Economic Apocalypse or Time to Stand Up?

by Jack

The news is horrific, 28.5M new claims for unemployment, government rushing towards  printing up 2 trillion dollars or more in debt, we’re seeing zero percent prime,  there’s a virtual panic in Congress to bailout everyone for everything, from individuals to mega-corporations, it’s spending on the old credit card like there’s no tomorrow and at the rate of these devastating, self inflicted, injuries there may not be!

This has all the earmarking’s of a complete and utter collapse of the free market system as we know it, and it’s going global.  Emergency reserve funds to insure basic things like  bank liquidity and unemployment insurance are quickly drying up.  Over half the nation is suddenly without a paycheck and a good portion of them have no cash reserves, no safety net to ease going into the worlds worst economic apocalypse.

Sounds like a scene from one of these doomsday movies doesn’t it?   Well, this is exactly what is happening thanks to a legislative stampede in Washington.  These foolish, short sighted, weak knee’ d, self serving bureaucrats are falling all over themselves to do something quickly, even if it is completely wrong!  Even if, it means selling out their own stock before the bad news hits the street.  The latter bunch, those arrogant, greedy, crooks, should be booted from office immediately before they can do any more damage.  Better yet, they should forfeit 100% of the proceeds from the stock sales as a penalty.

[If] we can stop these criminals and their unwitting low brow colleagues right now, before they pass this nation killing, two trillion dollar budget, we might just salvage the country from economic ruin.

Here’s what we need to do if we want a longer term success story:

  1.  Cancel all quarantines, except for the most infected cities. We are going too far with quarantining our work force.  Work is life, without it we are worse than with the virus.
  2.  Resume producing and working now.  And to get people working we’re going to have to be creative and suspend some regulations and rules that keep people out of work!
  3.  Suspend government minimum wage, let supply and demand determine wage at least until we are on firm economic ground.
  4.  Face the fact that some people who fail to take preventative measures to avoid virus are going to get sick and some of them are going to die.  People die all the time- get over it.
  5.  Realize that even without medical intervention 96% of the population will survive.  This virus is bad, but its not the end of the world, not even close.  But, what we are doing wrong right this minute could destroy so much of what keeps us going.
  6.  Face the fact that there will be some collateral damage until the virus has burnt itself   out.   S- happens – deal with it.  We will be okay eventually.
  7.  Realize that most of the persons that will die from COVID virus would probably be dead within 2-5 years anyway.  This is just life, its tough, but so are we and therefore we deal with it.  We should not be spending 90% of our healthcare dollars  to extend life by 3% or 4%.  This is not cold, this is being real.
  8.  Continue to restrict air travel to and from international hot spots during National Emergency.  We’ve done some good things already, we need to keep the good ideas and dump the stupid ideas, something rarely done in Washington.
  9.  End social security benefits to all persons with a retirement income above $150k. This will help make our older American’s more secure and future generations too.  Those earning over 150k don’t need this insurance and lets remember this was really intended to be an insurance policy to impoverished seniors, not a universal retirement plan.
  10.  Double penalties for crimes committed during any National Emergency.  No nonsense approach to crime must be taken, too many states are going the wrong way.  New motto for all Americans should be: If you can’t do the time – don’t do the crime.
  11.  Suspend prison overcrowding rules and end prisoner appeals during National Emergency.  Prison is supposed to be tough.  Don’t like it, don’t do crime.  End judges that get in the way of this realistic and fair approach to curbing crime.
  12.  End welfare after 1 year for all able bodied (meaning mentally fit too) under 50 then see #15.
  13.  Reinstate sensible laws for panhandling, illegal camping and loitering.  This is a no brainer.  We need it to deal with the explosive bum population filled with druggies, predators and crazies.  We’ve got to separate them and deal with the bad guys in a tough and forceful way.
  14.  End all private litigation by these greedy ambulance chasing attorney’s suing big companies like GM, B.F. Goodrich, PG&E, etc., but make all CEO’s and Board of Directors criminally responsible for gross breaches of public safety.  Criminal penalties work far better than fines paid by innocent shareholders!
  15.  Re-establish federal work program using conscripted labor consisting of able bodied, homeless and that are dependent on government for support.  Work programs to include fire prevention, forest management, rural road repair, pollution cleanup, farm labor, public works projects, etc.  Failure to comply ends government assistance. Everybody that can – works for their keep.  Don’t work – then don’t eat.
  16.  This is just a start and it took me all of 15 minutes to think it up, because its just common sense stuff.  If we could do [only] this much, our nation would be much stronger and much more successful than ever.  Whatever the losses we suffered from these emergency measures would pale by comparison to the massive gains we made for our national security.
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42 Responses to Economic Apocalypse or Time to Stand Up?

