San Francisco Subsidizing a Meth Lab? lol

by Jack

San Francisco police busted a meth lab in a hotel room that was rented out by the city to house frontline workers and a portion of its massive homeless population during the coronavirus pandemic.

Law enforcement responded to a 911 call about a “strong chemical odor emanating from a guest room” at the Civic Center Motor Inn on Saturday. When police arrived, they found the ingredients for the drug, along with other paraphernalia, and arrested two people who were staying in the room.

“Officers conducted an investigation and discovered chemicals known to make narcotics, which were isolated to one guest room,” a representative from the department told Fox News. “Two adults were arrested for narcotics-related charges, some of which are possession of controlled substances, possession of controlled substances for sales, manufacturing controlled substances, and conspiracy.”

The hotel is taking part in the city’s Alternative Housing program that was created, in part, to protect vulnerable populations, including people experiencing homelessness, during the pandemic. San Francisco’s program offers hotel rooms to those who have no place to quarantine during the pandemic, such as frontline workers who may live with people susceptible to the virus. Frontline workers and people without homes are managed separately under the program. As of Wednesday, 345 frontline workers and 2,527 people without homes to quarantine in were in the program.

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2 Responses to San Francisco Subsidizing a Meth Lab? lol

  1. Harold says:

    The current Democratic led state of California’s is being directed by one party, which is virtually a unchallenged political bloc.

    This is a one-party system should alarm the all Californians, even those supprting that ruling party, where will it end and who will it hurt, more Detroit’s is not a good thing.

    When power is concentrated in one group, bias policy is passed without contest, (just look at the city council in Chico) ruling eventually replaces representative governance, and political corruption will run rampant and more of what is happening in San Francisco will spread like the Covid -19 virus if left unchecked

    We’ve seen what happens in America’s large urban centers with decades of one party dominance. From Detroit to Newark, single-party political control has “ruined some of our finest cities.”

    How soon California will become one of those States with major cites that have become cesspools of the population, is the only question voters need to recognize.

    • Post Scripts says:

      Harold, I am sad to report that the cesspools have already arrived in big CA cities controlled by democrats, in a state controlled by democrats and yet that’s still not enough to motivate voters to stop this headlong march into socialism.

      I’m convinced that the huge numbers of [low information] democrat voters will continue down this destructive path – they’re betting that a new socialist system will provide them with more entitlements, leading to a guaranteed minimum wage without working for it. So, they try to ignore the daily reports of democrat failures and a crumbling economy. This monumental bureaucratic mess created by democrats is right in front of their face, yet they still they cling to the promises made by false prophets like Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi and Gavin Newsom? Well, that’s greed for you. But, reality approaches. Soon the last remnants of our once vibrant society will be gone and then the democrat party bosses will discover they are no longer able to tax their way out of trouble. The credit card is maxed out, full payment is due and they are broke.

      Imagine, it took 175 years of hard work and a robust capitalist system to build CA into an economic dynamo and it’s only taken only 20 years of one party rule (under democrats) to destroy it?

      The wealthy democrats have been secure and free from the problems their rhetoric has created, but CA government is losing tax revenues faster than you can say, “Chapter 11”. The elite democrats have stayed comfy behind their gated mansions, but their day of reckoning is coming. When the last of the job creating conservatives has been forced out, the masses of democrat-socialist voters are going to turn on their masters. Then the carnage will be complete…. this is how socialism works.

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