Laura Ingram Predicted This. . .

by Jack

All the media can do is talk about increasing numbers of COVIDs, but they rarely ever mention the mortality rate, which has dramatically fallen.   Why not, this is important news?   I keep asking this question and the answer I get is always the same.

They (dems) want us to be afraid, and that’s their leverage.   Eventually, this will allow them control over a number of massive spending bills before Congress.  Money equals power and power equals money and by now you should know that kind of power also buys votes and elections.   So, this lockdown is not about doing what’s good for America, this is about doing what’s good for the Dems and the deep swamp and all their hidden agendas.

They tried slipping in all kinds of corrupt spending once before under the pretext of a COVIDs bailout and the GOP caught them.  The next time we may not be so lucky.

I hope you can follow this link to a video of Fox News Laura Ingram predicting a COVID lockdown if Biden got elected.  Watch this, click here now. 

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4 Responses to Laura Ingram Predicted This. . .

  1. Peggy says:

    Just like a new kid at school who hasn’t figured out who will become supportive friends, Trump has been dealing with the same in DC. He’s also learned there are around 75 million in the rest of the country to love him and have his back.

    Donald Trump, the Loneliest Man on the Planet:

    “Trump may appear alone, but 70-plus million Americans supported and voted for him. This group isn’t going away. They watch television, shop, travel, vote, and otherwise control much commerce in America. They will observe who Trump’s friends are and who are not. He may appear lonely, but he has 70 million close friends out there.”

  2. J. Soden says:

    Saw this post online today and thought PS readers might enjoy it:

    Today’s ConVID-19 Forecast…Will have a heavy downpour of continuous propaganda,
    with a deluge of manipulated stats !
    A 100% chance of misinformation and a strong surge of high pressure virtue signaling !
    Guilt tripping and oppression moving in from the miserable lying bastards in our government !
    Expect more of the same tomorrow !

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