9 States Do Not Have Stay at Home Orders

posted by Jack

Although most states have enacted stay-at-home orders, 9 states have yet to take statewide action.  Arkansas response makes a lot of sense, read on:

ArkansasArkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson has repeatedly defended his decision not to issue a stay-at-home order, suggesting that such a measure would cause loss of jobs.

“We’re trying to make good judgement based upon good public health data that is scientifically based and makes sense for Arkansas,” Hutchinson said in a press conference on Thursday.

He argued that Arkansas residents are already taking precautionary measures by practicing proper social distancing and independently deciding to stay home.

“I understand there is a certain amount of political pressure to do what everyone else is doing,” Arkansas Department of Health Secretary Dr. Nathan Smith added at the press conference. “What we’re trying to accomplish here is not to be like every other state or tick off a box. What we’re trying to do is flatten that curve.”

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16 Responses to 9 States Do Not Have Stay at Home Orders

  1. Chris says:

    Lots of dead people will also cause a loss of jobs.

  2. Peggy says:

    Proof why liberal democrats know not of what they speak. Promoting the Dem’s attempt to impeach Trump and bashing him was their priority when it came to airtime than covering the China coronavirus outbreak.

    Study: While CNN Bashes Trump, They Barely Covered Virus Outbreak:

    “MRC analysts examined all of CNN’s daily programming from 6:00 am to midnight EST between January 17 (the first day any news network discussed the coronavirus) through February 5. Our analysts found that CNN’s January coronavirus airtime averaged 12 minutes per day, or about 40 seconds per hour. That works out to a meager 1.6 percent of their total coverage, even after excluding an average of 21 minutes of ad time per hour on the network.

    By comparison, the three major broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) projected a clear sense of urgency from the start. On average they spent two and a half minutes per evening newscast on the coronavirus during those same days — and their newscasts are only about 19 minutes long (minus commercials and teases). That comes out to a rate of five minutes of coronavirus coverage per hour (14% of all coverage), or nearly eight times the rate of CNN.

    Additionally, the coronavirus outbreak was the lead-off story in 19 out of 57 (33%) of the network evening broadcasts. During those same 20 days, CNN made the virus its lead story of just four of its 360 hours of programming (or slightly more than one percent).”


    • Peggy says:

      And then Dems lie to support CNN’s lies.

      Dem Rep Spreads Chinese Propaganda While Blaming Coronavirus Deaths on Trump:

      “During his townhall, a constituent asked Casten why China did not react sooner during the early days of the pandemic. In response, the Illinois congressman said the origin of the outbreak was irrelevant since “viruses don’t know borders.”

      “The best estimate is that it did move into people from the wet market of China,” Casten said. “But once that virus was out there, it’s sort of trivial that it came from China.”

      In reality, China significantly exacerbated the coronavirus outbreak by initially downplaying its danger in state media outlets and punishing whistleblowers, doctors, and journalists who tried to collect accurate information about the disease. The delayed Chinese response to the outbreak—which only started in late January, more than a month since patient zero—has cost lives: One study found that if China started its response three weeks earlier, there would have been 95 percent fewer cases.

      Casten’s office did not respond to a request for comment.

      Casten also asserted the United States shut down its pandemic response team in the National Security Council, a false claim repeated by many Democrats and mainstream media outlets. Trump merely consolidated several redundant teams, including those tasked with the pandemic response, into one office while retaining much of their original staff, according to Tim Morrison, who previously led the consolidated office.”


    • Chris says:

      Peggy, did MRC also evaluate how much FOX News covered coroanvirus in January? What about how media stations in other countries were covering it?

  3. Pie Guevara says:

    I am not so sure Casten is lying, he may just be an ignorant Trump hating jackass who, like all Democrats, use crises to promote political and personal agendas.

    In any case it is clear that he aligns himself more with the CCP he does with his own country. No surprises there. It is also no surprise that his office refuses to comment queries to the nonsense this jerk spews. Like the CCP, stonewalling is a natural response from Democrats caught with their pants down.

    It also came as no surprise when Obama tweeted “We’ve seen all too terribly the consequences of those who denied warnings of a pandemic. We can’t afford any more consequences of climate denial. All of us, especially young people, have to demand better of our government at every level and vote this fall.”

    To push the Dems’ insane green new deal agenda Obama suggests the outbreak and spread of COVID-19 is due to climate change and that climate “denial” is responsible. How outrageously specious and asinine is that? This from the jackass who decimated the national stockpiles of N95 masks during the H1N1 outbreak in humans and NEVER replenished them. He was warned and encouraged repeatedly by medical expert organizations to fund stocks of medial equipment including gowns and ventilators but refused.

    Obama’s journey from inept to irrelevant to imbecilic was certainly a short one.

    • Chris says:

      He was warned and encouraged repeatedly by medical expert organizations to fund stocks of medial equipment including gowns and ventilators but refused.

      True…but so did Trump, who has had three years to correct this error of Obama’s. So why the double standard?

