Cities People Want to Flee (Chico makes it in the top 20)

Posted by Jack

Article in MoneyWise Magazine.

Chico — not far from northern California’s historic Camp Fire — is part farming community, part college town. (Chico State University has a student body of about 17,000 undergrads.)

The wildfires may be one reason the Chico metro area makes this list. Others likely include the area’s surging violent crime rate and its above-average rate of non-residents (bums) in poverty.

But while Redfin says many residents are eager to leave, bidding wars are common for homes here, and they’re selling for an average $328,000.

Editors note:  Little Rock, Arkansas is a nicer place to live than Chico, CA according to Moneywise.  Have we hit the skids or what?  Chico is turning into a dump and the foul four (liberals) on the city council encourage makeshift bum encampments, filthy, dangerous, drug infested tent camps in our city parks, as the fallout in crime from said places soars.  Ain’t that just dandy?

This place is sinking fast and the liberals on the council and the soft headed liberal voters have once again caused this mega-disaster.  Chico is like a small version of San Francisco, where bums rules, drugs and crime are out of sight, filth everywhere and liberals control the whole show.   And you know where San Francisco rates – that place is #1 on the list of cities people just can’t wait to leave.  And who was the last Mayor of that dump?  He’s our governor of course – he fixed SF and now he wants to make CA just like it.

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