Civic Center Park Turns into Garbage Dump

by Jack

24 Jun Chico – Young adults and teens were congregating in Chico’s Civic Center Park, mostly around the amphi-dome.  No it was not for a concert, these were homeless people.  Like birds coming to roost, they start filling the park as the sun goes down.  The park would be where they will sleep for the night.   It’s a routine for that is repeated every evening about 9 pm.   For many of them it’s a regular meeting place where they’ve stayed for months.   Their numbers seems to be growing too.   I have mention that some of these people will go out stealing, especially if they have a drug habit.  That’s been a big problem for Chico.

As I walked around the park this evening, I noticed two older guy (classic looking bums) standing about 20 feet apart from each other, facing some invisible person.  Both were chatting away with this invisible person.  I wondered, if I moved one of them in front of the other, would these two schizophrenics then have an endless conversation with each other?  I no, not funny.  It was just a thought.

She comes running by me.  She’s a chubby girl with a half shaved head and Dred locks. She repeatedly bangs what look like a block of dried crusty bread on the corner of the curb.  She is barefoot, wears fish nets and a mini skirt 3 sizes too small.   I’m told this is the fashion with street kids.

On the other side of the park I can see a few young travelers already in sleeping bags.  Character after character are represented in this later night gathering spot.   And what a menagerie it is.

And then there is the trash and plenty of it!  We once has a really clean park, but those days are long gone.  Some corners of the park are worse than others, but one spot in particular is really bad.  It must have taken a lot of effort to trash up, yes, it is that bad!  The garbage consists of paper bags, candy wrappers, newspapers and whathaveyou.  They are all spread out across 20 feet of sidewalk… its disgusting.  I walk around the mess, fearing the possible diseases that might lurk therein.   A stolen Raley’s shopping cart marks the spot of this trash dump.

I am appalled by what I see and I wonder why the cops can’t move in and start rousting these dropouts.  You and can’t littler!  You and I can’t camp in downtown.  You and I can’t sell drugs there.  But, the police are told by our council to leave the homeless (by choice) alone.   There is a broad mix of humanity here, older bums, new bums, a few crazies, young travelers and no doubt some drug addicts.

This park was built for the citizens of Chico, but the regular folks don’t come here anymore.  They stay away because of filth and kooks.  This park cost us plenty and it was not built for itinerants to set up a camping site.  It was not for the bums to dump their trash wherever they want, just because they can’t be bothered to carry it to a nearby garbage can.

Their food source is obviously abundant, so are ice chests filled with cold drinks.  Nobody has do without, thanks to the local libs (codependents) that feed these people.

I’m told by police that heroine, coke and meth are common in the park, so is prostitution.   My friend who is walking with me, jokingly asks, “Would it be illegal if we moved all this trash over to city hall?”  I’m thinking, city hall already has plenty trash… in the form of four council people that have greatly contributed to this mess.

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6 Responses to Civic Center Park Turns into Garbage Dump

  1. J. Soden says:

    Jack, you and your friend are to be congratulated on your courage to wade through the mess of the Civic Center Park.
    Downtown Phoenix used to be the same until the City removed the bums by moving their access to free meals outside of the downtown area.
    Same with San Diego. Those cities learned something that the Chico Bum Enablers have not: If You Build It, They Will Come.

    • Post Scripts says:

      Thanks J.S., I would like to find out more about the how the city stopped the free meals in the downtown.

      • J. Soden says:

        Phoenix required the meal providers to close down completely or move outside the downtown area. San Diego started steam-cleaning the areas where the bums were living, but don’t know what other measures were taken.
        But it’s a given – the more “services” provided for the bums, the more bums you’ll have!

        • Post Scripts says:

          Thanks JS, I’ll do some further research on this one. I’m thinking there is a city code involved here, something that allows for some punitive action for violators.

  2. RHT447 says:

    Tucker Carlson. Go to the 6:45 mark–

    So why are we still paying taxes? What do you think the reaction would be if we refused?

    The Rules–

    • Peggy says:

      Tucker has been on fire this week. It’s like he’s saying you want to take me out then I’ll take you with me. His viewership has increased to put him in first place for evening cable shows. He’s going after everyone including republicans.

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