“The European Virus”

by Jack

The coronavirus outbreak is the first pandemic of the woke era, and as such, it isn’t surprising that there is a fierce debate over how to refer to it without offending all our social justice warriors and champions of political correctness.  MERS, was caused by a virus first identified in 2012, stands for the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, or even more offensively, the camel flu.  Nobody flipped out over that reference, but just 8 years later times have sure changed.

Without running the risk of being flamed, you can’t call it the China virus or even the Wuhan virus today.  But why not?  Because several ago the World Health Organization cautioned against calling a disease by a geographic location or someone’s name because it might be stigmatizing.

Therefore, we should stop calling it Lou Gehrig’s disease, the Johnstown Flood, Hurricane Katrina or the Great Chicago fire, lets just say a flood…somewhere or call it hurricane #21A.  We wouldn’t want to be stigmatizing, right?

How does Gov. Cuomo get away calling the China virus  the European virus, it’s not from there?  And he’s done that more than once.  But, why?  He is blatantly telling the world how far he’s willing to go to not offend Communist China.  He telling us the words the left deems acceptable!

Let me leave you with this thought:  How do you change the way people think? You can start by changing the words they use.  When you control the words, you control the narrative.  This is how totalitarian regimes throughout history have controlled their people.



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