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Questions Linger About Drone Strike

by Jack Unless you were a cog in the wheel of our middle east machine, you probably never heard of Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani (Shown on left), Iran’s most powerful commander or Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis (Shown below right), a lifelong … Continue reading

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Jack Lee Art – #1 AIRWAR! & #2 The Red Biplane

by Jack Lee This is an acrylic on canvas, 20X24. The painting attempts to generate strong, almost overpowering feelings of war…isolation, danger, death, destruction, all set in shades of grey and black and white with just a touch color.  It … Continue reading

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War Likely with North Korea?

By Jack “There’s a 70 percent chance the Trump administration will use the military option against North Korea if Pyongyang conducts another nuclear test, according to Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. “I don’t know how to say it any more direct: … Continue reading

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Military Action Against North Korea

by Jack The options to get North Korea to stop it’s ICBM development are very limited. We could try sanctions again, except there already is sanctions on materials for missile construction and that’s not even slowed them down. The every … Continue reading

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The Worst Human Crisis in the World Today

by Jack “It’s the worst human crisis in the world and yet almost nobody knows about it. The widespread devastation and monstrous genocide in South Sudan is so pervasive that it could have only be done by people without any … Continue reading

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Degrading the World’s Best Fighting Force

by Jack Most of our enlisted and officers know the integration of women into combat units is a bad idea, because it’s based on politics, not reality. Unfortunately, the “politicians in uniform” at the Pentagon don’t have the backbone to … Continue reading

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Is Christianity Equally Violent as Islam? The Answer May Shock You!

Posted by Jack One of our commenters, Dewey, prompted the title question with this question, “Why is all the focus on Muslims?  There are good and bad Christians. There are are good and bad in every religion.”  Thus stating there … Continue reading

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What Would You Do About ISIS Now? (Rated R for violent content)

by Jack I was asked what I would I do about this latest beheading by ISIS. Fair question. Okay, here’s my answer. A month of carpet bombing the crap out of ISIS ought to be fair payback. I wouldn’t spend … Continue reading

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Iraq Briefing – What Would You Do?

by Jack Iraq is and has always been a country divided by the Islamic faith. The people in the Middle East have lived with wars, assassinations, revolution, domination, and bloody purges for over 700 years. They have a different take … Continue reading

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Ми підтримуємо Україну – проти російського вторгнення

Posted by Jack (Джек Лі) Ми підтримуємо Україну бажаю вам успіху і світу. Прокоментуйте, будь ласка, від вашої ситуації, якщо ви хочете? Чи є щось, що ми можемо зробити, щоб допомогти, якщо так, то що б ви хотіли побачити Америку … Continue reading

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