Agenda 21 and Socialism

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6 Responses to Agenda 21 and Socialism

  1. Joe says:

    And here’s your scamdemic/plandemic tax money at work…the criminal thugs even made a video…I’m sure BLM, Gruesome Newsome and Antifa will make sure the thugs walk…

    “I Got Rich Off Of EDD”

    Here’s their video…makes you proud to be an AmeroCONNED, don’t it? SUCKERS! Just get back to work to pay those taxes…after all someone has to fund this fraud and that someone is YOU.

  2. Joe says:

    Now the BLM/Antifans/Homeless are eating their own…and the irony that this took place in front of the Portland Justice Center is lost on them. Just a typical day in a Demorat run city.

  3. J. Soden says:

    Another Hollywood-style sign goes up in SoCA
    Hope this one is on private property so the city can’t tear it down like they did to the last one.

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