COVID-19 Another Hurdle for the People

by Jack

WARNING – I hope you don’t faint after you read this next new mandate from Heir Governor.

This is something that is sure to delay the reopening of many CA counites, just exactly what we don’t need, right?  Governor Newsome is ordering the largest counties in CA to provide a comprehensive plan to equitized (equal) COVID-19 rates among Hispanic, Black, and Pacific Islander neighborhoods to have the same rates of infection as the so-called white supremacist neighborhoods that have a lower percentage of COVID-19.

In other words when counties can balance this disparity, then they “might” be able to start reopening.

Remember back about 7 months ago and we were told we needed to flatten the curve for a few weeks with self-quarantine?  Then they extended it a few more weeks, then a few more, and then it became months and now it’s October and we’re told, nope not yet and the Gov. adds this stupid order for parity between neighborhoods?   Just how are we supposed to do that?

The power that liberals and all their petty little bureaucrats have now is addicting, and nobody with that kind of power wants to give it up.   We’ll probably be in lockdown for a very long, long time if the democrats have their way.  Wonder why we continue to take it?



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3 Responses to COVID-19 Another Hurdle for the People

  1. cherokee jack says:

    I agree with the charge that there is systemic racism throughout America.
    California, always a leader, wants to make it official with Prop. 16, now being supplemented by Newsome’s Wuhan Flu demand to you white people. Did I mention I no longer identify as white? I think I’ll be Samoan for the rest of the year. Or maybe Inuit. Or both.

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