Free Drugs, Booze, Board and Room – Y’all Come to CA

by Jack

If you are a long time resident of this state, imagine for a moment California 30 years ago.  Now imagine Gov. George Deukmejian buying up 17,000 hotel and motel rooms across the state to give to the bums and junkies.  No, I can’t imagine it either!  But, fast forward through a long list of crazy liberal ideas to the present time.   In 2020 it seems perfectly understandable and that’s scary!!!  All we can do is shrug our shoulders and say, “Oh well,  the democrats control everything.”

This signals just how much [we] the people have given up and how we’ve  acclimated to liberal insanity.  And to underscore my point, today those same bums and junkies living in $150 to $650 a night hotel rooms are being sent free booze and pot… they were already getting free everything else, like free food, clothing and healthcare, now they get free pot and booze under the pretext this will keep from them wandering around the streets and spreading the COVIDS virus.  What a joke, since when has the group of people ever done anything except what they wanted to do right at the moment?   We’re trusting them…what a sad, sad joke.

San Francisco, among a number of other cities is giving free (its not really free- you paid for it one way or the other)  drugs and alcohol to so-called homeless people isolating inside city-rented hotels.  Officials confirmed this Wednesday.  (I heard the city of Redding is doing the same thing. )

The democrats in charge of CA and all their out of control sanctuary cities have created this COVIDS/homeless-crisis.

For years the liberals turned a blind eye to all sorts of outrageous behaviors and rewarded the wrongdoers by giving them all kinds of free stuff, like tents, clothes, food, dope and booze!  Is it any wonder that we have collected well over half the druggies, tramps, bums, burnouts and losers from all over the United States to come to California?  We’re a giant bum magnet!

Now under the pretext of fighting COVIDs, Gov. Gavin Newsomlini rented the empty Arco Arena just outside Sacramento for $500,000 a month.  Why?  Oh, in case we needed it as a back place for a hospital, which we never did and they have zero patients for.  So, what kind of fat kick backs do you think went along with this sweet deal?  You’ll never know.

There is no good ending for this story.  The state is morally and financially ruined because of the years of absolute control by one party.   We’ve got a socialist sleezeball for a governor who has told us, CA will never be the same again!

It’s all about power and control and by Gov. Newsomlini abusing Gov. Code section 5885, the state’s emergency powers act, he’s got total control to do almost anything he want’s, including trashing your personal freedom.  Meanwhile Republican’s can only sit on the curb and cry.  Their vote is worthless.  The majority rules and the majority are miscreant bums who want to rob this state blind.

Crime is rampant, our laws are now weak thanks to more liberals on the appellate court who tell us bums can pitch a tent on sidewalk or in Bidwell Park and there’s not a damn thing anyone can do about it.   Thank you liberal judges!

The filthy four on the Chico city council made it clear they approve and they threatened their own police dept. if they tried to enforce the law.  The criminals now laugh at the police who are powerless to even stop a shoplifter, a prowler, or bums blatantly littering, stealing bicycles, shopping carts, and a host of other public crimes/nuisances!

The Harm Reduction Program hands out thousands of free needles every week to junkies and the needles turn up all over town, including the kids playgrounds.   This is what the liberals have done for our quaint little town of Chico.

Chico never had that kind of drug problem until the liberals rolled out the red carpet for bums to come here from all over the state and nation.

Let me say it straight out.  Everything that you see that is wrong in CA, from crumbling infrastructure to the homeless invasion, can be traced directly back to liberal democrats.

The wealth these criminals in Sacramento have squandered or used to line their pockets is staggering.   Billions of dollars wasted every year…you read the long list of absurd spending right here.  It’s all been clearly laid out in black and while and yet it continues unabated because they control the vote.

Yes, the liberals have controlled the whole show during the fall of CA.  They changed the laws.  They created the sanctuary cities.  They endorse the illegal invasion.  Now they have caused the bum invasion as they completely mismanage the Corona virus.   But, they have achieved a major objective, they have the power and centralized control over the entire state.  That’s been their hidden agenda all along…the Corona virus only sped things up a bit.

