Parents Placed Kids at Risk During Trip to Mexico

by Jack

6 Jan – Mexico   Another American family takes the kids on a vacation to Mexico and then their worst nightmare happens, they were ambushed by cartel members.

The family was traveling in two vehicles, returning from a vacation in central Mexico. It was near midnight when the two vehicles entered a long, straight, stretch of two lane highway that parallels the US border. This isolated area has become a well known battle ground for two warring cartels. Any residents in the area moved out long ago due to the violence.  Now along comes the two US vehicles, loaded with family members, apparently oblivious to the danger.

The two vehicles were suddenly overtaken by two SUV’s coming from behind.   The lead SUV cut them off and forced a rear end collision that brought all four of the vehicles to a stop in the middle of the highway.

Gunmen in the vehicles then opened fire on the helpless family. Four of them were wounded and a 13 year old was killed. The gunmen abandoned the damaged lead vehicle and left in the second SUV.

Why the family was traveling at night through this desolate and dangerous region has not been determined, but whatever the reason it was a real bad choice.  The family was from Oklahoma.

ED NOTE – Anyone travelling to Mexico should at the very least review the Dept. of State Tourist Advisories and then consider if the trip is worth risking your life?  Mexico, like some of our border towns, is a very dangerous for the average person, and especially Americans.   That danger has carried over from Mexico to Hispanic neighborhoods in National City, CA, San Diego,  East Los Angeles, San Jose, Sacramento, Stockton, Modesto and into rural Northern California.  Even smaller places like  Chico, Willows, Orland and some of our unincorporated areas have been hard hit by gang activity, this is including marijuana grow sites in the hills operated at times by cartels members from Mexico.

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