“Fat broads” and “Horse Faced Lesbians”: Democrat Presidential Debate

By Pie Guevara

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You have to love it when Democrats attack each other. Such was the case in Las Vegas on Tuesday. It was hilarious, wonderful and so true. Vicious politics at its best (worst) as only the Democrats can do. Bloomberg has declared Trump the winner of the debate. Get a clue Mini Mike, Trump will win ALL your debates.

If you can stomach it, here is the entire debate —

If you cannot stomach the entire debate, follow this YouTube search link for some of the “highlights” (lowlights).

One of the funniest moments was when Fauxcahontas accused Bloomberg of sexist comments and fostered a hostile work environment for women. This is the same Fauxcahontas whose campaign so mistreated women that six of them quit! The women said they quit because they felt they were used as tokens and were “routinely silenced” and sidelined.

What did Warren have to say?

“So I just heard about this, and I believe the women who have spoken up and believe them unequivocally and I apologize to them personally. It’s important to me to try to build an organization that is diverse and inclusive and open and lets everyone bring their whole self to work every day. But I recognize that the legacy of racism and oppression pervade everything that we do in this country and so, for me, this is about taking personal responsibility, which I do, and being determined that we will have accountability in this organization and keep doing better every day.”

Oh bite it, Fauxcahontas. It was not a “legacy of racism and oppression” that mistreated these women, it was you and your campaign! Sheesh, what a ridiculous liar fraud. Your “apology” is crap.

Of Further Interest —

On Tuesday, billionaire philanthropist Leon Cooperman told CNBC’s Scott Wapner  “I look at Bernie Sanders as a bigger threat than the coronavirus… He is not a socialist, but he’s rather a communist.”

SPOT ON! Is America ready for Commie Bernie? He is already leading in the fake polls. If he is the DNC (Democrat National Communists) nominee I have a hunch Trump will crush him as he will probably any other DNC candidate. Despite what Never Trump, holier-than-thou, self defeating ideologues like Jonah Goldberg and David French have to say. Let us hope their personal opinions are ignored enlarge by conservative voters in this regard. Otherwise the worst possible will triumph.

If you cannot bring yourself to vote for Trump this election and decline to vote, you are a vote for the Democrats by default. I did that the last election, not again. Either Trump wins and Republicans pull together and win the legislature or our nation will be totally screwed by these lunatics of the extreme left. As much as some of Trump’s behavior disgusts me he is nowhere near as disgusting and despicable as any Democrat. Goldberg and French should think about that.

Good lord, is this Commie Chris on the ASU campus or just one of his Twitter followers?


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9 Responses to “Fat broads” and “Horse Faced Lesbians”: Democrat Presidential Debate

  1. Chris says:

    Bloomberg is the one candidate at the debate I will not vote for if he is the Democratic nominee. Defeating Trump is the number one priority for me, but replacing him with another racist, sexist man trying to buy an election is not a solution, and would be worse for our democracy than a second Trump term. It would also pose the danger of breaking the Democratic party the way that Trump has broken the Democratic party, as demonstrated by Pie’s trashing of Jonah Goldberg and David French, two people who Pie used to respect, and who haven’t changed at all; they are among the few on the right to stand by their principles and refuse to bow down to Trump. To call them “holier-than-thou” is simply a way to dodge accountability over the fact that they still have principles and the Trumpsters do not.

  2. J. Soden says:

    Back at the start of the Demwit Debates, the criteria was how much $$ was raised in donation$ to qualify. Now the DNC has changed the rules to allow BloomingIdiotBerg to debate ’cause he won a poll he bought and paid for.

    And BlooomingIdiotBerg found out last night that his road to the oval office comes with big potholes, wrong turns, running outta gas and having his chauffeur quit!
    We already know what Bernie’s price is. He showed that in 2016 with a new vacation home from the DNC!

    Reading comments again on Twitter regarding the debacle/debate was a hoot!
    Yup – TheDonald won the Demwit debacle/debate – hands down!

  3. Joe says:

    That wasn’t a debate.

    It was a Demorat clown show train wreck.

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