Ron Paul Report on COVIDS – 19

This video was too interesting not to share.  Note, I did not say I endorse it, because I don’t.   It’s just another alternative point of view and I thought you would enjoy seeing it.

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4 Responses to Ron Paul Report on COVIDS – 19

  1. Chris says:

    He made this before his son got coronavirus, right?

  2. Joe says:

    Speaking of the Pauls here’s what the vile Christine Pelosi chimed in with

    The rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  3. Pie Guevara says:

    He’s right about the Patriot Act, gun grabbing and a few other facts about power grabs but the guy has always been too much a whack-o for my tastes. His son doesn’t impress me either.

    I had to shut it off after a few minutes.

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