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The Redding Police Department is letting the community know they are aware of a violent sex offender known as ‘Pirate’ who is back on the streets of Redding. Daniel Selovich, who legally changed his name to Pirate is back in Redding. Officers with Redding Police said they contacted Pirate on Sunday.

At this time, he is not wanted for any crimes. Since Pirate has returned to Redding, community members have been posting his possible whereabouts on social media. He is known for his dark tattoos that cover nearly his entire face. Pirate has a lengthy criminal past that started back in 2004.

Editors opinion:  Let’s not judge him too harshly.  What we’re seeing is a product of our alt-right society, due to the growing wealth gap and lack of affordable housing.   This is exactly why Chico is building tiny houses.  This will give people like Pirate a 5th chance at starting a new life!  With the right encouragement, a tiny house to call his own, health insurance and a fair subsidized monthly income he could be just fine.  Given a little more help, perhaps he would enroll in college and become a doctor or lawyer?  And remember this well, vote for Elizabeth Ann Warren for President, she’ll give him the vote!    

CONT – Court records show Pirate was charged with sexual assault, battery to commit sexual assault, and first-degree kidnapping, of a mentally and physically disabled woman in Las Vegas, according to KTUU.

After the February crime, a Redding woman was raped by an unknown man on December 14, 2004, according to investigators. These two cases went unsolved until 2010, Pirate was arrested in New Mexico on rape charges in Redding.

Court records show he took a plea deal, and the rape charge was dropped. Afterward, he was sentenced to four years in prison, according to KTUU.

His next crime he was charged with happened in Fairbanks, Alaska in 2015 after he was released from prison.

KTUU reports, that a woman identified as K.B. messaged a friend on Facebook saying she was being raped and held against her will by a man named Pirate. The woman arrived in Fairbanks on Sept. 26, 2015. Pirate picked her up from the airport in a U-Haul van. He then punched and sexually assaulted her in the van, according to investigators.

Investigators say the victim said the two stayed in a hotel and later flew by private charter on Oct. 1 to Pirate’s cabin, located about 16 miles south of Manley Hot Springs in Alaska.

During this time, he beat her with belts, a flashlight, and his fists as well as kicking and biting her, according to documents, according to investigators.

Court documents show Pirate sexually and physically assaulted K.B. up to six times a day from Sept. 26 until Nov. 8. He duct-taped her to him during the night to prevent escape. The woman wasn’t able to go to the bathroom unless Pirate was with her, according to investigators.

Pirate tied her to a support beam so she could not move. Pirate told her he would “cut her face off” and at one point placed a knife to her neck, causing her to bleed, KTUU said.
On Nov. 8, 2015, a medical group responded and rescued the woman.

A grand jury indicted Pirate on four counts of sexual assault in the first degree, two counts of kidnapping, and multiple counts of assault. The case was proceeding to trial until the woman was found dead, at that point, it was dropped, the Associated Press said. (Reported on KSTE 650 am radio today – the woman was so traumatized that she overdosed herself and died)

Action News Now spoke to people in Redding who said they’re more alert now that they know he’s in Redding.

“Everybody that I’m passing, if I see somebody that is potentially homeless, I’m watching to see if it’s possibly him,” Redding resident, David Walker said.

UPDATE: Redding is just an hour away from Chico and both places regularly exchange so-called homeless.  Based on my experience in law enforcement, Chico is a prime hunting ground for a predator rapist like Pirate.   We have thousands of potential victims on the Chico State campus and elsewhere here and this warrants a community alert.

If he is observed here you should take no action against him, but do call the campus police or Chico PD and let them know of his whereabouts.

Let me make this clear – Daniel Selovich aka Pirate is not currently wanted for any crimes and according the justice system, he has paid his debt to society for the crimes charged.

News:  Unconfirmed sources report Selovich recently was approached by an unidentified man in Redding and threatened.  The man told Selovich to get out of town, witnesses described this confrontation as serious.  This may be an incentive for Selovich to show up in Chico very soon, but this is only an educated guess.

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  1. Post Scripts says:

    A number of popular Democrats running for president agree that it would be a wise decision to restore the right to vote to ex-convicts. They see this as power through numbers; using the concept of populism to overwhelm conservative voters just like they did in California and look how that has worked out. Democrats run everything and thanks to them this state is coming apart with drugs, crime, disease and filth. It’s a human catastrophe.

    Ca now has millions of illegals, sanctuary cities abound, bums and junkies from all over the US control the streets and they all take up limited welfare resources designed for the truly needy American citizens.

    Thanks to the progressives we’ve got crime running rampant up and down the state. There are not enough jails to handle it. The democrats answer to this mess is, reduce penalties so we don’t arrest too many! What a joke. They tell us it’s better to build low income housing and tiny homes, not prison cells. Well, that’s never worked before so why should it work now? But, democrats still peddle this nonsense and they get away with it because they buy votes!

    The evidence is all around us folks. We’re facing an unprecedented health and crime crisis and it’s going to violently explode into a mega-disaster before its over. Some would argue it already has.

