WHO Are You?

By Pie Guevara

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The WHO states on its what-we-do webpage “Our goal is to ensure that a billion more people have universal health coverage [UHC], to protect a billion more people from health emergencies, and provide a further billion people with better health and well-being.”

Well, that seems a noble goal.

We all know that the WHO monitors health emergencies by collecting and distributing data but exactly what else do they do? I went through the WHO website and other resources to find out precisely what they do about health emergencies, specifically with regard to a communicable disease pandemic.

According to Wikipedia “The WHO’s broad mandate includes advocating for universal healthcare, monitoring public health risks, coordinating responses to health emergencies, and promoting human health and well being. It provides technical assistance to countries, sets international health standards and guidelines, and collects data on global health issues through the World Health Survey. Its flagship publication, the World Health Report, provides expert assessments of global health topics and health statistics on all nations.”

The primary purpose of the World Health Report “is to provide policymakers, donor agencies, international organizations and others with the information they need to help them make appropriate health policy.”

“WHO convenes and participates in a number of forums which influence the policy and practice of emergency risk management for health.” The WHO act as “a convener and lead coordinator to ensure a swift response and international cooperation.”

The WHO maintain physical and virtual space public health Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) where “designated public health emergency management personnel assemble to coordinate operational information and resources for strategic management of public health events and emergencies.”

So essentially in a pandemic situation what the WHO does besides collecting data is to provide forums where they encourage countries to get together in the spirit of cooperation and advise them as to what they should do.

What, exactly, have the WHO been doing about the Wuhan virus pandemic? There are three Twitter tweets I found quite revealing.









































In the first Tweet above we learn that on January 3rd the Chinese communist government told the WHO that they had “a cluster of pneumonia cases in Wuhan” and were taking “actions to to control the incident” and have “instituted and investigations into the cause.”

That’s interesting since, coincidentally, it was on January 3rd that China’s National Health Commission issued a gag order with instructions to destroy the patient samples of the virus to the genomic firms who had discovered the coronavirus outbreak in December.

Perhaps he “actions to to control the incident” that  China was referring to was the gag order.

Then on January 14th the WHO tweeted that “Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of” the Wuhan coronavirus.

When the communists lied to the WHO on January 3rd and then again on January 14th did anyone from the WHO office in China go check on the situation in Wuhan for themselves?

Yes, they did! On 14 January Maria Van Kerkhove, acting head of WHO’s emerging diseases unit said that there had been limited human-to-human transmission of the coronavius, mainly small clusters in families, adding that “it is very clear right now that we have no sustained human-to-human transmission.”

Oh, really? A telltale indicator of a highly virulent contagion is when hospital workers are infected by patients. On January 8th the Chinese communist government withheld information from members of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention visiting Wuhan that hospital workers had been infected by patients. Obviously China withheld that information from the WHO too and the WHO, evidently, did not bother to investigate to see if there were any cases of Chinese hospital workers contracting the disease.

Did the WHO monitor any of the Chinese social media or news publications that there was a coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan in the first half of January? Evidently not.

Did they think to question the Chinese communist government’s veracity about taking “actions to to control the incident” when Chinese authorities went ahead with the Wuhan potluck festival on January 19th? No.

So what significant action has the WHO taken regarding the outbreak of the Wuhan virus?

In February the Chinese communist government launched an intensive propaganda campaign to deflect responsibility for mishandling the Wuhan virus outbreak and blame for covering up it up. Part of that campaign was to claim that they are victims of xenophobia and racism.

Under pressure from China the WHO created a name for the Wuhan virus that “did not refer to a geographical location, an animal, an or individual group of people” to avoid stigmatizing a geographical location, an animal, an or individual group of people.

Yet the WHO has historically attached place names to identify viruses. Moreover they haven’t renamed any of those viruses and consistently use use virus place names on Twitter and in publications.

The WHO then launched a campaign to, ostensibly, destigmatize the Wuhan virus. This is what they think important to deal with the pandemic? In their guide to preventing and addressing social stigma they advise the following —

Social stigma in the context of health is the negative association between a person or group of people who share certain characteristics and a specific disease. In an outbreak, this may mean people are labelled, stereotyped, discriminated against, treated separately, and/or experience loss of status because of a perceived link with a disease.

Stigma can:
• Drive people to hide the illness to avoid discrimination
• Prevent people from seeking health care immediately
• Discourage them from adopting healthy behaviours

“DO — talk about people ‘acquiring’ or ‘contracting’ #COVID-19.

