The Boogieman in the Shadows

by Jack

It’s about time for the adults to step forward and take charge.   We’ve got too many highly emotional people running their mouth about perceived racism lurking in the shadows like the boogieman.

“Oakland -  For your Friday enjoyment, a delightful mix of mistake, moral panic, and virtue-signaling by a left-wing politician willing to go any lengths, no matter how stupid and pandering, to prove how woke she is.

It started a few days ago with a report of nooses found hanging from a tree in a park in Oakland. The city was stunned. Had some white supremacist chosen to lash out amid the protests over George Floyd’s killing by displaying a notorious symbol of lynching’s?  The matter had to be investigated by the FBI, said the Mayor. “

Nah, turns out these were ropes used by kids to swing on.  An unidentified black male said he made them, they were not nooses, just swings.  Oops.

Next up, the outrageous case of Bubba Wallace, NASCAR driver.  He protested the flying of the Confederate flag at NASCAR events and won.  He reported a noose was found in his garage at the track.  This sparked widespread universal outrage and it results in NASCAR drivers walking behind Wallace to show their support.  Only one problem, the FBI determined it was a garage door pull and it had been up since at least last year, long before Bubba arrived.  Oops.

So now the FBI is called on to investigate playground swings and garage door pull ropes, ok, it’s not like they got anything better to do, right?   Well, I guess it could have been worse, Jussy Smollet could have walked into it and hurt himself.

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4 Responses to The Boogieman in the Shadows

  1. J soden says:

    Only things missing in the Bubba Wallace hoax was a Subway sandwich and 2 Nigerian bodybuilders….

  2. Harold says:

    Wallace is a OK, middle of the pack driver for the Petty enterprise car. Other than that he was a nondescript driver with a limited future of winning more than likely. So this has brought attention to him and he used it as springboard in his career and toward some change in NASCAR. However if you look at the results of his photo ops, there really isn’t much racial descent in the core of the sports participants, given their recent unified support of Wallace. Black drivers might be rare, but it is their talent, not color that brings them to NASCAR’s highest level of competition.

    Now Wallace (Bubba as he is known) also seems to be a strong activist for the BLM, not that it is a problem, but how do you take on a fan base that considers NASCAR their birthright with “in your face” politics like t-shirts and car livery and not expect some form of blow back when you first start doing it. And while Wallace has every right to express his desires, he also is treading on removing traditions such as the display of southern symbols like their flag, and causes politics once more rear it’s ugly head in NASCAR.

    The symbols of the southern culture of the civil war period are being destroyed by another form of racial division caused by national politics.

    Instead of these symbols being used as simple reductionist of understanding of the era. Now those symbols of that era have become a political tool that politicians are using in a attempt to rewrite history and create a voting block during a election year that will divide us once more. The removal of select portraits in Congressional halls is a clear indicator of the hypocrisy the left will go to make a point. They were of course a majority their own party representatives, but can’t have that on display now can you.

    I think history should be preserved, and taught in a manner that we can learn and grow from, we need to be aware and understand the thoughts and mores of the times that they caused attitudes to change. history is a composite of many acts, including intolerance of human rights. We need to understand how and when it took place, as well as understand the USA is not just a hot bed of racism.

    I have to laugh at the Global response toward the acts of one white police officer using unbridled authority toward a black man with criminal intent who was in the act of committing a crime. All the while the same Global world continues to violate human rights, political Hippocrates at best is how I view their response’s to a crime that clearly didn’t deserve death to be the determining factor of a arrest.

    Right now we as a nation are being forced to deal with protest and the looting and the preposterous vandalism that permeates it ranks. And yet a Liberal side of Congress has done little to repudiate those acts, and at times seems their leaders just use it to fan the fire of hate into a infernal. They must have forgotten the protection of our safety is their primary responsibility, not the re-election of their party members

    Good men died in a horrific war, brought on by the fear of southern states receding from the union, because of many factors, slavery being one part of the equation that lead to dividing our country at the time.

    If we are not to repeat what was learned through history, from what are we to draw understanding, it can not be through a dumbing down of awareness of those times, we sure as hell can’t depend on educators to teach a unbiased accounting of anything anymore, if at all.

  3. Peggy says:

    Jack, this may be front page worthy. Leo Terrell is a hardcore democrat who is now saying he won’t vote for Biden. Won’t commit if he’ll vote for Trump. This short clip is dynamite because he’s so vocal about his beliefs.

    “This Sunday on Life, Liberty & Levin (Fox News Channel), at 8 PM eastern, my guests are Leo Terrell and Allen West! Very important program! Please join me Live or DVR the show! See you then! Here’s a short clip.”

  4. Tina says:

    BLM organization makes their intentions Clear:

    Law enforcement officials had to respond to a large group of Black Lives Matters activists late on Friday night that stormed a Beverly Hills residential neighborhood chanting “Eat the rich!” and “Abolish capitalism now!“

    Of course this isn’t an example of “hate speech” or bigotry.

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