  1. cherokee jack says:

    I can hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth way up here on my mountain, Jack. Be careful with those criminal thoughts and ideas.

  2. J soden says:

    Excellent article, Jack!!
    A true breath of fresh air among the hysterical media presstitute “the sky is falling” bobblehead spews!!!

  3. Peggy says:

    It’s like the world as we knew it changed over night again, just like after 911. Poof, all the hate for cops and first responders during the Obama years gone and replaced with applause from neighbors as they drive down streets and arrive on scene.

    The two trillion bailout sounds insane. I’ll support if it only goes for those individuals and businesses who lost their jobs or were directly affected economically. I personally don’t need or want the $1,000 bonus gift since I’m retired and don’t need it. What I plan do with it, if approved, will be to leave $100 tips for the waiters who did love their jobs, until it’s gone. Can’t think of a faster way to get cash back into the economy to help those hurt the most.

  4. Chris says:

    Which economic and health experts support these plans?

    • Post Scripts says:

      Chris, absolutely none so far, least none that I am aware of? I think a lot of people would agree with the ideas noted, but nobody in the public eye wants to be the first guy to say it. And they sure don’t want to seen as the guy who advocates holding back a little money, so we don’t go broke. It’s not a popular view for progressives! They would likely ridicule it to death, even though these measures are justifiable, reasonable and would help to preserve the nation without causing undue hardship.

      • Chris says:

        It isn’t just progressives favoring direct cash transfers without means testing, it’s people like David French and Mitt Romney. I am happy to see people from different ideologies embracing that idea. This is an unprecedented crisis and this is what the experts say is needed right now. Worrying about the debt or deficit is simply not serious at this point–no one on the right has cared about either since Trump was elected anyway, so now is a weird time to prioritize those. And the quarantines must stay in place until we have widespread and reliable testing. Those older people you say are the ones who will be most hurt by the virus–they are your friends and your target audience at this blog. I know you did not mean for your comments to come across as callous as they did, but just because they are old doesn’t mean they aren’t valuable to our society (and our economy) and we must protect them.

  5. Pie Guevatra says:

    I like a lot of your ideas here Jack. Unfortunately none of them will be implemented. I fear that the way we are printing money and spending like drunken sailors in a bawdy house is going to bite this and the next generation hard. Millennials have no idea of what they are in for unless legislators start reversing this ominous trend.

    Re Souza: “no one on the right has cared about either [the federal debt or deficits] since Trump was elected anyway”

    Sheesh. More troll cock and bull. As usual Souza is as full of it as he is of himself. (And it’s not like he or any of his mindless tribe have ever given a hoot about federal debt or deficits.)

    Jack, we are clearly on the path to spend hundreds of billions and the House Democrats’ bill is a fat ideological wish list packed with lard unrelated to addressing the Chinese virus and its radiating economic impact.

    Mitch McConnell slammed Democrats last Thursday and rightly so —

    McConnell: Republicans Ready to Work with Democrats on Serious Solutions to Help our Nation

    • Chris says:

      The statement you call “cock and bill” is indisputably true. There is a reason that so many former Tea Partiers have become full-blown Trumpers (see: everyone on this blog) over the past few years despite the fact that he has increased a deficit that Obama lowered. Saying they stopped caring about deficits is the generous interpretation. The more negative interpretation would be that they never really cared about that at all.

      • Peggy says:

        “There is a reason that so many former Tea Partiers have become full-blown Trumpers”

        Hey you’re right there for once, just wrong for the reason why. They/we became Trump supporters because of what Obama and Lois Lerner did to wipe every conservative and Tea Party group out of existence.

        They now have a leader who is willing to take the constant and never ending attacks to destroy them by standing up to protect them. The IRS destroyed individuals personally and professionally. Our government became what we feared instead of loved.

        Trump is our president because of those former Tea Partiers and millions of awoke democrats.

        Pelosi and Schumer should be ashamed of what they’re doing now to the suffering people of this country, but just like Obama and Lerner they won’t because they don’t care about them.

        • Chris says:

          They/we became Trump supporters because of what Obama and Lois Lerner did to wipe every conservative and Tea Party group out of existence.

