences. That’s exactly how we’ve let things get out of control before and then the cost of fixing those messes was always far more than had we taken decisive action when we had the earliest opportunity.

      Don’t get me wrong, I see violence as a last resort, I do not want a war with anyone. So, if it’s a questionable call, if we are the least bit confused about the right or wrong of it, then by all means we should deliberate as long as it takes to avoid doing the wrong thing!

      However, with the media and democrats bashing Trump we are more at risk than if we had all been backing Trump.

      Trump made a good call. The world should see a united America now, they should see us all condemning that murderous Iranian terrorist, but not all this stupid Trump bashing. That stuff will get people killed…mark my words. That is far worse, far more risky than the drone strike.

      • Chris says:

        A few weeks ago you were talking about how stupid the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were…now we’ve got a history of “worrying too much about the consequences” and if we don’t back the president’s decision-making we’re going to get people killed? Come on, Jack, there is just no reconciling these two positions.

        Trump doesn’t care about doing the right thing–today he tweeted that we should target cultural sites in Iran, and then said this:

        “They’re allowed to kill our people. They’re allowed to torture and maim our people. they’re allowed to use roadside bombs and blow up our people. And we’re not allowed to touch their cultural site? It doesn’t work that way.”

        According to the president we should act just like terrorists. He is incapable of thinking morally or ethically. He ran on a pro-war-crimes platform and is now threatening to govern as such…all to distract from the impeachment news. This is not a recipe for good foreign policy. It is a recipe for disaster.

        • Post Scripts says:

          Chris, there is no need to reconciling these two positions, there’s no nexus to them. I can disagree with the Iraq war and still support Trump for killing an arch enemy of the USA who was in Iraq stirring up trouble.

          Lets not lose sight of the fact this guy had no problem killing infidels, civilians or military. He was a cold blooded terrorist, why shouldn’t he be on a hit list? He has killed US soldiers before thru his Quds hit squads and their roadside IED’s. He also killed many innocent civilians with car bombs and recently he ordered the killing of protestors with his own country. He was every bit as dangerous as Al Baghdadi. We all cheered when was blown into little bits.

          • Peggy says:

            Soleimani was on a “hit list” since Obama declared him a terrorist. It just took Trump to put a stop to his reign of terror, while Obama gave him $1.5-7 billion to kill and mame thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of middle easterns.

            This whole thing reminds me of American leaders denying the evil intent of Hitler and allowing him to murder millions in his quest to conquer the world for the elite Aryan nation by eliminating everyone else. That’s what the Ayatollah is doing, with the direction of Soleimani. Someone had to stop him. If not now, when? When millions more die?

          • Chris says:

            Again, whether he was evil—and he was—is beside the point. Kim Jong-un is similarly evil, but you wouldn’t argue that just droning him would be the right call, would you?

      • J. Soden says:

        Well said, PS!
        Bush hid under his desk and Obumble fawned with the muslim countries. The drone strike was the correct move, regardless of what America’s enemies – and I include the Lefties and the propaganda media in that definition – who are now crying crocodile tears and pointing fingers at TheDonald for doing the right thing.

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