Does the Left Know the Difference Between a Protester and a Criminal?

by Jack

Rep. Gerald Nadler-D, excoriated AG Robert Barr and the Justice Department for, and I am paraphrasing, “turning a blind eye to necessary reforms to police departments, for dismissing Black Lives Matter protests and for flooding streets with federal agents to stop protesters.  Nadler went on to say how the federal police were being politically biased, trying to stop protesters from merely exercising their free speech.

Nadler closed without allowing Mr. Barr an opportunity to respond.  However, the next representative yielded his time to Barr.   Barr replied the demonstrators Nadler was referring to were not non-violent!   That police officers acted solely in defense of public property when they were attacked by rioters with explosive devices, rocks and bottles.  Three officers may have suffered permanent blindness from a high powered laser directed at them.  Other officers have suffered severe injuries from flying bottle, balloons filled kerosene, broken glass and bricks and explosive fireworks type devices.

The Federal police were assigned to protect federal property (public property) from rioters because the local police would not.   Barr explained these are NOT the simple protesters that Nadler was trying to depict.  These were criminals that have attacked police and laid siege to a court house for two months, doing everything they can to destroy it or burn it down.   Meanwhile the Portland police are no where to be seen.  They were told to stand down by the Mayor and a corrupt city council.

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19 Responses to Does the Left Know the Difference Between a Protester and a Criminal?

  1. Joe says:

    Jack, you see this? DemoRats and Phony Ma come up with another multi-billion dollar shell game.

  2. Chris says:

    It is the federal police that do not seem to understand the difference between protesters and criminals.

    US Navy veteran was beaten and pepper-sprayed by federal officers during Portland protest

    He is hardly alone. There are countless videos of police assaulting peaceful protesters, often simply because of speech they do not like. I know you have seen some of them.

    If the police did not do this, they would have more time and resources to arrest the actual looters, rioters, and arsonists. If they can’t do this without assaulting peaceful protesters, they shouldn’t be cops. This should not be controversial!

  3. Peggy says:

    I watched four hours of the most disgusting rude treatment by a group of jackals towards another human being that I’ve ever seen. Nadler’s democrat committee members attacked Barr today from beginning to end. Rarely giving him a chance to answer their questions or respond to their remarks. Hopefully, all of those who witnessed this spectacle will question if they want them to be their representatives.

    If I was Barr I’d make two phone calls when I got into his car. One to Trump to tell him what he’s about to do, and the other to Durham to tell him to start releasing the report beginning now through October.

  4. Peggy says:

    The video in the below article is being censored and removed from most social media platforms. I found it, but don’t know how long it will last before it too is removed by the Natzi-Democrat police.

    HCQ censorship, cubed: Social media giants shut down doctors testifying from experience that hydroxychloroquine works:

    It’s the third video down.

    • Chris says:

      Removing dangerous medical disinformation during a pandemic is good. You need to consider what happened to your movement, that its spokespeople now include doctors who claim that sex with demons causes illnesses.

      You could have tried to turn around this trend in your movement years ago, when I first started warning you about it. Instead you elevated a birther to the presidency and your theories on medicine are considered a threat to public health. This isn’t political discrimination. You did this to yourselves.

      • Peggy says:

        Interesting, but expected you’d attack a black doctor from an African country for her personal beliefs and medical experience.

        One of the other doctors who appeared in the video was fired by the hospital where she worked in the ER. She has retained Lin Wood as her attorney. Lin Wood is Nicholas Sandmann’s attorney, who is racking up big settlements for defamation of the young man.

      • Chris says:

        Trump said the test was “hard,” Joe. Do you have any idea how embarrassing that is? Did you miss the disastrous Chris Wallace interview? Biden will be using clips of it in campaign ads from now ’til November.

      • Tina says:

        Some of the information contained in the following points we’re gleaned from a WSJ Commentary article. They expose the narrow bigoted view you have, Chris, regarding Dr Immanuel and by association, the organization she was representing.

