Judge Allegedly Aides in Escape of Illegal Alien from Courtroom

Posted by Jack

A bleeding heart judge let a man charged with narcotic possession with an ICE detainer on him for illegal entry to the US escape through her back door.  This idiot judge ordered the ICE agent out of her court and into the lobby.  Then she allegedly let the suspect sneak out of the court through the judges back door aided by the judges bailiff.   So much for, “nobody being above the law in America” as the democrats are so fond of saying.

Next up in Chico:    Seems to me if you are a homeless bum or an illegal alien you can get away with breaking all kinds of rules and laws without penalty.  But, if you are an American property owner and your rose bushes encroach on the public sidewalk…expect a citation from the code enforcement officer.  Yeah, the very same code enforcement guy that has to step over human poop on the sidewalk and walk around illegal camp sites to get to those nasty rose bushes!  I think this is just sick and I blame it on the liberals who dominate this crazy state.  How much more can the intelligent, rational people of CA take?

Our State is out of control – Impeach Gov. Newsome.


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5 Responses to Judge Allegedly Aides in Escape of Illegal Alien from Courtroom

  1. J. Soden says:

    Our Attorney General is finally taking some action on Sanctuary issues:
    He’s filed against King County in WA and in DC. Gonna be interesting to see what he hits Taxifornia with since Newscum made it a sanctuary state . . . . . .
    This will be ANOTHER one Becerra loses!

    • Post Scripts says:

      J. Soden, thanks and I totally agree with you. It’s about time the feds did something! This sanctuary business was blatantly illegally and has done the national a great deal of harm by encouraging illegal immigration.

  2. anonymous says:

    What a selective code enforcement officer, how could that be?

    I recall some many years ago a code enforcement office issuing a citation to a relatives property in Chico for yard waste that a neighbor had put on her property, clippings that were exclusive to the neighbors property only. Even though that it was pointed out to the officer that all the clippings came from the neighbor, he still citied our relative and had the relative clean up what the neighbor had dumped on the relatives side.

    So I have no doubt that some citations are only issued to those who will expense the cost of a clean up or could afford to pay fines, and issued to make it look like the officer is successful in doing his job.

    • Post Scripts says:

      Yup. Sounds about right to me. This is the kind of dual system we have in CA right now. Heaven help me if I put in an improvement on my property without ask my local government for permission, but if am an illegal alien or a homeless bum I can get away with all kinds of stuff and that’s a fact.

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