          …That literally never happened. Progressive groups were also denied tax-exempt status at this time; more Tea Party groups were denied because those were the ones springing into existence during this time. You have never explained why these and politically active conservative groups ever deserved tax-exempt status in the first place, when the law makes it clear they should not. You have never proven that Obama himself had anything to do with any of this. And your claim that this was an attempt to “wipe out every conservative and Tea Party group out of existence” seems to be brand new, and uniquely hyperbolic and nonsensical, since of course plenty of political groups can and do exist WITHOUT tax-exempt status, AS THEY ARE LEGALLY REQUIRED TO DO.

          So to paraphrase what you just told me, you’re right, but for the wrong reasons. Tea Partiers became Trumpers because you are uniquely susceptible to fake news and baseless conspiracy theories, and these are the tools Trump used in his propaganda efforts. This has always been dangerous, but is even more so now; Trump and Fox News spent the lead-up to this pandemic minimizing it and blaming the media rather than taking it seriously, and the victims who will be hardest hit are their own target audiences. I hope you realize that and get angry about it before it’s too late. But I fear that the anger you harbor toward anyone left of center will make that impossible for you.

          • Peggy says:

            Try taking your head out of your arse and living in the real world, not one based on your extreme leftist views. Paying $3.5 million is settlements to Tea Party groups is required of those found guilty, not innocent.


            Here’s some background information about the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) scandal involving the targeting …

            “July 2010 – The Determinations Unit asks its specialists to BOLO for Tea Party applications.

            2010-2012 – According to the report, action is taken to change the criteria used “for identifying potential political cases” involving groups seeking tax-exempt status approximately five times over a two-year period.

            May 2012 – After the IRS is first notified of the practice, the use of some BOLO lists involving conservative labels is stopped.

            November 9, 2012 – IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman leaves office at the end of his term, and Steven Miller, the deputy commissioner, takes his place.

            May 10, 2013 – Miller helps engineer an apology by Lerner, the director of the Exempt Organizations Division since January 2006, through a planted question at an American Bar Association meeting.

            — The IRS holds a conference call with reporters where they admit they’ve made “mistakes” in the last few years while trying to process requests from groups seeking tax-exempt status.

            May 14, 2013 – A report by the Treasury Inspector General of the Tax Administration finds that the IRS “used inappropriate criteria that identified for review Tea Party and other organizations applying for tax-exempt status based upon their names or policy positions instead of indications of potential political campaign intervention.”

            May 15, 2013 – Miller is forced to resign by Treasury Secretary Jack Lew after it comes to light that he knew about the targeting. It is announced by President Barack Obama later that day.

            May 16, 2013 – Obama chooses a new acting commissioner, Daniel Werfel, who had been the controller of the White House’s Office of Management and Budget.”


            “In May 2013, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration released a report indicating the targeting involved delaying the processing of applications by certain conservative groups and requesting information from them that was later deemed unnecessary.”

            IRS Apologizes For Aggressive Scrutiny Of Conservative Groups:

            Last Chance for the Truth:

            “Don’t let the IRS scandal be buried for good.

            According to the Times, the U.S. government “settled the class-action lawsuit in Ohio and another tea party challenge in the District of Columbia in two agreements last month, admitting to the illegal behavior. The Ohio settlement also called for the government to pay $3.5 million to the tea party groups, according to one of the plaintiffs.”

            One might think that would be front page news, but that would require everyone who’d ever written a column or appeared on television denouncing the idea the Obama people had misused the IRS for political purposes in a Nixonian manner to admit they had been wrong.”

          • Chris says:

            Paying $3.5 million is settlements to Tea Party groups is required of those found guilty, not innocent.

            Usually my response to something like this would be a lot more harsh, but given your health problems at the moment, I will just point out–nicely!–that “settlements” are not required of people found guilty or innocent. That’s why they’re called “settlements.”

            Again, I hope you get well soon.

          • Peggy says:

            Chris, interesting you chose to respond to my comment about the powerful gov’t with it’s endless supply of legal funds and attorneys agreeing to a settlement, instead of the issue that the Obama gov’t did go after conservative and Tea Party groups. Wonder why with all that power and wealth they decided to just settle with a couple of the groups they shut down?

            One could compare a couple of people in a small town taking on the almighty gov’t to David vs Goliath, and Goliath just turned around and walked away. The gov’t was guilty and threw in the towel to keep the real truth and those involved from becoming public knowledge.

