Bruce Session – 1935 – 2020

by Jack

Bruce Sessions, 1935-2020, was a well known radio talk show host on KPAY for over a decade.  He was a Chico resident and passed away September 30th, 2020 in Chico.  He was 85.  Session was also a retired Navy Chief and a Vietnam vet.    For a time he was a contributor here on Post Scripts with his column called, Tidbits.   He will be missed.  Keep a zero bubble Bruce.

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2 Responses to Bruce Session – 1935 – 2020

  1. Harold says:

    Enjoyed his show a lot, I am sorry to hear he has signed off….

  2. Tina says:

    I was a much younger woman when Bruce’s show hit the airwaves. What a voice for America, the military and police, and conservative opinion he was! Bruce was also a strong voice on local issues. We’ve missed hearing him on the radio for some time. RIP dear friend.

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