    Yes, the liberal left has run this show far too long. All their promises and absurd plans have been proven absolutely worthless to the point they now should have no credibility.

    They do not deserve to be in control of anything, especially the highest offices in the state.

    In part this is just my anger and frustration speaking, but I’m going to toss out some radicals idea for what I see is a radical problem… these may be too much for some, but just keep in mind it’s just opinion and feel free to counter with your own.


    There may be only one way to fix this now. The federal government should step in and declare a state of martial law in CA. (Hows that for radical? lol)

    We the people… need to remove the petty dictators and criminals from state office to restore trust and common sense. So about 90% of the dems need to go. Then we can finally start cleaning up this state for real. It won’t be easy, but we can do it.

    One of the first things needed is to restore the tools (laws) that kept our society safe and healthy and scrap those laws that robbed us in so many ways from actual pocket money to Constitutional freedoms. Under federal emergency powers, we immediately restore those reasonable laws like vagrancy, loitering and panhandling. This kept the bums and junkies on their heels and it gave cops some leverage when dealing with some bad characters. Decades ago these laws made a bums life of stealing, doing or dealing drugs, etc., dangerous. In some cases they actually found working for a living a better alternative, imagine that?

    Under martial law the CA Supreme Court doesn’t have any say, besides they’ve said enough already. They get tossed out and replaced with new judges with common sense.

    We must get tough on the bums and junkies right up the line to those corrupt lawmakers and send them all packing, their time is up! But, the problem is just too big for us and that’s why I think we must ask for help from the federal government. I don’t see how we can do what is needed to be done without martial law. If you know a better way, I’m all ears.

    With federal assistance we could immediately build new mental health hospitals located in sparsely populated states so we can start helping those with serious mental health problems, even if it only means that we provide them with a safe place, a warm bed and decent food. Its better than them starving and sleeping under a bridge. One way or another, we need to get them off the streets and into a safer place, agree? And we could build prisons too, reducing penalties is not the answer, but locking them up is and then make their stay in the joint one where they work to pay for their keep!

    There is so much that needs to be done there I don’t have the time to list it all here. But, little by little and with your help and ideas we can at least try. Making people aware of our options is a good first step.

    Bottom line: It’s time to take the cuffs off police and get tough on crime…starting right in our legislature. Let’s open their books and follow the money trail. Lets start making arrests for corruption and work forward from there. Lets put the fear of an angry voter back on these rascals and criminals where it belongs. As it is now, the fear is all on us and I’m fed up with fearing what this stupid state government is going to do next, aren’t you?

    • Pie Guevara says:

      Yep. I am fed up but I had to laugh about the martial law bit though. As if the corrupt feds would be an improvement over the corrupt state.

      Remember, it was a Rat legislature that passed the laws deinstitutionalizing state hospital patients and abolishing involuntary hospitalization. That was their big play for human rights in the 60’s and 70’s. Yet it is Reagan who Rats blame for policies brought about by themselves! And therein lies yet another BIG FAT LIE by the Rats. They blame Reagan for legislation THEY WROTE! Is it any wonder I despise Democrats?

      • Peggy says:

        You’re right again as usual Pie. It was the lying democrats and told still today by more lying democrats.

        The lie spread by democrats that Reagan caused the closing of all the mental health hospitals is right up there in ranking with their lies that it was republicans who were members of the KKK and wrote the Jim Crow laws.

        Anyone with a computer could find out the truth that it was the ACLU’s lawsuit against New York and won in the Supreme Court that started all of the other states to shut down their hospitals under the threat of lawsuits from the ACLU. Reagan complied just like all of the other governors.


        ACLU Achieves New Heights in Hypocrisy The American Civil:

        “Liberties Union (ACLU), in July 2008, issued a “Report on Mental Health Issues at Los Angeles County Jail.” The report decried the increasing number of severely mentally ill inmates in the jail and the lack of treatment available to them. This report is remarkable primarily for its hypocrisy. It was, after all, the New York chapter of the ACLU that sponsored the initial mental health project run by lawyer Bruce J. Ennis. Ennis wrote that the goal of the ACLU program “should be nothing less than the abolition of involuntary hospitalization.” Ennis and other representatives of the ACLU played a major role in shutting down most state psychiatric hospitals and in blocking all attempts to treat patients who do not know they are sick. For examples, in New York City, when then mayor Ed Koch tried to involuntarily hospitalize obviously psychotic homeless individuals, it was the ACLU that went to court and blocked his efforts. So after doing everything possible to empty public psychiatric hospitals and then blocking all attempts to treat the discharged patients who were unaware of their psychiatric illness, here comes the ACLU decrying the fact that many of these untreated discharged patients have ended up in jail. It is like the small boy who intentionally breaks his toys and then blames others for doing so. If there is a national prize for hypocrisy, the ACLU deserves serious consideration as a recipient. Also read “Uncivil Liberties,” the best article on this subject”

        Read more at:


        “The ACLU’s most important Supreme Court case involving the rights of people with mental illness was filed on behalf of Kenneth Donaldson, who had been involuntarily confined in a Florida State Hospital for 15 years. He was not dangerous and had received no medical treatment. In a landmark decision for mental health law in 1975, a unanimous Supreme Court ruled that states cannot confine a non-dangerous individual who can survive on his own, or with help from family and friends.”