            I even went to the trouble of providing the proof about the Obama administration going after the groups with articles filled with the facts from an assortment of liberal media sources, like CNN, NPR and USA. Yet, you didn’t even respond about the information THEY provided. I wonder why? I’m thinking you didn’t even read them. Don’t you want to know the truth Chris, like you say you do all the time? Or do you just enjoy trying to prove how superior you are, while making a fool of yourself?

            Thanks for the well wishes. Less coughing today and breathing go a little easier. I hope you stay healthy too.

          • Pie Guevara says:

            Re Peggy to Chris: “Or do you just enjoy trying to prove how superior you are, while making a fool of yourself?”

            BINGO! The operative word here is “fool”.

          • Chris says:


            The first article you posted goes on to point out that progressive groups were also targeted for further scrutiny by the IRS during the time. For some reason this evidence wasn’t released until much later.

            That more Tea Party groups were denied tax-exempt status doesn’t prove that there was bias. You’d have to show that more progressive groups applied for this status and were approved. I don’t know if there is evidence of this, but there is none in any of those links.

            None of the information you provided responds to the points I raised initially. Why do you believe these groups were deserving of tax-exempt status in the first place? They were clearly political advocacy groups. Why, in your view, would denying tax-exempt status to these groups be enough to, in your words, “wipe them out of existence?” Are you saying the only way the Tea Party could have kept operating is if they weren’t paying taxes, in defiance of the law?

            I’m glad you’re breathing easier today, and thanks for thinking of my health and safety as well.

    • Post Scripts says:

      Thanks Pie, I saw the McConnell rebuff and thought he has really come of age as a legislator. I am proud of him.

  6. J Soden says:

    The Do Absolutely Nothing Demwits strike again – playing politics and ignoring the fact that many in the nation are hurting.
    You have 5 GOP Senators in self-quarantine unable to vote since they aren’t present in the Senate chamber.
    And now Peloosi announces she’s gonna come up with her OWN bill in the House. You can bet the farm that her bill will be so loaded with pork that it will be able to slide off the desk all by itself!
    Voters are gonna remember in November!!!!!

  7. Chris says:

    I have never lost my concern for debt and deficits you pompous clown.

    There were tons of critical articles here about Obama growing the deficit (even falsely accusing some of his policies, like the ACA, of growing the deficit when they actually reduced it), and there are almost none here about Trump growing the deficit. THAT is a fact, and a fair basis for my original assertion. Just saying “I care about this” doesn’t prove anything; the fact that people here loudly and constantly complained about it under Obama and say almost nothing about it now (until there’s a danger of left-wing-style policies passing) proves a whole lot more.

    Moreover the Tea Party had essentially disappeared from the political arena long before Trump came on the scene.

    But the organizers behind the Tea Party are nearly all die-hard Trumpists now who don’t say a word about the deficit. If that doesn’t include you in either group then I’m not sure why you’re taking this statement as some kind of personal attack.

    Indisputably part of Trump’s campaign platform to Make America Great Again was a promise to eliminate deficits in 8 years. Go look it up, moron.

    Calling me a moron while defending people who believed such a promise is really quite something. The man is an economic dunce and a failed businessman who thought that unemployment could have been as high as 40% in 2016. He immediately started increasing the deficit, which Obama lowered, and has continued for three years in a good economy–so even those who believed his campaign promise initially have had plenty of time to realize they were wrong. So I’m not sure what pointing to a campaign promise that was clearly nonsense from the start and has since been proven to be nonsense is getting you here.

    How’s that Kavanaugh circus trial and Trump impeachment working out for you?

    The Kavanaugh thing is a complete non-sequitur and I won’t engage with it. As I said a few days ago, Trump impeachment looks better all the time. You could have President Pence right now, and lots of people on the left and right would feel a whole lot safer and more assured. But no. You had to not only let a guy get away with using taxpayer-funded aid to pressure a foreign government into investigating a political rival for doing his job…you did all that for this guy:

    And you’ve dug in your heels so far that you’ll never admit to being embarrassed by this.

  8. Chris says:

    Not a single substantive point. Just angry button-mashing. It continues to stun me that you think this kind of response makes you look good.

    • Chris says:

      Since you asked me the same question, I’ll give you the same answer:

      As I said a few days ago, Trump impeachment looks better all the time. You could have President Pence right now, and lots of people on the left and right would feel a whole lot safer and more assured. But no. You had to not only let a guy get away with using taxpayer-funded aid to pressure a foreign government into investigating a political rival for doing his job…you did all that for this guy:

      And you’ve dug in your heels so far that you’ll never admit to being embarrassed by this.