Corruption runs amuck in Sacramento.  Liberty robbing, power crazed, liberal bureaucrats, have won.   The battle for CA is over.  We are the first casualty in a larger war to preserve our democracy for future generations.   Only time will tell if the nation will fare better?  Let us pray that it does and that CA serves as a bad example of what happens when socialists take over.




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17 Responses to Free Drugs, Booze, Board and Room – Y’all Come to CA

  1. J soden says:

    Appropriating private property without due process?
    I seem to recall we fought a Revolutionary War over similar behavior a few years back.. . . . .

  2. Peggy says:

    Interesting read. Long, but worth the time.

    Attorney General William Barr on Michael Flynn, Obamacare and coronavirus restrictions – Transcript:

    • Chris says:

      Flynn was an unregistered foreign agent getting paid by Turkey to advance their interests while acting as head of our national security. Since the DOJ has now decided to drop the case against him for lying to the FBI–which he pleaded guilty to, and which even Barr admits he did in that interview–the DOJ should now go after him for failing to register as a foreign agent. But they won’t do that, because the only reason Barr took this action was because of pressure from his boss. Flynn was an unwavering Trump supporter, so the materiality requirement has to be interpreted in ways far more generous than it ever would be were you or I to lie to the FBI. The swamp remains as swampy as ever.

      • Post Scripts says:

        Chris there’s a lot more to this story that you characterize. If anyone was pressured here it was Flynn, by the full weight of the FBI. He was entrapped and in snare aimed to get at Trump. He exhausted his life savings trying to contest the fake violations. In the cold light of day everyone can see those charges were only charges because the FBI said they were, not because he had done anything wrong. The FBI pushed and pushed until they broke him by threatening to go after his family. Have you ever heard of a person taking a plea deal, even though they were innocent? It does happen and sadly I believe this was the case with Flynn. What happened to this man should never have happened to a decent American citizen by an elite inner circle of liberal activists in high places. Politics took reign over reason and an innocent man suffered a tremendous miscarriage of justice.

        • Chris says:

          He was not “entrapped” by any legal definition. If what you mean is that you feel like he was entrapped, that’s another story. As far as “doing nothing wrong,” you haven’t contested the wrong things I just said he did, because you can’t: he was, in fact, taking money to advance Turkey’s interests while working as the head of our national security! Are you saying you wouldn’t have found that a major scandal if it had happened under Obama? How could a “decent American citizen” do that? I’m certain you wouldn’t.

          And while that’s not what he went down for, the fact remains that he did lie to the FBI. Yes, people take plea deals when they’re innocent, but that’s not what happened here. He said he did not talk to Russia about sanctions when he did. This is a fact. Even Trump and Pence said that he lied to them! And it’s a lie the right has never shown any interest in. Don’t you wonder *why* he told this lie? Or why the Trump administration was so panicked over the sanctions in the first place?

          • Chris says:

            Obama made Flynn become an unregistered foreign agent for Turkey? Obama made him lie to the FBI about his contacts with Russia?

            Hm, it appears even the president doesn’t know he’s accusing his predecessor of:

            Trump, pressed on what crime he’s accusing Obama of committing, doesn’t specify: “you know what the crime is. It’s obvious to everybody.”



          • Chris says:

            Ah. The Epoch Times again. Cool. Gives me another opportunity to post this:

            The media outlet is primarily known for promoting far-right politicians across Europe and the United States, and in particular for its promotion of U.S. President Donald Trump; a 2019 report showed it to be the second-largest funder of pro-Trump Facebook advertising after the Trump campaign.[10][11][12][13] The group’s news sites and YouTube channels have spread conspiracy theories such as QAnon and anti-vaccination propaganda.[6][14][15]


            Totally normal site for totally normal people.

      • Peggy says:

        Hum? Look who else didn’t register. And not this is from the LA time, a liberal source.

        “Democratic power broker Tony Podesta took a bigger hit. He resigned from the lobbying firm that bore his name after he was tied to the work Manafort and Gates did in Ukraine, and his company soon collapsed.

        Like Mercury, the Podesta Group’s client was the government in Ukraine, not a nonprofit. The lobbying shop filed an extensive, retroactive disclosure last April revealing dozens of meetings with lawmakers, administration officials and reporters.

