Domestic Marxist Terrorists Work for Black Lives Matter

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Domestic terrorists are working for Black Lives Matter. If you want to know what BLM is really all about, all you need to do is open your eyes.

“In Provo, Utah, a group of armed Black Lives Matter terrorists surrounded a vehicle at an intersection.  The driver would not exit the vehicle to be beaten by the mob.  One of the BLM activists pulled a gun and demanded the driver come out, when the driver refused the terrorist opened fire shooting the driver.”  See article and video here — BLM Shooting Provo Utah

Convicted terrorist  Susan Rosenberg raising money for BLM —





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One Response to Domestic Marxist Terrorists Work for Black Lives Matter

  1. Tina says:

    There is an astounding absence of concern (or outrage) from the left regarding these violent events on the left. The silence suggests at the very least indifference. Indifference,silence, on the part of Democrats who claim to be Americans, who claim to love our country, who claim to favor equal justice and human rights is totally unacceptable.

    Democrats cannot claim to stand in two houses at once. Marxism and violent revolution have no place in America. Nancy Pelosi’s response was on the order of, people do what they do. Really, Nancy, that’s the most you have to say?

    The Democrat Party is a sham, a party of hypocrites and vipers.

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