      You wanna address any of that this time, or are you just going to keep asking me a question I’ve already answered? You know, like a troll would do?

    • Chris says:

      As for looking good, I certainly look a lot better in this forum than you do! Perhaps you should stick to Twitter to make your moronic assertions about folks to the right of your hero Karl Marx.

      Lol. You haven’t learned a thing about me in years. The last few links I posted were National Review, American Conservative, and Business Insider. I follow and admire people from across the political spectrum. I’m a center-left Dem. Your attempts to cast me as some kind of extremist are pathetic and only reveal your far-right bias.

      Speaking of embarrassing far-right figures, what is it with them trying to outdo each other in the bad takes department this week? Yesterday it was Paul Joseph Watson insisting that viruses can’t travel on airplanes, and today it’s Ann Coulter saying a graph shows the exact opposite of what it actually shows:


    • Chris says:

      And for the record, I’ve never read Marx and don’t consider him a role model of any sort. I recently talked about my ideology and inspirations in this interview with Wes Siler of The Burkean Conservative, a Facebook page I’ve admired for quite some time. If you’re interested in seeing what a civil conversation between people who disagree with each other looks like—or if you just want more material with which to insult me—give it a watch.

  9. Peggy says:

    Sen. John Barasso’s speech yesterday on the Senate floor is worth watching.

  10. Chris says:

    You’re using the Senate Republicans’ analysis of the CBO’s data in 2014 to prove that I’m lying about the ACA reducing the deficit?

    Embarrassing. Such outdated and biased evidence cannot possibly prove any such thing.

    Try again.

    • Chris says:

      1) The part where that was six years ago, and current evidence since shows that the ACA did reduce the deficit. I did not even reference the CBO in my statement that the ACA reduced the deficit, so calling me a “liar” because the CBO stopped measuring in 2014 (which does NOT prove that the ACA did not reduce the deficit) is nonsense.

      2) The part where political parties often manipulate data to their own ends, and I don’t trust them when they say they merely relied on the CBO’s own scoring conventions.

      I stand by my claim that the ACA reduced the deficit; you have not disproven this claim. I also stand by my main point that you and other Republicans complained loudly about the deficit under Obama–even in years when the deficit was going down–and do not make the same complaints as often under Trump–even though the deficit has gone up consistently under his administration. This is hypocrisy.

      • Chris says:

        These two sources support my claim that the ACA lowered the deficit.

        Of course you will probably attack these two sources because they are not far-right blogs.

        I do not support impeaching Kavanaugh.

        Since you asked again about Trump’s impeachment, I will once again repeat my answer for you, and I’ll do this each time you ask until you actually engage with the substance of my answer:

        As I said a few days ago, Trump impeachment looks better all the time. You could have President Pence right now, and lots of people on the left and right would feel a whole lot safer and more assured. But no. You had to not only let a guy get away with using taxpayer-funded aid to pressure a foreign government into investigating a political rival for doing his job…you did all that for this guy:

        And you’ve dug in your heels so far that you’ll never admit to being embarrassed by this.

      • Chris says:

        You are needlessly hostile as always, but I will thank you for conceding that deficits did go down under Obama.

        (And citing the NYT? Oh puhleeeese!)

        Thank you for proving my point. You do not object when anyone here cites a far-right blog or a conspiracy theory website, but when I cite the most respected newspaper in the world, you complain. Does the NYT have a bias? Yes. Do they get it wrong sometimes? Absolutely, sometimes in embarassing ways. Are they better than almost any alternative? Of course. Should anyone take criticisim of the NYT seriously from someone who does not level any criticism toward outlets such as Breitbart, the Daily Caller, or Jim Effing Hoft when such links are posted to his blog’s pages? Absolutely not.

        • Pie Guevara says:

          Re Souza: I will thank you for conceding that deficits did go down under Obama.

          Sheesh Souza, what a specious, snotty little jerk you are. I didn’t “concede” anything, it is a well known fact that federal deficits decreased under Obama which I have never disputed.

      • Chris says:

        I was too generous; you actually posted a link to Breitbart yourself a day before ridiculing me for posting a link to the New York Times.

        This is embarrassing. The New York Times is not a less reliable source than Breitbart. You know this, right? It is important to me that you know this.

      • Chris says:

        Again, because you seem to have missed it: the NYT is not the equivalent of right-wing blogs or conspiracy theory sites like the one RHT linked to. It is not hypocrisy or “whining” to point out that you object to the former but not the latter. It is merely pointing out that you have zero ability to distinguish between reliable and unreliable sources.