      To push the Dems’ insane green new deal agenda Obama suggests the outbreak and spread of COVID-19 is due to climate change and that climate “denial” is responsible

      That’s not how I interpreted it; he seems to be saying that denying warnings of a pandemic and denying warnings about climate change come from a similar place and will have similarly disastrous results. He has a point; right-wing audiences have been told for years to distrust scientists and experts, and that surely has had an impact on why they have been susceptible to messages from right-wing media to not listen to the experts on coronavirus.

      • Tina says:

        Wrong. The right has great respect for science and real scientist. Faked science, politicized “science” and consensus science don’t deserve our respect. in fact, they have earned and deserve our scorn.

        • Pie Guevara says:

          Tina you are wasting your breath on this troll. His outrageous and wholly asinine posts (like this latest) deserve no answer whatsoever and are only made only to insult, get a reaction and attract attention to himself.

          By answering him you are only feeding this pathetic, puerile, obnoxious pathological behavior and his deep, gnawing craving for attention. He is exactly the sort of person who got the **** kicked out of him in grade school for running his mouth and was tossed off the playground. He is exactly the sort of dysfunctional and defective person who now thinks he is getting even for grade school rejections by trolling the internet. (Probably from his mother’s basement.) His type has been done over and over again on “Southpark” as a source of low and crass humor. He is a deeply disturbed and angry sociopath, period, and should be treated as such.

          Don’t take the bait. Starve the useless fool. No one should give a hoot about the mindless crap he posts. He has always posted mindless crap and will always post mindless crap. Such crap merits no response.

          Remember this: His own father rejected him and his mother. Doubtless he found that deeply offensive and is very, very angry. Now he desperately seeks your attention to fight back the pain of past rejections and is determined to try inflict some of the deep emotional pain he has experienced on others. His own life is so empty, lonely, unhappy and painful that he needs you to respond in order to give him the merest fraction of a sense of self-worth and purpose.

          This is why he is an internet troll.

          The only satisfaction he gets out of life is to try to inflict pain and garner attention by insulting and baiting others to respond to his outrageous proclamations. Why do you think he calls everyone a racist all the time? Because he knows that is the most vile, insulting, hurtful and hateful label he can conjure up to put on a person. Mentally, ethically, intellectually, socially, politically and emotionally he is dead. Let him rest in peace.

          Lastly, there really is no need to get sucked into his vortex of anger and hate by responding. He will never take anything you say to heart. He hasn’t the capacity to do so. And he will post his dreck here regardless of whether anyone responds to him or not. Post Scripts owns him. Oh, he may whine about it when ignored like he has in the past but that will not stave his compulsion to troll.

          • Chris says:

            “Remember this: His own father rejected him and his mother. Doubtless he found that deeply offensive and is very, very angry.”


            This isn’t even correct, but that doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you said it, and what does that say about you?

            You are a phenomenally bad person.

          • Pie Guevara says:

            Hit a nerve, did I?

            The truth hurts, eh?

            (Don’t bother to answer Souza, those are rhetorical questions. I already know the answers.)

            Those who frequent Post Scripts or write for it know you better than you know yourself and know more about you than we ever cared to know. Your mother was a single mom whom your father would not marry. Or she wouldn’t have him. The details make no difference.

            When you announced that you had been married in these pages (Lord, I pity Souza’s poor wife if that is true) you despised your own mother so much that you did not even invite her to the ceremony! Sad indeed. I pity your mother but I have no pity for you Souza. You deserve none given your long history of nasty, snarky, slimy, hate filled arrogance berating and insulting in the most vile of terms anyone who crosses your path here. Up yours, dude.

            Suffice it to say I have your number and this is the last time I will ever acknowledge you directly. Nevertheless troll away you pathological, puerile, twisted, hate filled, sociopathic stooge. You flatter yourself to repeatedly insist that I hate you when nothing could be further from the truth. As if I would actually waste any of my energy hating a dysfunctional jerk like you. What you are to me and many others in this forum is a disgusting, vile and ridiculous fool. Nothing more, nothing less. Just another sad Quentin Colgan imitation. People like you are a dime a dozen on the internet. I would hand you a virtual shovel but it really isn’t necessary.

            I would also advise you to stick to beating your wife and crapping on your mother but I know you won’t. Lastly, your compulsions, hatred and anger may rule your life but they don’t rule ours. Post Scripts owns you, not the reverse.

            Class dismissed.

          • Pie Guevara says:

            OK, one more time: Liar. You specifically and quite memorably commented to Jack at the time that you didn’t think to invite her. Of course that too was a lie because, obviously, you did think about it. Funny, this thing called denial. Evidently your former admission now makes you uncomfortable.

            Small matter.

    • Peggy says:

      Obama succeeded in transforming America into a third world country by depleting our military through sequestration that forced the maintenance of our plane parts from boneyards and his ObamaCare medical device tax contributed to him and all the governors not refilling their disaster stockpiles. Cuomo was told in 2015 by the state’s health commissioner he needed to buy 16,000 incubators for the next pandemic, all experts predicted would happen again. Instead he spent the money and more on a failed solar panel factory in Buffalo, NY and a failed light bulb factory in Calif.

      Their failures with the help of the liberal media will turn out to be Trump’s fault to once again try to beat him this Nov.

      Heard the $25m Nadler/Pelosi got for the Kennedy center has the support of both party members of being returned, since it fired all 250 musicians.

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