Breaking News – Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department

by Jack

The breaking story is $140M was allegedly sent to Sacramento County to fund COVID-19 relief as part of the first national bailout.  Instead of using the bailout money for its intended purpose 104M was diverted to fund the unsustainable benefit package for the SCSO.

Why is the SCSO having financial difficulties?  One need only look at the state’s shrinking tax base.  The one party system of Marxist-Socialists aka democrats occupying the legislature has been systematically forcing businesses and jobs out of CA and in turn the state’s entitlements and welfare have attracted the nation’s most incorrigible poor.  These people are the gravely mentally ill, the hardcore unemployed and drug addicted transients that now overwhelm the CA taxpayer based funding, designed for CA poorest families and homeless, but not the nation’s poorest and most dysfunctional and certainly not for illegal aliens.

This shrinking tax base is why Gov. Newsom says they have no money in the treasury to fund the 25% of share costs for Trump’s unemployment benefit extension.   However, the Gov. was able to generously fund benefits for illegals.  According to the Independent Sentinel,  California runs like a socialist country of its own. T hey spend $25 billion a year on illegal aliens and ignore their infrastructure. Their priorities are foreigners above all.

Note:  The $25B figure could be high, according to FAIR, the real cost is only $23B.  They break it down thusly, “Californians bear an enormous fiscal burden resulting from playing host to a massive illegal alien population estimated to consist of almost 3 million foreign nationals.  The annual expenditure of state and local tax dollars on services for that population and their children is $23 billion. That total amounts to a yearly burden of about $1,800 for each legally present California household.”

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2 Responses to Breaking News – Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department

  1. J. Soden says:

    If you still live in Taxifornia, you’ll continue to pay higher and higher bills for Taxifornia’s Leftie mismanagement. May come down to a choice whether one can actually afford to stay!
    We left in 2000 and it was the smartest move we’ve ever made!

  2. Peggy says:

    Newsome should also veto AB 2218 and save taxpayers from paying for $15 million in transgender medical cost.

    “While the state of California begins to cut budgets and slash state wages to deal with a $56 billion deficit, two state legislators thought this would be a good time to ask for $15 million dollars to pay for transgender services, including expensive and harmful sex-change operations and hormone therapy for those who can’t afford the treatments. The Transgender Wellness and Equity Fund proposal, AB 2218 introduced by Assemblyman Miguel Santiago (D-Los Angeles) and co-authored by Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), is scheduled to be heard in the Assembly Health Committee next Monday, May 18, 2020. ”

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