        The doctor is an African who holds some views that most Americans would find very odd. So what? Isn’t it your team that glorifies diversity? A bunch of you believe there are more than two sexes despite scientific evidence to the contrary. Shame on you for not holding to the PC mandate of your tribe. And shame on you for targeting Jack for disdain when obviously you didn’t do a thorough review yourself. It was just an excuse to play gotcha.

        This African woman is one of many in the group. Her particular set of odd beliefs should not be used to discredit AND silence the rest of the group. But this is the MO of the PC woke that you embrace and defend.

        The American people need information but the liberal heads of large corporations like google take it upon themselves to decide which information is fit and which is not instead of letting us decide for ourselves. That’s exactly what happened with this story…they chose to discredit Hydroxycloroquine, because Trump, and they took it down.

        Members of your media have declared the drug kills people. If that were really the case the drug wouldn’t have been used for malaria and RA over the last forty or so years. Legitimate doctors have used this drug successfully to help patients recover quickly and save lives. Your party doesn’t care.


        • Chris says:


          You and most of the commenters here believe that CNN and the New York Times are unreliable sources that should not be cited. You rail about “fake news” all the time.

          But whenever I criticize anyone here for citing sources like InfoWars, Holocaust deniers like the Unz Review, white nationalists, doctors who say that disease is caused by sex with demons, or other conspiracy theorists, you take offense and say that this is somehow evidence of “bigotry.”

          This is ridiculous. It is a double standard. It is hypocrisy. And it shows that you, like the president, have zero ability to or interest in distinguishing between reliable and unreliable sources. You just believe what you want to hear.

          That this doctor comes from Africa is not an excuse for her insane beliefs. There are plenty of doctors who have immigrated here from Africa who do not hold or promote such views. Many of them, such as her belief that many influential celebrities and politicians are actually lizard people, are not African in origin at all, but purely American-devised conspiracy theories. Suggesting that she holds these beliefs because she is from Africa is actually far more bigoted than anything I have said.

          The other doctors may not be quite as nuts, but their comments are inherently disqualifying. For instance, the leader of the group, Dr. Simone Gold, has said that “there is no scientific basis that the average American should be concerned about coronavirus.” This is insane. Every American should be concerned about this devastating pandemic. This is a fringe group of doctors whose views have been disproven by the vast majority of doctors and scientists. But your party has spent the last two decades engaging in science denial and convincing non-scientists to ignore scientific consensus on a range of issues. We are now reaping the consequences of your anti-intellectualism and embrace of the nuttiest grifters alive…and you still can’t see it. You’ll never be mad at the grifters who have lied to you, but like most marks, you’ll always be more angry at those who’ve told you you’ve been lied to.

          • Post Scripts says:

            Chris, I am recommending right now that all posters stay on topic and stick to relevant points only. Hope you and the rest of the posters will do that. Neither side should introduce a red herring because the current point or news is indefensible. Doing the latter does not advance the exchange and after all, isn’t that the best possible outcome of any back and forth exchange?

          • Chris says:

            Peggy brought up the video of those doctors, Jack, not me.

          • Post Scripts says:

            I’m not saying its about anyone or any one thing…just saying lets try to go with staying on topic.

  5. Peggy says:

    So sad.

    Bernell Trammell Didn’t Deserve to Die:

    • Joe says:

      If you’re a black drug addicted criminal thug your life matters. But not if you’re a law abiding black business man. Obviously, not all black lives matter.

      And of course, not a word fro the resident wokey.

      • Chris says:

        Of course he did not deserve to die. His killer should definitely be brought to justice–who has said otherwise?

        According to the article he was both a BLM advocate and a Trump supporter. It is unclear now if he was killed for either one of these reasons or if it was politically motivated at all.

  6. Tina says:

    Jack the left prefers squishy language so, no, the left does not know or acknowledge the difference. How else can they so casually ignore the burning buildings, the dead toddlers, the blind police officers, the small businesses and poor residents that are being so profoundly impacted by the criminals. Nadler goes so far as to say that the violence is a myth. Leave aside the fact that in his squishy language world he can’t possibly know a myth from a macaroon, his assertion is absurd…as is the entire leftist world. They’ve destroyed the language and now they imagine they will be taken seriously.

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