Comrade-Gov Newsome Informs Us About Fires

by Jack

In a showing of 100% truth and candor, Comrade-Governor Newsome, told the ignorant masses yesterday that these giant wild land fires in CA, ORE and WA are a direct result of climate change.  He blames Donald Trump for failing to change the climate.

Please be advised – The CA environmentalist policies towards forestry management that prevented natural fire cycles, i.e., small, fast moving forest fires that left trees unharmed and burned off combustible materials have nothing to do with the current situation.  So drink the Kool aide and believe your democrat leaders.

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4 Responses to Comrade-Gov Newsome Informs Us About Fires

  1. Joe says:

    Here’s what it was like on the ground in Kenosha. The truth is those residents and business owners needed an army of Rittenhouses because the government law enforcement had left these people to the mercy of evil criminal BLM and Antifa thugs.

    This is what happens when Demorats run your state and city. And I remind you that Demorats run your state and city.

  2. Lone Star says:

    In 2017 California put a ban on state employees traveling to Texas due to differing views on LGBT. Seems y’all don’t cotton to others views.

    Yet this here Newsom feller’, hypocritically requests help from Texas firefighters (and other states CA banned) to help control the wild fires there, which it seems are a goin’ stronger than need be due to his parties inept EPA governance.

    These fires got nothing to do with mans Climate Change, climates change on their own.
    Clearly yer Newsom feller is just creating a diversion to cover lack of leadership in understanding how to responsibly govern for the protection of it population. Seems to me, the only real Change needed is in how yer being misgoverned

    When it comes to wild fires, Liberals will the blame on power companies,man or even God, but never own up to ones own mistakes.

    Last thought, and it’s Damn straight, Best y’all learn from Texas hospitality and be there for yer other folk, even when ya is fussin’ with them.

  3. Peggy says:

    It was/is lawsuits for decades by environmentalist groups that has prevented the Forestry Dept. from managing the forest on federal land, not Trump for just the past three years.

    Once again Newsom and democrats believe they can repeat a lie over and over to convince people others are responsible for their own failures.

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