Chaos by the Bay – A Must See Video

by Chris F. Rufo

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3 Responses to Chaos by the Bay – A Must See Video

  1. Pie Guevara says:

    WOW, SF spends a BILLION dollars a year on homelessness. What does that say about the Democrat habit throwing money at problems?

    Democrats and the liberal left want to turn Chico into another needle ridden open sewer and drug dealer haven like SF. So far they have been quite successful at it.

    450 chronic homeless move to San Francisco every year. I wonder how many move to Chico thanks to the bonehead liberal policies of the left-wing Democrat dominated city council.

  2. Harold says:

    I will not criticize San Francisco’s attempt to do something that might lessen homelessness and drug activity. Their idea might have been somewhat more honest in definition to the voters though. But it is obvious it isn’t working, and when it is this clear a plan isn’t working , as well adding to the problem, you have to recognize a different direction is needed.

    I have always felt elected representatives primary responsibility is that of public safety. If the elected can’t manage that, then step aside, clearly public safety is what is missing in the bay area now. The video talks about the lifestyle problems in the nucleus of the encampments, but did not mention the effect and cost of criminal activity it exposes the rest of the surrounding area too. Chico residents, close to the same conditions can testify to that.

    Typically when stricter enforcement of laws start to put in place to prevent such activity as shown in the video, where will the addicts and homeless go to to escape conforming to a responsible life style.

    Towns like Chico, currently with the same San Francisco progressive mindset and free lunch policy would be the a ideal local, and the word would spread rapidly.

    Chico Voters better wake up this November and understand it is easier to prevent these situations than resolve them once they take hold.

    The destruction caused by failed policies San Francisco in this video clearly illustrate that this failed progressive wistfulness has caused the failure of providing a safe environment for their citizens.

    Also, it has done nothing to inhibit the spread of the issue, and is only enhancing it

    • Post Scripts says:

      Thanks Harold, a very thoughtful and measured comment to a very difficult problem. I could not agree more… the problem needs new solutions because the old ideas have failed. This cancer is spreading and is far worse than anything I’ve ever seen, we don’t have much time left to get it right.

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