Random Thoughts

by Jack

It’s 10:42 am., and as usual I’m sitting alone in my office, working on article for our blog. I’m still sleepy, went to bed late and got up early.  A sure sign this quarantine is starting to wear on me.

The news on TV and internet is all bad.  That doesn’t help my somber mood.  I just heard some engineer deliberately tried to crash his locomotive into the hospital ship Mercy???  As you probably know, its now birthed in the harbor at San Diego to provide medical support for SoCal.  The kamikaze engineer thought the ship is part of a government takeover and he wanted to call attention to his conspiracy suspicions. His next trip will be on a one way ticket to the psychiatric ward.

10:45 a.m. I’m thinking it’s a really nice day out, I should take the dog for a walk in the park.  The park is only 200 feet from my front door.   At that moment the phone rings, its an 800 number. I answer and a recording begins and I am paraphrasing, “This is an alert from Butte County Health Department, the governor of CA is ordering you to stay in your home and avoid any unnecessary travel. Dang it, they got me and just as I was about to take old Riley for a walk! How did they know?

Poor old Riley, he’s been locked up here for 2 weeks. Three days ago, I tried to take him over to the dog park to play, but it’s been padlocked shut. Apparently the pooches were violating the mandatory 6 foot rule.

11:00 am, hey I found a little good news! Some Einstein’s apparently figured out that the price of oil can’t drop forever. Well, imagine that? And this has a caused a slight rebound in the market. The DOW JONES was up about 140 points. Unfortunately, yesterday the DOW was off a 1000 points and prior to that, the markets have given up all the gains since the crash of 29 or something like that.  This is what happens when business is told to stand down until to further notice.

However, this one bright spot of economic news is soon offset by news from MSNBC telling us that nationally, medical personnel are running low on surgical masks and protective gowns. National stock piles are similarly running out and we’ve got a few months to go before this pandemic has run its course. Wondering what’s our back up plan, garbage bags and handkerchiefs? Ok, bad joke, I know our industry is coming to the rescue, just as soon as we can get word to them in China. My hilarity is on a roll.

It’s now 11:30 a.m. I’ve run out of things to write, then I start thinking again about taking the dog out for a walk…then another thought races thru my so-called mind! My head turns slowly towards the Uniden phone sitting next to me in its cradle, “OMG, if that freaking thing rings and its an 800 numbers, I’m going to shoot it.’ Thankfully it does not…TTYL Hang in there, this too shall pass.


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10 Responses to Random Thoughts

  1. Pie Guevara says:

    While not very stylish those sturdy contractor garbage bags can easily be fitted to do clean room work. In a snap they could also work in a medical situation too.

    A small kitchen bag for the head with a face hole cut out, a larger bag for the torso and a garbage bag kilt to finish it off. You could even make garbage bags sleeves if desired. There is nothing you can’t do with a few garbage bags and a roll of duct tape. Complete your outfit with a hardware store dust mask and you’re good to go.

    I wore just such a getup today and successfully robbed a small liquor store. Of course I still kept in mind the six foot rule just in case.

    OK, bad joke. And you thought your jokes were bad, Jack.

  2. Post Scripts says:

    Sometimes humor is the best medicine in times like these. Even dems must have a sense of humor, look who they elected as Speaker of the House?

  3. Peggy says:

    Hey, did you all hear SF banned reusable grocery bags? No joke. They finally figured out they’re covered with germs because people don’t clean them after every use.

    Lucky me on my last trip to Costco I bought a huge box of 50 gallon clear garbage bags. I’m all set when I go out, I can just put one on over my clothes. Also going to get boxes of plastic sandwich bags for my hands for when I go shopping. I’ll throw them away before I open my car door.

    After being cooped up here for almost a month I too decided my poor pups needed to go run around the dog park. We hadn’t been in weeks, so I grabbed my facemask and off we went. They were so excited since they know the route well. Broke my heart to hear them whining as we drove out of the parking lot without getting and they’re looking at me with tears in their eyes.

    I went off my Keto diet last night when I found a bag of chocolate chips buried in the pantry. This solitary confinement has to end soon not only for all of ours’ sanity, but I’m getting even more concerned with our economy recovering. We can’t be shut down for another month or we’ll be waking up in Venezuela instead of America.

    Ok, rant over. We can do this. Praying all day long. God help us.

  4. J soden says:

    No matter how bad things get, just be thankful you aren’t quarantined with Nancy Pelosi. . . .

  5. RHT447 says:

    Some rapier wit shamelessly stolen from elsewhere on the web–

    “Imagine a company with an old Pentium III computer with 16MB RAM out in the warehouse running Windows XP because it has some application that can’t be upgraded. Internet Explorer has 19 browser tabs open, 17 of which are locked up, 8 search bars are installed, and there’s music coming from somewhere. Response time is nearly at a standstill and adware pop-ups are randomly spitting our WTF crap.

    And that’s Joe Biden. The man the Dems want to be president.”

    I would only add that 16 of the open tabs are kiddie porn, and the anti-virus/malware program is in the corner in the fetal position making strange moaning noises.

  6. Peggy says:

    Second attempt to post.

    Elsewhere in the news, but not covered by the MSM.

    Mueller’s hidden evidence: Translator exonerated Don Jr. in Trump Tower meeting:

    “Infamous meeting did not focus on Clinton dirt but on Magnitsky Act, newly released FBI memos show.

    “But recently released FBI memos show that Samochornov, a translator trusted by the State Department and other federal agencies, provided agents far more information than was quoted by Mueller, nearly all of it exculpatory to the president’s campaign and his eldest son.”

    “The omission from the Mueller report leaves a distorted picture that has been allowed to persist for more than two years,” a Senate staffer involved in the Russia investigation told me on condition of anonymity because he wasn’t approved to talk to the news media. “We are looking into the circumstances of the editing of that report and why DOJ allowed such investigations and false public narratives to carry on in the face of significant evidence of innocence.”


    Shifty-Schiff has come out of hiding from under his rock and is now warming up to get in the ring for round four with Trump. He must be either a slow learner or this is another distraction from something else needing to be hidden from the public.

    • Chris says:

      Thanks for reminding us about that meeting, Peggy. It really doesn’t matter what was actually talked about there–the e-mails Don Jr. released prove that he was promised intel on Hillary from the Russian government and went into the meeting with the intention of getting that intel (“If it’s what you say I love it especially later in the summer”). Why isn’t that worthy of condemnation in your eyes? It shows that key members of the Trump campaign were willing to rely on foreign interference to influence an election. If all they got was a shpiel on lifting sanctions on Russian adoptions, it shows that they were easily manipulated. These people should have never been given such a place of power in our country.

      • Chris says:

        In related news, Trump has fired the Inspector General who passed on the whistleblower complaint to Congress, as he was legally required to do.

        This is yet another example of Trump firing an underling for obeying the law. He previously fired Jeff Sessions for recusing himself from the Russia investigation, as Sessions was legally required to do given his conflicts of interest in that case.

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