“DON’T — talk about people ‘transmitting COVID-19,’ ‘infecting others’ or “spreading the virus’ as it implies intentional transmission & assigns blame.”

Don’t – attach locations or ethnicity to the disease, this is not a “Wuhan Virus”, “Chinese Virus” or “Asian Virus”.

DO – talk about people “acquiring” or “contracting” COVID-19

Don’t talk about people “transmitting COVID-19” “infecting others” or “spreading the virus” as it implies intentional transmission and assigns blame.

Oh yeah, all of the above is of huge importance to facing the Wuhan virus pandemic. I have some advice for the WHO: DO – get out of this ridiculous identity politics game. DON’T – Tell people what to think or say. DO – Stop kowtowing to the communist Chinese government.

The WHO have consistently praised and continue to praise China over their handling of the Wuhan virus even though there is an abundance of evidence that China mishandled the outbreak and had tried to cover it up from mid December to the official announcement on January 20th. The WHO’s relationship with China has come under scrutiny and critics questioning this relationship have renewed a longstanding debate about whether the WHO is sufficiently independent to allow it to fulfill its original purpose.

There are currently 195 WHO member states. The WHO relies on the funding and cooperation of their wealthy members. This gives states like China considerable influence and the Chinese communists have successfully blocked Taiwan’s access to the body. China claims Taiwan as part of their state but does not control it. Taiwan is governed by the Republic of China.

Taiwanese citizen requests membership in the WHO —

Conclusion: Influenced by wealthy member China the WHO has failed to properly address the Wuhan virus pandemic preferring to kowtow to the Chinese communist government and join in their ludicrous propaganda campaign.


And now for something completely different…

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31 Responses to WHO Are You?

  1. J soden says:

    WHO’s credibility has gone down the toilet with their covering for China’s Wuhan virus.

  2. Peggy says:

    China picked the WHO director and is using it to cover up their deadly mistakes.

    China Helped Put This Man In Charge Of the World Health Organization—Is It Paying Off?:

    “What does Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus owe to Beijing?

    World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus won his post after China backed him in the May 2017 election.

    Now, Tedros is leading the WHO, an arm of the United Nations, in providing cover for China’s oppressive regime as it attempts to shirk responsibility for the global coronavirus pandemic.

    Despite all evidence to the contrary, Chinese authorities are weaving a false counternarrative in which China was actually the victim of a foreign virus that it quickly moved to contain. And the WHO is helping them do it.”



    U.S. Funds World Health Organization That Boot-Licks China, With Deadly Results:
    “China’s near-total takeover of the World Health Organization comes at a sharp human cost, as the world is tragically now realizing.

    The reason for the WHO’s failure to properly act to contain the outbreak, and its repeated issuing of inaccurate and bad advice, is not merely the result of incompetence. Rather, the malfeasance is the direct result of the CCP deliberately buying out WHO’s leadership, with tragic consequences.

    Experts have pinned the virus as starting possibly as early as October, months before the CCP alerted the world about the risks posed by the deadly disease. Rather than addressing the issue, China arrested journalists and doctors who tried to sound the alarm. In addition, the “People’s Republic” blocked information on social media and removed all news stories that attempted to report accurate infection numbers. The end result of this was preventable suffering, as countries were unable to take the urgent action needed to respond.

    Yet through all the CCP’s obfuscation and ensigning preventable deaths, the WHO consistently praised the CCP for its “transparency” and “leadership,” saying its actions were “making us safer.” To the incredulity of health professionals around the world when finally alerted to the seriousness of the threat in January, the WHO refused to declare it a public health emergency. It took until February 10 for the WHO to even send an advance party to China.”


    • Pie Guevara says:

      Dang Peggy, are you on top of this or what? What a wealth of information. Thanks for your valuable and revealing contributions. This deserves front page status but right now I am a bit tired. I hope I will get to it soon. Jack?

      • Peggy says:

        Thanks Pie, I may not chime in often, but when I do it’s usually because I heard or read about the topic recently or remember the details from the past on CSPAN or other news media.

        Also, I’m on day five of a 14 day house quarantine, for the second time. So my time is filled with CSPAN and FNC.

        After running a 100.+ temp for the second time for two non consecutive weekends this month with non stop coughing and unable to take a deep breath my doctor advised me to go to Enloe ER to be evaluated. They have triage tents set up in the parking lot where after vitals are taken a doctor examines you and decides if you’ll be admitted and receive the covid19 nasal test. Because of the shortage of test in our area they aren’t available to all sick individuals, only those sick enough to be admitted.

