China Should Get a Bill… from the Rest of the World (Updated)

By Pie Guevara

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The sections  below concerning Li Wenlian and the arrests by Wuhan police on December 30th have been revised and updated with further details. Other minor revisions have also been made.

This bears repeating: Since early December the Chinese government has been on a campaign of misinformation, obfuscation, suppression, censorship and cover-up of the coronavirus contagion. That campaign continues to this day. In early December virus infections in Wuhan were first reported after workers at the Huanan Wholesale Seafood Market fell ill and were taken to local hospitals. By mid December the highly contagious and deadly coronavirus had been identified. Several Chinese genomics concerns had tested samples from sick patients, identified the new virus and submitted their reports to the government. In response on January 3rd China’s National Health Commission issued the researchers a gag order with instructions to destroy any virus samples. (Now there is an oxymoron, China’s National “Health” Commission. It is better described as China’s deadly contagion research suppression and propaganda department.)

On December 30th a genetic sequencing report inaccurately indicated the discovery of the SARS coronavirus infecting a patient with viral pneumonia.  Multiple doctors in Wuhan shared this information on the Internet including Wuhan Central Hospital ophthalmologist Li Wenlian. In a WeChat online forum around 5pm Li posted a warning to alumni from his medical school class that seven patients were unsuccessfully being treated for viral pneumonia within his department and had been diagnosed with SARS. Shortly thereafter he followed up to say it wasn’t SARS but an unspecified coronavirus.

The Chinese National Health Commission announced later that evening that 8 doctors engaging in the WeChat forum had been arrested by Wuhan Police and charged with “llegal acts of fabricating, spreading rumors and disrupting social order.” After reporting that the eight doctors had been charged the official state broadcaster, CCTV, issued the warning, “The Internet is not a land outside the law.” (Later that same eight were praised as whistleblowers as part of a propaganda manipulation to deflect mounting public criticism of the government after the virus outbreak was officially announced.)

Wuhan medical authorities subsequently forbade doctors from making public announcements and ordered them to report cases internally. In less than a day Li was subjected to disciplinary action and on January 3rd Wuhan police forced him to sign and fingerprint a letter admitting that he was spreading “untrue speech.”

On December 31st, after it had proof of and knew fully well of the outbreak of a deadly new coronavirus, the Chinese government informed the World Health Organization that a “mystery virus” was being spread among it’s citizens.

A telltale indicator of a highly virulent contagion is when hospital workers are infected by patients. On January 8th the Chinese government withheld information from members of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention visiting Wuhan that hospital workers had been infected by patients.

Chinese news organs were put on lockdown, censored and instructed what to say. Suppression of any news of the virus in China consequently limited news abroad. In mid January as deaths were increasing instead of warning residents of the outbreak local communist officials in Wuhan joined a crowd of 40,000 families that gather each year to share food as part of the Chinese New Year festivities.

It wasn’t until January 20th when President Xi Jinping finally officially acknowledged the outbreak of the coronavirus vowing to “resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic.”

The Purge Begins: In mid January chastised whistleblower Li Wenliang contracted the coronavirus. In a widely known statement before he died Li said of the failed containment of the coronavirus, “There should be more than one voice in a healthy society.” After he died on February 6th public outrage swelled on Chinese social media with massive outpourings of grief, anger and renewed demands for freedom of speech. Many of the social media complaints were wiped from the Internet. In an attempt to stem public criticism Beijing then offered up several scapegoats and threatened to purge more. Huajiahe village party chief Wang Baoquan, village deputy Party chief Peng Zhihong and the two most senior Hubei province health commission officials, chief Zhang Jin and director Liu Yingziand, were sacked for following the central government’s own policies.

On January 23rd the central government of China at last imposed a lockdown in Wuhan and other cities in Hubei province in an effort to quarantine the center of the outbreak. By the time the lockdown was imposed mayor Zhou Xianwang estimated that 5 million of Wuhan’s 11 million residents had already fled the city.

Facing criticism and demands for resignation over not cancelling the potluck festival and slow action addressing the rapidly spreading contagion mayor Zhou Xianwang stated that he could not have acted faster as he had to get the go-ahead from the central government.

Chinese citizens are angry at the government’s handling of the virus outbreak and the economic crises arising from it. Quarantines and travel restrictions adversely affect business and leave workers without income. Revenue losses for the coming year of up to 50% for small to medium Chinese businesses and 20% or more for larger firms are forecast. Citizens of countries throughout the rest of the world should be angry too.

The totalitarian communist government of China continues their cowardly global campaign of propaganda, cover-up, obfuscation and denial. Not unexpectedly Democrats and their American lamesteam media lickspittles have enthusiastically picked up the propaganda ball absurdly clamoring that identifying the China originating virus as coming from China is “xenophobic” and “racist.”

As a result of the  Chinese government’s cowardice, ineptness and iron fist over the control of critical information the world is faced with a global pandemic that is costing not only lives but possibly trillions of dollars in the world economy. An economy that is forged and fueled by dozens of trading nations. The losses alone for professional sports across the globe could be in the tens of billions if not hundreds.

Nations of the world should gather together and hand the Chinese communists a bill for expenses incurred and losses sustained for this year. Of course that will never happen and if it did China would never pay. Nevertheless, such a suit might put this aggressive, international pariah and rogue nation on notice.



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3 Responses to China Should Get a Bill… from the Rest of the World (Updated)

  1. J Soden says:

    China has a LOT to answer for – worldwide!
    An excellent response for China’s irresponsibility with Wuhan Flu/Virus would be the worldwide voiding of all loans from the Chinese.

    • Pie Guevara says:

      I like the sound of that! A global voiding loans from the Chinese government. Unfortunately probably an impossible thing to do and it would include voiding our own federal securities which could destroy US credibility and trust.

      It would definitely have to be an agreed upon international action by many nations to exact economic recompense on the Chinese government only and no other investors. There would have to be a mechanism to prevent the Chinese government from selling the securities it owns to other entities which is likely impossible. A nice sounding idea but impossible to realize.

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