      • Post Scripts says:

        Pie I don’t know where else to turn, its so frustrating to watch what is happening in CA. Democrat Lawmakers here are violating laws and costing taxpayers billions every day and yet they could care less.

        For example they endorse these un-Constitutional sanctuary cities. They allow transients to setup tent cities anywhere they choose to poop and pee on sidewalks and steal. Then they reward them with free needles for their drug habits! These new tent slums are a danger to society. We also have millions of illegal aliens flooding the hospitals and leaving behind huge bills again cost CA taxpayers dearly. The illegals are loading up our jails, crowding our courts and disrupting our schools because they require costly Spanish classes. It’s a travesty that we have this sort of defiance by our elected officials. IMHO it’s treasonous – they have sold out this state to a foreign power.

        The state lawmakers are defiantly violating federal laws and yet there is no agency to turn too? This is outrageous.

        I think Trump would approve of martial law if it was possible, but we realize it would never get past the House for reasons you already noted. CA is out of control because our legislature is corrupt and clueless… and that’s a dangerous combination.

    • Chris says:

      Jack: “Liberals are dictators!”

      Also Jack: “We need martial law!”

      Come to your senses, please. You’re the only one here who occasionally has them.

      • Post Scripts says:

        Chris, it is no small thing when the State of California is so ideologically driven that it can rationalize choosing which federal law they will respect and which they will ignore.

        As individual citizens we do not have that option and for good reason. However, if we don’t like a particular law we have a prescription for a remedy – we can address it though our state representatives, but we can’t just ignore the law while it is on the books and neither can the State. California becomes a break-away state when it usurps authority not granted by the Constitution.

        In my opinion, this problem is just as serious as the civil rights issues in Alabama or Mississippi in the 60’s. Remember those days when the National Guard was called out to enforce federal law? Well, in the last 20 plus years the State of California has been increasingly violating a number of federal laws, including those related to immigration, restraint of trade, the Second Amendment and individual rights. They (CA) have done this completely outside the prescribed methods for legislation and therefore they acted without legal authority.

        Usurping Constitutional authority is no joke, because it weakens the security of the nation as a whole.

        • Chris says:

          In my opinion, this problem is just as serious as the civil rights issues in Alabama or Mississippi in the 60’s.

          It really isn’t, and it’s offensive and self-victimizing to claim that it is.

          Remember those days when the National Guard was called out to enforce federal law?

          Yes. That’s not what martial law is.

          • Post Scripts says:

            Chris we were not having a conversation about martial law. Not sure why you brought it up?

            My only point that I sent to you was…. the State of California is off the tracks and doing things it shouldn’t. These things are serious and I repeat myself for you now: Restraint of trade, infringement on the 2nd amendment, defying of federal law regarding illegal immigration and this includes the so-called sanctuary city status. Now maybe in your world this is not important, but it is in mine. Nothing I said was remotely offensive, but if in your mind it was, well, sorry but I can’t help that.

  2. cherokee jack says:

    OK, PS. We could try your way, but I think I have more realistic solution.
    A few years ago I proposed that we quitclaim California back to Mexico.
    Housing there is more reasonable, and prices in general are lower. My retirement fund will go a lot further.
    Instead of being bottom rung drug users, go-getters can tie up with a cartel and become wealthy dealers.
    No more expensive ecology programs. Mexico doesn’t give a $#!% about the environment.
    Spanish will no longer be a second language.
    Criminals and the chronically unemployable can slip over to Nevada or Oregon for the free stuff.

    • Pie Guevara says:

      Cherokee Jack is onto something. Hmmmm…

      But isn’t California effectively headed that way already? For instance, this state doesn’t give a crap about the intense damage done to our fragile southern desert by illegal alien traffic across wild lands. Spanish is already a predominate language in many California schools. Illegal Mexican aliens have been appointed to city and state offices. Political corruption is common.

      We look more like Mexico with each passing day.

    • Post Scripts says:

      CJ you echo the words of my daughter. She is all for giving CA to Mexico for the reasons stated and more. You think Mexico or the cartels would let a bunch bums and junkies poop on their businesses and camp on the sidewalks to their homes? I think not. We would hear gun shots in the night and the next day the streets and sidewalks would be empty.

      Think of all the fun we could have kidnapping wealthy celebrities in Beverly Hills and holding them for huge ransoms?

      These cartels make millions off drugs, heck, we might as well get in on some of it. Think of the adventure we would have shipping their poison across the border to the US to the stupid gringos with too much money? Yep, good thinking CJ. I’m all for it. Just as soon as we become part of Mexico I will have my list of Hollywood elites ready, those that I want to kidnap, oh… oh and maybe my gang could wack some politicians just for the heck of it. Best part is, “we don’t need no stinkin badges” to get even. hehehehehe

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