A Bad Case of “You know Who I am?” Rated (R) for language

by Jack

Another bad public servant bites the dust!

The police are concluding a traffic stop when this hostile woman arrives on the scene and inserts herself into the situation.  She lets the cops know right off that she is the Port Authority Commissioner, she is also a lawyer and she has every right to ask them why they pulled over the car in question?

She repeatedly demands police to explain themselves immediately because she has “a right to know their business.”  They refuse.  They say she does not have a right to know because she is not a party to the stop.  The increasingly angry woman finally admits one of the passengers is her daughter and she is very angry she has been inconvenienced and her day is being ruined by these cops.  She warned them she is going to contact the Mayor and Police Chief.  Then it gets worse and these cops get an earful.

Clearly, the woman is trying to influence the officers and abuse her office.   Legally speaking, uninvolved citizens do not have a right to know why anyone has been pulled over.  This is police business and if a person wants to know more they can wait until the incident is over and then ask officers or they can contact police records in the police department and get public access information there.  However, anyone who, during an investigation, inserts themselves in a way to delay or obstruct the police in their official business is subject to arrest.

Now the video, and keep in mind this is just a summary of the official police video that went on for about 10 minutes:

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  1. Peggy says:

    She has to be related to Pelosi!

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