        • Pie Guevara says:

          The issue I have brought up is not the source, you dope. It is your behavior. Your mindless, juvenile behavior. In this instance aimed at RHT447, you silly troll jackass from progressive hell.

          As if we haven’t had plenty already, here is yet more imbecilc invention from you — I made no suggestion whatsoever that there was or is some sort of “equivalency” between the blog RHT447 linked to and the NYT.

          For, ostensibly, an English major, your comprehension and understanding of plain English is remarkably weak.

          Nevertheless, the NYT is an extremist left wing journal that is in the tank for Democrats and cannot be trusted. It IS fake news and routinely lies about Trump, Trump policy, Republicans and conservatives in general. The NYT, like the Washington Post, Salon, Vanity Fair, the Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe and the rest of the leftist elite lamestream in print or on television is unprofessional, unethical yellow journalism garbage. They are risible jerk-off cretins just like you.

          Moreover the NYT piece you linked to was in no way shape or form “proof” that the ACA ever reduced federal deficits. That piece was opinion. NYT opinion. What part of that do you not understand?

          Sheesh you are so incredibly dim-witted one wonders in amazement how someone so amazingly stupid actually manages to draw breath. If you truly are a school teacher I pity your poor students for having to put up with such a horrendous moron. I doubt you hold such a position as I find it impossible to believe even a California K-12 would actually hire such an incredible imbecile as you. But a K-12 did once did employ Quentin Colgan who subsequently had his teaching credentials revoked and was banned from teaching in this state. If you are, indeed, a teacher, the same should happen to you.

          I don’t suppose that you are at all aware that your act here, in this forum, has already been done on “Southpark.” They nailed the character (or lack thereof) you have displayed here perfectly.

          Lastly, the Breitbart article I linked to about New York abortion law was absolutely factual.

      • Peggy says:

        Everyone knows the NY Times has a long history of lying going all of the way back to at least the holocaust, or they should know.

        Double Genocide Discourse Now Standard for the New York Times?:

      • Chris says:

        I didn’t “concede anything”, it is a well known fact that federal deficits decreased under Obama which I have never disputed.

        Others on this blog have, quite recently. I trust that next time they do so, you’ll correct them with the same vigor you correct me.

        The issue I have brought up is not the source, you dope. It is your behavior.

        Ah. Well that’s even more hypocritical, as evidenced by your own behavior right after typing this. Your behavior is objectively worse than mine on every level.

  11. Chris says:

    Another embarrassing take: the Federalist published an article advocating “chicken-pox party” style get-togethers where young people would deliberately contract coronavirus and then self-quarantine. The Federalist identified the author of this dangerously irresponsible advice as a “physician” when he is really an unlicensed dermatologist. Twitter deleted the tweet and temporarily locked the Federalist’s account, though the account is (unfortunately) back up and the Federalist has not taken the article down from their site.

    Given the calls from many on the right, including the president, to get people back to work soon even though they admit it will cause more people to die, I never want to hear about the right being “pro-life” again. Not to mention that ending the shutdowns by Easter would cause the hospitals to be overwhelmed, leading to more people dying not just of coronavirus, which would end up crashing the economy anyway.

    • Chris says:

      Pathetic response, Pie. Of course we need workers in essential fields such as food service and health care to keep working–I am grateful for their service during this difficult time, and I hope this shows how valuable their jobs really are to our economy and our standard of living. I hope bosses will show that appreciation by raising wages for many in the service industry, and that the government will respond by raising the minimum wage–something you and the other conservatives here have always been against.

      Getting back to work asap is a good idea and policy. It does not mean that the Trump administration or anyone else will push that policy to the point that it endangers human lives and increases the spread of the disease.

      That’s exactly what that means, and exactly what they have been doing. How could you have missed this?

      • Chris says:

        Denial. Trump has advocated for people to return to work, church, and social events by Easter, while most public health experts say that is way too soon and will lead to hundreds of preventable deaths. Conservative media figures have suggested that disagreement with this plan is merely a liberal scheme to bring down the economy and Donald Trump. You can deny that they are saying these things all you want, but the facts are what they are.

      • Chris says:

        Keep pretending that the president’s words don’t matter. His most devoted followers openly say that they trust his judgment on the coronavirus over that of the CDC. You think people aren’t going to hear him say he thinks people should be back to work and church by Easter and not follow suit? Ridiculous.

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