Coronavirus – Over Protecting Americans?

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Liberals in CA and elsewhere are of course highly critical of Trump’s travel ban on non-citizens coming from hot spots in China wanting to enter the USA.  But, I think this is a perfect time for a travel ban and while we’re at it, we should also revoke this foolish sanctuary status for CA and those cities that embrace it.   Can you imagine how this potentially deadly virus could spread thru the crowded homeless encampments?  I thought the liberals were all about protecting them?    


Travel ban - ”Well, we felt very strongly that our obligation was to do all we can to protect the American public”  CDC Director, Dr. Robert Redfield M.D.

LATEST NEWS: Americans have largely been spared most of the world’s deadly diseases and pandemics in recent decades, but the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention isn’t so sure that we’re going to be spared the wrath of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield, in an interview last week, didn’t make any predictions about that kind of morbidity in the United States, but he did say that the outbreak will reach our country and become a “community virus” this year or even into next year.

“We don’t know a lot about this virus,” he told CNN‘s Dr. Sanjay Gupta. “This virus is probably with us beyond this season, beyond this year, and I think eventually the virus will find a foothold and we will get community-based transmission.”

He added ominously: “Right now, we’re in an aggressive containment mode,” Zero Hedge reported.

As of last week, some 15 cases of the virus had been confirmed in seven states: Eight in California, two in Illinois and one in Arizona, Washington, Massachusetts, Wisconsin and Texas, CNN reported.

Redfield noted that while more research is necessary, his agency is now focused primarily on containment strategies in order to isolate the bug and slow its spread, thus buying more time to develop ways to combat it.

“The containment phase is really to give us more time. This virus will become a community virus at some point in time, this year or next year,” said Redfield. “We don’t have any evidence that this coronavirus is really embedded in the community at this time, but with that said, we want to intensify our surveillance so that we’re basing those conclusions based on data.”

‘I would rather be criticized for over-protecting America’

CNN noted further:

The containment strategy refers to efforts to prevent widespread transmission of the coronavirus in the United States, including having people with confirmed cases stay in isolation and placing restrictions on travel between affected areas in the world. Such containment measures were used widely during the SARS global outbreak of 2003, during which 8,098 people worldwide became sick and of those, 774 died, according to the CDC.

The World Health Organization has said that global travel restrictions on foreign nationals could actually backfire, but the Trump administration has nonetheless implemented them against foreign nationals who have visited China within the past 14 days, barring them from entering the U.S. And anyone who has traveled to Wuhan City will be subject to a 14-day quarantine.

According to reports, WHO Director-General Tedros Ahanom Ghebreyesus voiced opposition to travel restrictions last week, saying, in part, that they would “unnecessarily interfere with international travel and trade,” as well as create “fear and stigma.”

But Redfield dismissed that.

“Frankly, some people criticized when we decided that we wanted to temporarily suspend travel into the United States from individuals who were not Americans or permanent residents who had been in the hot zone in the last 14 days. Some people didn’t think that that was what they would do,” he told CNN. 

“Well, we felt very strongly that our obligation was to do all we can to protect the American public,” he added. “I would rather be criticized for over-protecting America than under-protecting America at this stage.”

The U.S. military is also preparing, as Natural News reported. Site founder/editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, noted that the Pentagon sent out orders to the Northern Command to begin assessing its capabilities to handle a pandemic. 

Plans “include ordering commanders to prepare for widespread outbreaks and confining service members with a history of travel to China,” the Military Times added.

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12 Responses to Coronavirus – Over Protecting Americans?

  1. cherokee jack says:

    The dinosaurs were wiped out by a huge meteor.
    God wiped out a civilization with the flood.
    Then we decided we might end it all with nuclear warfare, and later, global warming.
    Now God is toying with the idea of killing us off with the common cold.
    How humiliating.

  2. J. Soden says:

    Best Twitter comment on the Demwit “debate” so far – By Mini AOC
    “I thought I was watching #StarWars but I don’t remember a moderator in the cantina scene!”

  3. J. Soden says:

    In 1966, Tom Clancy published “Executive Orders” which dealt with a country who collected Ebola virus and released it in highly populated areas in the US. Deals with how a deadly disease is fought and how citizens are protected. Also deals with what happens to the bad guys who started it all.
    My favorite Clancy novel.

  4. Chris says:

    Trump cut funding for the CDC and shut down the program that was responsible for pandemic study and preparation. Today he tweeted that Americans shouldn’t worry about coronavirus at all. A person very generous to this administration would call this mixed messaging. I’m going to call it an incoherent garbage fire. This administration has never been good in an emergency, and while I don’t know whether this travel ban is warranted, the last one Trump implemented *caused* more chaos than it prevented. We need an experienced and engaged adult in the White House, not an incompetent and senile old man more interested in golfing and tweeting harassment at jurors than in solving America’s problems.

  5. Peggy says:

    The truth based on the real facts provides people with the information instead of the disinformation based on partisan attacks to discredit our president.

    Trump’s travel ban for China last month may have saved us from the outbreak happening in many other countries today. Let’s hope and pray it stays that way.

    AF FACT CHECK: Democrats distort coronavirus readiness

    “WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic presidential contenders are describing the federal infectious-disease bureaucracy as rudderless and ill-prepared for the coronavirus threat because of budget cuts and ham-handed leadership by President Donald Trump. That’s a distorted picture. For starters, Trump hasn’t succeeded in cutting the budget.

    He’s proposed cuts but Congress ignored him and increased financing instead. The National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention aren’t suffering from budget cuts that never took effect.

    A look at some of the Democrats’ remarks:”


    • Chris says:

      Thanks for the fact check, Peggy.

      • Peggy says:

        Chris, where were you when Obama waited six months to declare H1N1 an emergency? Trump declared an emergency in January, one month after Coronavirus was discovered in China, and protected the country with the travel ban.

        People are seeing the constant attacks against Trump and those who voted for him for what they really are. A never ending string of attacks to remove him from the WH by any means possible. Trump should be treated the same as Obama or Obama should have been treated the same as Trump.

        From Politico:
        “Since April, over 1,000 people have died and 20,000 people have been hospitalized by the virus. Thousands more have gotten sick from the flu with the onset of fall, resulting in mass absences from school and work across the country.

        CDC officials estimated this week that 1 in 5 children had symptoms of H1N1.”

        • Chris says:

          Now it’s my turn to fact-check, Peggy:

          “There are several factual inaccuracies in this excerpt alone. For instance, PJ media writes that H1N1 became a pandemic in April 2009. But that’s not the case. The disease emerged in April but wasn’t declared a pandemic until June.

          The excerpt also claims that Obama “declared a public health emergency on what was already a pandemic” in October 2009. But this is also wrong. Obama declared a national emergency, not a public health emergency, in October 2009. The Obama administration declared a public health emergency in April, months before swine flu was declared a pandemic. At the time that the Obama administration declared a public health emergency, only 20 confirmed cases (not over a million) of H1N1 existed in the United States.”

          The good thing about this place is that we can learn from each other. I appreciate your fact check about Democrats’ lies about Trump’s response to the coronavirus and I hope you will appreciate mine.

  6. Peggy says:

    Shocker! Jake Tapper decided to be a reporter again, instead of a fake news mouthpiece.

    Smackdown: Jake Tapper calls out Democrat Ted Lieu for lying about Trump and coronavirus:

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