Quarantine In CA Getting More Serious

by Jack

Remember when quarantine meant that only sick people were kept at home?   Speaking of… have you heard that Illinois is up to 15,000 COVID cases a day?  That swamps the record for Florida, but I bet you haven’t read about it in the mainstream news.   Politics once again, FL. is Red and Illinois is Blue.  That determines who gets the bad headlines now?

I went into this pandemic thing totally cynical about the media, but after the BS I’ve seen for the last 10 months about the election and this stupid virus, my trust is totally and irretrievably ruined.   The media is in the tank for the Dems and they rarely even bother to pretend otherwise.   I am so done with MSNBC, ABC, and CNN.

Did you hear that you could be fined a $100 for not wearing a virus mask in L.A.?  That’s not wearing a mask in public, in buildings, on the beach, anywhere.  Ya, Ya, mein Fuhrer!

LA Times – New orders for CA.  We’re approaching a… “potential for a stay-at-home order” for areas in the strictest purple tier of California’s coronavirus reopening road map, he said. It’s possible such a stay-at-home order would be imposed only on counties in the worst shape among those in the purple tier. “We will be coming out with some additional information, some additional recommendations in the very, very near future,” Newsom said.

Of the state’s 58 counties, 51 are in the purple tier — comprising 99% of California’s population. The only ones that aren’t are Sierra, Marin, Amador, Alpine, Mono, Mariposa and Inyo.”



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One Response to Quarantine In CA Getting More Serious

  1. J. Soden says:

    Not only Gov NewScum and his partying, Gov Cuomovirus ignoring his own rules multiple times, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock flying out for a Thanksgiving celebration just after encouraging others to stay home, and now we have another Los Angeles hypocrite:
    “Rules for thee but not for me” remains firmly in place with Demwit elected officials.

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