Forestry Mismanagement to Hit Homeowners in Pocketbook

by Jack

Reason #90,116, “Why You Should Leave California”

A lot of CA homeowners trying to renew their fire insurance may be in for a nasty surprise, they could find their home is no longer insurable or insurance is no longer affordable because of wildfires!

California is completely controlled by one political party and therefore there is only one party to blame for this disaster, democrats.   But, they are not nearly as stupid and incompetent as the voters that elected them.  Educating liberal voters is next to impossible, they are world-class dummies and that means liberal politicians can fool them year after year.

“Non-renewals climbed 31% throughout the state last year, with ZIP codes that had a “moderate to very high fire risk” seeing a 61% uptick, according to a presentation Monday by the California Department of Insurance. The regulator is hosting a hearing to discuss the state of the homeowners’ market.

Years of wildfire damage have upended the home-insurance market in certain areas of the state, causing insurers to seek to raise prices or refuse to insure certain properties. That’s caused more residents to turn to the FAIR Plan, a backstop for fire risk, with those policies climbing 36% statewide last year and more than doubling in higher-risk areas, according to the presentation.”

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3 Responses to Forestry Mismanagement to Hit Homeowners in Pocketbook

  1. Joe says:

    Don’t worry, Jack. Can’t afford the insurance, just sell your house…assuming you can…and come to Chico. If the liberals have their way they will spend over $2 million on the homeless…and that’s just for starters…so a little house could be in your future…well, maybe not so much…but you can camp along the creek.

  2. J. Soden says:

    Branco scores again!

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