        Being admitted was not something I wanted. Coming home with a antibiotic that’s also used to prevent malaria, and two inhaler meds that are helping me breath was definitely what I wanted. No way would I willingly be admitted to an environment where the virus existed if I absolutely didn’t have to. Hopefully, one of the test will become available soon so after I recover I’ll be able to find out and if I did have it be to participate in the production of the vaccine.

        So, right now I have no idea if I have the Wuhan Flu or not, and may never know. I have had all of the symptoms except for the digestive one and will be glad when they go away and I breath normal again without the splitting headache, low oxygen level and back pain that goes into a spasm when I cough. Not fun!

        Thankful I have family and friends who are bringing me things I need, that I only talk to through the screen door. Don’t want them or any of you to get this, it’s really nasty. And being 72 I’m lucky and prayerful to make it through. Until then, lots of time to read and post. You all take care and be safe. Hugs, Pegs

        • Pie Guevara says:

          Hoping you get well asap Peggy. We need you.

        • Chris says:

          I’m so sorry, Peggy. I hope you get well soon.

        • Pie Guevara says:

          Re Souza’s: I’m so sorry, Peggy. I hope you get well soon.

          Yeah, right.

          Peggy, this odious clown-troll has all the sincerity of a banana slug and is just as slimy. His disingenuous, two-faced posturing is as nauseating as his habitual insulting, arrogant, imperious, malicious and hateful treatment of you in this forum. There is no excuse whatsoever for his disgusting, degrading, despicable and contemptible uncivil behavior towards you and everyone else in this forum with whom he disagrees.

          Were this my blog I might have permanently blocked this puerile troll long ago for calling Tina and Jack racists. But this is not my blog and Jack and Tina are right to let this malicious left-wing buffoon rail away, making a complete ass of himself. He is a paradigm of every leftist I have ever known. Jack and Tina are dedicated to free speech, even if that speech comes from a malevolent Internet troll like Chris Souza.

        • Harold says:

          Hey Miss Peggy please keep us posted about yer improvements , and how the medications are working for you.
          Did any one offer a reason why you got this twice, or was this time the first time and the other something else?
          As I enjoy your postings and the depth of some of them a lot, it still is more important to use your strength/will to recover, that way we can enjoy your insight longer. Take care and be well……….

          • Peggy says:

            Thanks Harold, will do to let you know I’m still here (kidding) and to share what the illness is like and the process so far is in Chico.

            Wish when I went to Enloe ER they had given me the test so I would have known if I have covid19 or not. All I know is I had the same symptoms twice. Don’t know if I was sick the whole time even though my temp had gone down in between or if the second time I got sick was unrelated. Understand now there are tests out that can determine if you’ve HAD covid. One of them takes only 15 minutes for the results. Those who have had covid can now donate blood to help those who are sick with it. But, you need the test to find out.

            My concern is for my son, who is a firefighter captain at Sacramento Metro, getting it himself and/or bringing it home to his family in Chico. He’s concerned he already brought it home to me. It will be nice to see everyone again when my quarantine ends April 6th.

            Stay safe out there.

  3. Harold says:

    Hey Pie, just comment, your posts here are excellent and you open many avenues of thought, keep up the good work and don’t let the keyboard troll drag you down to his level.

    There are people who go searching for ways to anger others, with an almost insatiable bloodlust. They are the manipulators of emotional entrapment: goading and antagonizing situations.

    Sadly with the help of the internet they can do so (knowingly) in order to bring out your ugly dark side as sport to them.

    They attempt to do so in order to prove to themselves that you are, in fact, the monster they suspect you to be.

    And here’s the thing about those people – the ones who are always seeing the ugliness in others: they are the ones who cannot see anything else in themselves.
    They’re the ones with demons that are bigger than what they try to provoke in others.

    The internet has provided them with a safe haven to spew their viciousness in relative obscurity and safety.

    Those types of people are always exploiting other people and doing so because they want/need company in the way they see themselves.

    • Peggy says:

      Hopefully, his days are numbered.

      The daily team briefings have been excellent, especially the information both doctors are providing.

      CNN has decided to stop airing them, because of the coverage they give Trump. Pathetic!! But, consistent with their fake news title and lying by omission practice.

      • Chris says:

        No, they’ve stopped airing them because Trump keeps making so many falsehoods during them, which is dangerous to the public.