        “Podesta Group filed public disclosures appropriately and publicly based on the information that the firm had at the time,” a spokesperson for Podesta said.

        Kimberley Fritts, a former Republican consultant who previously helped run the Podesta Group, then launched a new firm with some of the same lobbyists and clients. It quickly registered under FARA, disclosing work on behalf of Japan and the Democratic Party of Moldova.”

        Also, Flynn didn’t lie to the FBI, which the 302s, altered by Strzok and Page, and the agents who interviewed him have said. It’s not a crime to lie to the vice president any more than it is for Schift, Comey, Rice, Obama, Brannan, Clapper, etc. to lie to everyone in the country. If it was they’d all be in prison, where they belong.

        Chris, listen very carefully to what Barr says.

        Barr says what Michael Flynn did “was not a crime”:

        • Peggy says:

          The mystery of the altered and missing original 302s.


          Did Feds Commit Felony By Altering 302s In The Michael Flynn Case?:

        • Post Scripts says:

          Thank you Peggy for underscoring my point… there was no crime committed by Flynn, period.

        • Chris says:

          Barr is lying, just as he lied about the Mueller report. Remember that Trump fired Jeff Sessions, his previous attorney general, because he didn’t believe he was doing enough to “protect” him. That’s what Trump thinks the job of the attorney general is; not justice, but personal protection for the president. Barr has filled that role nicely.

          Also, Flynn didn’t lie to the FBI, which the 302s, altered by Strzok and Page, and the agents who interviewed him have said.

          The agents have not said this. The 302s do not show this. Storzok and Page did not “alter” the 302s. All of these are conspiracy theories that have been debunked:

          as the Times notes, [Judge] Sullivan has already rejected the notion that the 302 was doctored. As the judge wrote back in December: “[T]he Court agrees with the government that there were no material changes in the interview reports, and that those reports track the interviewing FBI agents’ notes.” Sullivan went on: “Having carefully reviewed the interviewing FBI agents’ notes, the draft interview reports, the final version of the FD302, and the statements contained therein, the Court agrees with the government that those documents are ‘consistent and clear that [Mr. Flynn] made multiple false statements to the [FBI] agents about his communications with the Russian Ambassador on January 24, 2017.’”

          Flynn lied to the FBI. He was also an unregistered foreign agent. These are facts. Whether Tony Podesta was also a foreign agent is irrelevant to this. I wouldn’t defend Podesta either.

          • Peggy says:

            “as the Times notes, [Judge] Sullivan has already rejected the notion that the 302 was doctored. As the judge wrote back in December:” – This was from six months ago. Flynn’s previous lawyers just released thousands of Brady documents they by law were supposed to release for Flynn’s defense.

            And, yes I know before you go postal I wrote “Flynn’s previous lawyers.” Read the Sundance article below in its entirety.

          • Chris says:

            They were not “Brady” documents. Nothing in them changes the facts of the case or are relevant to his defense. Nothing on them shows tactics that are at all uncommon for the FBI.


            There is no way I am wasting my time on that conservative propaganda outlet. One is enough.

  3. Peggy says:

    This Sundance Conservative Treehouse article should scare the you know what out of everyone. It reads like a spy novel, but it true based on official verifiable documents. It’s really long, but so worth the time.

    Why is Obama Panicking Now? – The Importance of Understanding Political Surveillance In The Era of President Obama…:

    • Chris says:

      A factual search reveals a few failed fact checks listed below.

      “San Juan Teamsters didn’t show up for work to distribute relief supplies” because they went on strike. – PANTS ON FIRE
      Philando Castile was wanted for armed robbery when he was killed by police officers. – MOSTLY FALSE
      Image shows a photograph of Umpqua shooter Chris Harper-Mercer altered by CNN to make him appear white. – FALSE
      Overall, The Last Refuge (Conservative Treehouse) far right biased and borderline questionable based on multiple failed fact checks. This source is one failed fact check from moving to the Questionable list. (D. Van Zandt 8/1/2017) Updated (9/25/2018)

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