Breakthru – Type II Diabetes

by Jack

A recent British clinical study, published in The Lancet medical journal, has given new hope to millions of sufferers from Type II diabetes. 

A well supervised, medically approved, study in the UK has produced proof that a strict diet, absent drugs, produced complete remission in nearly half of the test subjects with favorable results in the remainder…with virtually no ill effects.

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“DiRECT (short for Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial) has been testing a new approach to putting Type 2 diabetes into remission in just over 300 people with Type 2 diabetes.

Scientists leading the trial, Professors Mike Lean and Roy Taylor (Roy pictured above), have just announced the initial results at the International Diabetes Federation Congress in Abu Dhabi, also published in the Lancet. The results shows that a new weight management programme resulted in almost half the participants (45.6%) being in remission of Type 2 diabetes after 12 months.

The programme involves a low-calorie, nutrient-complete, liquid diet for 3 to 5 months. Food is then reintroduced and those taking part are provided with long-term support to maintain their weight loss. It’s delivered entirely through GP practices, with nurses and dietitians.”

From the ATLAS: ”

The newly published results of a clinical trial evaluating the efficacy of diet and exercise as a front-line type 2 diabetes treatment reveal nearly two-thirds of patients achieved complete disease remission after just 12 months of lifestyle interventions.

It is certainly not a newsflash to suggest a healthy diet, plenty of exercise, and losing excess weight, helps a person manage type 2 diabetes. However, a constant stream of research over recent years has found many individuals diagnosed with the disease can effectively reverse the condition without the need for medication, using just lifestyle interventions.”


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