California Here I Come! Feel Free to Sing Along

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  1. Joe says:

    Very good summation of what’s happening in the state run by the Fececrats…er, sorry…Demorats.

    And Jack, did you see this? If not sit back, pour yourself a Rittenhouse Rye and read about Uncle Joe getting sued…hopefully into the Stone Age.

    AND make sure you see that must watch video! Especially the ending. Anyone concerned about the 2nd Amendment and the right of self-defense should find this very ominous. Please pass that video along!

  2. cherokee jack says:

    2020 strikes again. The ER reported today that Bruce Sessions has died. Jack, and probable many more of you will remember his radio talk show. He was a strong conservative voice for the area for several years.
    My first encounter with Bruce got me the name “Cherokee Jack.” I had called his show, and when I said I was Jack, he asked, “Are you Chico Jack?” Chico Jack (not our Jack Lee) was a local liberal, so I answered without thinking about it, “No, I’m Cherokee Jack,” and it has stuck ever since.
    I have always wished Bruce would come out of retirement. It was a good show.

    • Post Scripts says:

      That’s sad news, but I expected it. As you may know I was a guest talk show host for Bruce and did several remote shows with him. Bruce was a good friend and he will be missed.

    • RHT447 says:

      We are diminished.

      I was also a regular caller into his show. I remember listening to CJ call in.

      The show’s producer was a young lad by the name Patrick Cosola. At the time, I was a licensed gun dealer. Patrick called one day to invite me as a guest on Bruce’s show to discuss the (then) state of California “assault weapon” laws. I accepted. After that, Brice referred to me (off the air) as the local gun runner.

      Patrick’s father was Tony Cosola. He was a B-29 navigator, and flew on the last bombing mission of WWII in a ship named “Boomerang”. There is an hour long segment on History channel about that mission that airs now and then. You can read the story here–

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