        • Peggy says:

          You just wrote in another comment complaining Trump is threatening to sue over an ad filled with out of context statements. Double set of rules, much? You support CNN not reporting the news for people to see for themselves what he’s actually saying, while you also support taking a string of 5 second sound bites to make a biased ad. Do you not see how ridiculous your comments are?

          • Pie Guevara says:

            No, Peggy, this internet troll does not see how ridiculous he is. He is completely oblivious to his own hypocrisy and deep seated biases. Like all trolls and every leftist I have ever known he is driven by hate and anger and has absolutely no capacity for quiet, thoughtful introspection.

            Bottom line: He imagines himself to be brilliant when in actuality he is really not very bright at all.

          • Peggy says:

            Totally agree Pie, he’s like no one I’ve ever met.

            His hatred for those who don’t agree with his every word is beyond belief. Having a different opinion or view of a situation is not allowed in his book, while at the same time he’ll refuse to even read facts presented by his own media sources proving him wrong. God help us if he’s the majority of what our educational system has produced and even more so since he’s teaching even younger minds. He’s a male version of AOC.

          • Pie Guevara says:

            Here’s the plan. Completely ignore him no matter what he posts. Even if it is risible, unintentionally hilarious or telling. And never answer any question.

            Jack and Tina graciously extend him the privilege to post here because they so firmly believe in the right to free speech and invite all opinion to the comments section. Which was (and still is) the whole point of this blog. How does he show his appreciation? By strutting about heaping abuse on both Jack and Tina and anyone else who crosses his path.

            He may be granted the privilege to post comments here but that does not mean he has the right to be heard, a right to an audience or deserves a reply. Just as the right to free speech clause in the Bill of Rights does not mean a right to be heard in the society at large. You have the right to stand on your soapbox (except at liberal universities) but not a right to an audience. Progressives often don’t get that. They are more concerned with controlling speech, controlling the conversation and controlling the language (the little wanna-be totalitarian tyrants).

            Of course when ignored he will taunt, strut, claim no one can challenge him and that he wins the “debate” by default. (Good Lord, how many times has he pulled THAT juvenile routine?) Which is another bizarre thing about this troll, he thinks everything is a debate. A debate he will win by virtue of his innate superiority. In this regard he is a paradigm. Every progressive I have ever known harbors a deeply held belief of their own innate superiority.

            Ignoring him is the only reasonable answer. It is the only reasonable answer to any internet troll. He lives to bait, taunt, insult and decry to try and boost his shriveled ego and achieve his secondary goal: to waste the time and energy of anyone who bothers to engage him. Nothing will ever change that. It is his raison d’être. His modus operandi. And it has been since he first posted a comment in this forum.

            I already knew all this but Harold graciously reminded me of it recently and I thank him for that.

            Don’t get sucked into his hate vortex. Let him be. Turn your back and walk away.

          • RHT447 says:

            I like this plan. Indeed, you have a right to your soap box, but not to an audience. Let him start his own blog, right here on Norcalblogs. I’m guessing it would be a lonely place.

          • Peggy says:

            Sounds good to me.

          • Pie Guevara says:

            One last thing… remember that even though he is an odious clown he is still a clown and has absolutely no clue whatsoever that he is a clown.

          • Chris says:

            You just wrote in another comment complaining Trump is threatening to sue over an ad filled with out of context statements. Double set of rules, much?

            No. I would not support a Democrat suing over such an ad, either, because the ad is clearly protected speech.

            You support CNN not reporting the news for people to see for themselves what he’s actually saying,

            No. They are reporting the news. They just aren’t broadcasting his press conferences about coronavirus live anymore. Again, this is because the president keeps telling dangerous lies about coronavirus. I would expect they will still report on the lies while also showing his factual statements.

            The solution to this is for him to stop lying.

            while you also support taking a string of 5 second sound bites to make a biased ad. Do you not see how ridiculous your comments are?

            No. Whether I support the ad itself is irrelevant. The ad is still protected speech, and the president is standing against the first amendment by suing over it.

            There were no inconsistencies in my positions here. CNN does not have any obligation to live-broadcast lies to the public. The president does have an obligation to respect the first amendment to the Constitution.

            Hope that makes my positions clear.

  4. J Soden says:

    Friday’s disgusting headline from the NYT . . . . .

    Gee, I didn’t realize that the China Wuhan lab was Christian!!!!!!!!!!!

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