10-22-20 Presidential Debate

by Jack

First off, to be fair we should judge Trump as a political amateur, so we should have expected Biden to keep him on the defensive and he did.   However, Trump made a much better effort to keep his cool this time, even though I had the feeling he was likely churning inside.

Trump threw a lot of jabs and I think I saw every one of them!  But, only about 30% were likely recognizable to the average voter.   The rest, well, let’s say you just had to informed about the issues to figure out what he was trying to say.  On the other hand, Biden kept his message simple.  Plus, he avoided being drawn into a discussion about his son Hunter or the pay-to-play money from China, Ukraine, and Russia.   Trump tried to get it in there and he pushed about as hard as possible.  But, Biden was prepared and all but ignored the bait.   Biden may be old, but he’s cagey.  He’s a slick, well-heeled politician who knows how to schmooze.

Regarding Trump’s attempt to get to Biden, there’s no question he (Joe Biden) is skirting right on the edge of serious trouble.   So far the mainstream media has ignored this corruption story, but if they are somehow forced into investigating or the FBI reveals what they have, Joe could be facing criminal charges.  It looks to me like VP Biden was paid access money via Hunter Biden and another time when he was Senator Biden.  This is a huge story that our corrupt media is choosing to ignore.

Back to the debate…I didn’t feel like there were any game-changing, gotcha moments, so Trump and Biden probably didn’t move voters too much one way or the other.  I supposed if you were a space alien knew nothing about either person, you might say Biden scored a slight edge over Trump because he (Biden) was a smooth talker.  Biden spoke at the average voter’s level and Trump didn’t.  He has a bad habit of not completely finishing a sentence before moving on to his next point.  His supporters can fill in the gaps, but your average voter might not.

What Biden said was BS, but it was clear and concise “voter pablum.”  He also didn’t appear to be threatening, Trump looked angry most of the time.  But, we are not space aliens and we all know what happens if Biden gets elected.  So, in that light, I just want to believe that Trump won it and I also want to believe the polling will improve before Nov.


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  1. Peggy says:

    During the pre-debate show on Fox Tony Bobulinski made a statement about his business dealings with the Biden family and China. He presented evidence and stated he was meeting with Senate committee members the next day. It was reported and varified by others that none of the other major news networks aired Bobulinski’s live disclosure. Here it is for you to decide who is telling the truth.


    I agree neither party won big or lost voters. Trump scored on the economy by reminding people that he ran for president because of the mess Biden/Obama made out of it. Biden kept saying he would fix it all when he was president. Trump reminded everyone he didn’t fix it during the eight years he was VP or the 47 years he was in the Senate. Also, hear the internet blew up when Biden said no one lost their insurance under ObamaCare and they wouldn’t with BidenCare either. Anyone else remember Jonathan Gruber and Obama’s Lie of the Year award?

    Trump also scored on the Black vote with all he’s done for them. Many hearing about it for the first time, since the press is 95+% negative toward him. And his positive attitude about the future, “We need to live with the virus.” vs Biden’s, “We’re entering a dark winter.”….. dying dying. Trump offered hope for the future and a life of getting back to normal. Biden said our future is years of living in our basements hiding away from the virus.

    Fear is a means of control the dems use all the time. This morning the FDA announced it approved remdesivir for the treatment of Covid-19 patients. We are in a different place today than we were at the beginning of the year. People, like Trump, are getting sick today and recovering in a couple of days instead of dying after being kept alive for weeks on a ventilator.


  2. Peggy says:

    A little off topic.

    Mike Lee at the committee meeting to vote Barrett’s approval to the full Senate rips the democrats to shreds.


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