Palestinians Fire Rockets Into Israel

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At the same time as Israel, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain signed normalization agreements at a White House ceremony in Washington today Palestinians in Gaza fired rockets into southern Israel wounding two people. How much you want to bet those rockets were supplied by Iran? Thank you Barack Obama. You were such a swell president.

Everyone should know by now that President Donald Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Booby Prize. (Formerly known as the Nobel Peace Prize.) The prize became a bad joke ever since Palestinian terrorist Yasser Arafat was a co-recipient in 1994.

Sing it along with Pie —
Yasser, that’s my  Arafat
Nasser, I don’t mean Sadat
Yasser, that’s my Arafat now

The Goreacle got one for PC fear mongering of climate hysteria and Obama got it for doing nothing. Will Trump be awarded the prize”  Oh, c’mon, it is a leftist booby prize.

“The precise timing in which the Emirati-Zionist agreement emerged confirms the nature of the black scheme whose chapters are being woven to reconstruct and reshape the geographical and political landscape in the region,” announced Hamas representative Mahmoud al-Zahhar yesterday.

Uh, works for me, dude.

Now, after viewing the vid and photos think of the Palestinian terrorists’ spiritual analogues here in the US — Antifa, Black Lives Matter and any other of the various and sundry anarchists/Marxists/leftists rioting with impunity. Then think, “What if Iran were supplying them with rockets?”

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2 Responses to Palestinians Fire Rockets Into Israel

  1. Post Scripts says:

    What if Iran supplied them with rockets? Yep, that’s a disturbing thought alright and some day they might. Or they might start sending them military grade IED’s. But, the damage has that rockets and bombs cause is already here. Look at the millions in property damage the far left has caused.

    It sure looks like somebody, maybe Iran, maybe Russia, maybe China, who knows…. is supplying these ANTIFA and BLM groups with money and tactics for sowing chaos and confusion. Arson and looting is doing what rocket and bombs might otherwise do in a declared war.

    Another thing that makes me suspicious that were are fighting a controlled mob, is their leftist propaganda machine is working overtime (mostly in colleges) from coast to coast. That anti-American rhetoric is professional grade. Way too many leftist educators are going too far, selling out America openly and with apparent impunity. This has impowered the mob and at the same time vilified police, all in a very short period of time; that’s very suspicious. It’s just too well orchestrated, too many similarities, to be the work of a few America haters. There’s a lot people, a lot of planning and a whole lot of political decisions being made and coordinated by the far left like no other time in our history.

    If we survive it, at some time in the future, I hope that history will reveal just how bad it was and we will learn valuable lessons. But, for now about all we can do is look at the chaos and make educated guesses who’s behind it all.

    As Cherokee Jack said, I think the revolution has started.

  2. Harold says:

    “I hope that history will reveal just how bad it was and we will learn valuable lessons.”

    Not to be overly negative about this comment (I also pray there will be learning) but we have a lot of history too reference, but seemingly ignore the results.

    Today problems are largely a result of the academia sector, liberal professors class rooms spew out corrupting socialistic concepts and force the minds of students to accept it as factual, how so? the leverage professors have is simple, follow and do as I say, or fail.

    Thought, using reasoned thinking is not permitted, as you point out with
    “leftist propaganda machine is working overtime (mostly in colleges)”

    However, if there are any positives to be gleaned from Covid generated stay at home classes, it would be parents can now observe first hand what students are facing and how they are being instructed.

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